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Company History

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Company History

Includes histories of railway companies (including specific aspects of their operation), locomotive builders and other engineering companies. For line histories see the Regional sections.

Any colour you like. Ref: CH3692  

A journey through Britain's railways in the 1970s.
Very large, 175 pages, photo and other illustrations, much in colour, maps, bibliography, glazed boards. **Seventies railway nostalgia - certainly, but this study is rather more than that. Adrian Shooter (one among several senior railwaymen whose comments are included) describes it as "that rare book which is one that puts contemporary developments within BR in a wider political and economic context."

Price: 25.00

Bagnalls Of Stafford. Ref: CH2647  

Builders of locomotives for the world's railways.
Baker & Civil.
Very large, 800 pages. Hardback. **Our stock is protected by cellophane wrappers so a proper description is impossible. A history of the company and from the size of it, the last word on the subject.

Price: 100.00

Banbury & Cheltenham Railway. Volume Two. Ref: CH1775  

Hemmings, W, Karau, P & Turner, C..
Very large, 170 pages, illustrated with photographs, maps and other artwork, hard back. **Volume Two of this meticulous history provides a description of the route from Banbury to Kingham and a chapter on each of the eleven stations on that section. A third volume is planned, to cover Kingham station and the route to Cheltenham.

Price: 28.95

Belfast And County Down Railway. Ref: CH2805  

Coakham, D.
Very large, 256 pages, photo illustrations, maps, track plans, loco and rolling stock drawings. Soft back. **A comprehensive history handsomely produced at a very fair price.

Price: 25.00

Branch Lines To Chard. Ref: CH3680  

Very large, 319 pages, photo illustrations including 32-page colour section, maps, including large scale maps of station areas, structure drawings, time table extracts, signal box diagrams, bibliography and list of sources, glazed boards. ** Chard was linked to the Great Western at Taunton by a thirteen mile branch - originally broad gauge - and to the LSWR main line three miles to the south of the town by a short standard gauge line. This is a very detailed history and description of working of both these branches, provided with some excellent photos and a fine set of drawings of the handsome joint station.

Price: 35.00

The Bridport Railway. Ref: CH3392  

Jackson & Tattershall.
Medium, 224 pages, photos, maps, station layouts, line drawings, hard back. **Essentially a second edition of The Bridport Branch, OPC, 1976. Last copy, old stock, jacket spine faded.

Price: 19.95

British Railway Journal: Special NER Edition. Ref: CH2153  

Very large, 104 pages, system map, photos, scale drawings and diagrams. Soft back. **Locomotive engineers; fish traffic; automatic signalling; 49ft low roof stock; Lanchester valley branch, Goole Ouse bridge.

Price: 15.95

The Broad Gauge Engines Of The Great Western Railway Part 1. Ref: CH3634  

1837 - 1840.
Very large, 144 pages, illustrated with large clear reproductions of contemporary locomotive drawings, other drawings, illustrations and photographs, appendices, glazed boards. **This promising series opens with detailed studies of the engines supplied for the opening of the line to Maidenhead and of Robert Stephenson's Star class.

Price: 22.50

Brotherhoods, Engineers For Power, Transport & Weapons. Ref: CH3714  

Medium, 312 pages, photo and other illustrations, appendices, bibliography, soft back. **A history of the varied fortunes of an engineering family and their company, which after 150 years is still a respected manufacturer of engineering products. The work was originally published by David & Charles in 1965 as Brotherhoods, Engineers. The author has since updated and enlarged the book. A notable inclusion is the 50 pages of Rowland Brotherhood's history of his own life (1812-1883) written in 1881, an interesting and remarkable document.

Price: 26.00

Cambrian Railways. Ref: CH3112  

A new history.
Johnson, P.
Very large, 200 pages, photos, map endpapers, pictures of paperwork, ephemera etc (some colour), stock lists, bibliography. Paper-covered boards. ** Peter Johnson's history of the Cambrian, carefully researched and amply illustrated.

Price: 30.00

Caradon & Looe. Ref: CH1422  

The canal, railways and mines.
Messenger, M.
Very large, 168 pages, illustrated with maps and photographs, soft back. **The definitive history of the Liskeard & Looe Union Canal, the Liskeard & Caradon Railway and the Liskeard & Looe Railway, now fully revised.

Price: 16.00

Castleman's Corkscrew. Volume One: The Nineteenth Century. Ref: CH2413  

Including the railways of Bournemouth & associated lines. OL 144A.
Jackson, B L.
Medium, 272 pages, photos, maps, track diagrams, soft back. ** Castleman's Corkscrew was the Southampton & Dorchester Railway, 60 miles of rural line. This history looks beyond the original line to its eventual terminus at Weymouth, and the other lines with which it became inextricably linked. Out of print, one copy left.

