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Robert Humm & Co specialises in rare and out-of-print books about railways, other transport and industrial history. We also stock a wide selection of new books on railways.
For over a quarter of a century our shop was in the former station master's house at Stamford railway station but we have moved to new premises in Stamford and the shop at the station is closed. We opened at 59 Scotgate, Stamford PE9 2YQ on 15 February 2016.
The new premises are no great distance from Station House and remain convenient for the A1 Great North Road and the railway. Stamford station, with an hourly service on the cross-country Birmingham to East Anglia railway, is ten minutes walk.
Stamford itself is a handsome town with fine architecture, excellent shopping and restaurants - it is well worth a day out in its own right.
We offer, as always, a mail order service and welcome enquiries by phone, post or e-mail. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff are always happy to help.
In addition to the excellent shop stock we issue printed catalogues of our choicest rare and out-of-print books once or twice a year. Exceptionally we are posting a pdf version of Catalogue 107 for downloading to help keep business ticking over while the shop is closed. You can find it under Printed Catalogues. The contents of the catalogues are not listed on this web site - they have to be ordered directly from the shop.
You will have gathered that this is not primarily an on-line business. However most of our new books and a little selection of our second-hand stock are listed on this site; most of the listings can be ordered on-line.

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Best Selling Items

Bradshaw's Continental Guide, For Travellers Through Europe,


with an epitomized description of each country, and maps of Europe, showing the lines of railways opened.
Small, xvi + 1106 pages, plus 2 folding maps and a third loose in a pocket, heavy paper, silk headband and footband, bookmark with ribbon, paper-covered hard covers in facsimile to the original, in clear plastic jacket. **The title above is that given on the title page; the cover bears the title Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide And General Handbook Illustrated With Local And Other Maps Special Edition.
A reproduction of the European guide book used on Michael Portillo's BBC TV programmes. Bradshaw's Continental Guides were issued in two formats, plain and special. This handsome volume mimics the splendid red leather special edition, and although the cover is really paper-covered boards it looks pretty good and is fantastic value. Unlike the very rare British Tourist handbooks the Continental Guides are occasionally available in the original editions. They may have been more popular due to containing railway time tables for the whole continent, as well as tourist information, which was a secondary matter.
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Bradshaw's Descriptive Railway Hand-Book Of Great Britain And Ireland.


Special Collector's Edition
Small, 452 pages, plus 8 double-page maps in a final section, heavy paper, silk headband and marker ribbon, leather-covered hard back without jacket. **The title above is that given on the title page; the cover bears the title Bradshaw's Hand Book 1. 2. 3. 4.
This is the de luxe reprint of the actual book used on Michael Portillo's BBC TV programme containing four issues of Bradshaw's Descriptive Railway Handbook, bound especially for the series. Together the four parts of the book cover Great Britain plus all of Ireland and describe the main features and historic buildings of the principal towns. Here, then, is a reprint of Mr Portillo's own Bradshaw. It contains the indexes and descriptive text and most of the illustrations. The advertisements, all but one, are omitted. Eight of the town maps are included: Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Hull, Glasgow and Edinburgh. A high quality and very handsome production. The publishers describe the binding as leather, and it certainly resembles leather in every way except price and smell.
The book does not, of course, contain any time tables.
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The North British Railway.


A history.
Very large, 288 pages, maps, photo illustrations, chronology, bibliography, notes and sources, glazed boards. **The first continuous chronological account of the company, from its pre-history, its incorporation as a joint stock company (eventually Scotland's biggest), to its assimilation into the LNER, and of its important role in the unevenly expanding economic life of Scotland in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The author has already produced thorough histories of the Highland and Caledonian Railways and this eminently readable book is a worthy successor.
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