Price: 15.95

Castleman's Corkscrew. Volume Two: The Twentieth Century And Beyond. Ref: CH2617  

Including the railways of Bournemouth & associated lines. OL 144B.
Jackson, B L.
Medium, 320 pages, photos, maps, soft back. ** Castleman's Corkscrew was the Southampton & Dorchester Railway, 60 miles of rural line.

Price: 19.95

Chronicle Of The Stockton & Darlington Railway To 1863. Ref: CH1026  

Proud, J H.
Very large, 43 pages, maps, drawings, photos & other illustrations. Soft back. **The author has collated all the dates and descriptions of all significant events in the company's history up to its absorbtion into the NER. Of great use to anyone studying the history of this pioneering company.

Price: 6.50

De Winton Of Caernarfon. Ref: CH2884  

Engineers of excellence.
Fisher, Fisher & Jones.
Large, 342 pages, contemporary and present-day photographs (some recent colour), maps, original technical drawings and fine, clear, recent ones by one of the authors, locomotive list, hard back. **A handsomely produced book and a superb deeply researched history of this engineering firm who produced vertical boiler locomotives and much else besides.

Price: 58.00

The Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway. Ref: CH3225  

A new history 1882 - 1966.
Very large, 328 pages, pictorial : photos, many coloured, map, glazed boards. **Mr Robertson's last word on the DNS, lavishly illustrated.

Price: 38.00

Directors, Dilemmas And Debt. Ref: CH3255  

The Great North Of Scotland and Highland Railways in the mid-nineteenth century.
Very large, 124 pages, maps, some photos, extensive bibliography, soft back.

Price: 12.50

Directory Of The Railway Companies Of Great Britain. Ref: CH3549  

Medium, 649 pages, glossary, bibliography, soft back. ** "The intention of this work is to assist the reader in identifying a railway, when it opened, where it went and what happened to it. It is not intended as a history of each company or a list of anecdotes". The directory includes lines:
  • Authorised by an Act of Parliament or a Light Railway Order (whether built or unbuilt)
  • Privately built but later incorporated into an authorised railway
  • Privately built but affected an authorised railway
It doesn't include unconnected industrial lines, miniature railways or street tramways (even those authorised by LRO). A useful reference tool, nicely laid out in clear type, it neatly summarises the origins of each railway and what, if anything became of it at the grouping. The entries for unbuilt railways are an interesting study in themselves. It's remarkably good value.

Price: 16.99

East Kent Railway Volume One. Ref: CH1588  

The history of the independent railway. OL 127A.
Finch, M L & Garrett, S R.
Medium, 232 pages, photos, maps. Soft back. ** "The East Kent Light Railways Company began as but one enterprise in a complex federation of enterprises whose ultimate goal was to transform East Kent into a thriving industrial centre to rival Glamorgan or Lancashire." A lively and thorough history.

Price: 14.95

East Kent Railway Volume Two. Ref: CH1606  

Nationalisation, the route, rolling stock and operation.
Finch, M L & Garrett, S R.
Medium, 237 pages, photos, maps. Soft back. ** This volume contains chapters thirteen to seventeen of the work. It brings the history of the line up to its closure following the miners' strike of 1984, gives a very detailed description of the line as it was built and describes the locomotives and rolling stock.

Price: 14.95

Edinburgh St Margaret's. Ref: CH3351  

The story of the 'other' Edinburgh depot of the North British Railway 1845-1967.
Very large, 320 pages, many photo illustrations, diagrams, maps, glazed boards. ** The largest, if not the most famous, running shed in Scotland was built by the NBR in 1845. It was mainly associated with the movement of coal and general freight, and was described as a dark smokey hole filled with Reid's Relics. This thorough history of the depot includes a fund of anecdote and information from the former staff.

Price: 30.00

William Fairbairn The Experimental Engineer. Ref: CH3583  

A study in mid 19th-century engineering.
Medium, 440 pages, photo and other illustrations from contemporary sources, chapter notes, appendices listing family, works, premises etc, exhaustive bibliography, hard back. **Fairbairn (1789-1874) was one of the greatest 19th century engineers, involved with the development of mills, waterwheels, steam engines, boilers, iron steamships, locomotives, iron bridges, cranes and elevators. This academic, but eminently readable, biography is the first produced of him for 140 years.

Price: 40.00

Festiniog Railway Volume Two. Ref: CH0792  

Locomotives and rolling stock; quarries and branches: rebirth 1954-1974.
Medium, 329 pages + 54 pages photo plates, maps & diagrams in text, 2nd impression of 1975 edition. Hard back. ** "A history of the narrow gauge railway linking the slate quarries of Blaenau Ffestiniog with Portmadoc, North Wales: together with outline histories of quarry undertakings connected to the Railway". The British Narrow Gauge Railway series no 1. B1B

Price: 25.00

Freshwater, Yarmouth & Newport Railway. Ref: CH1395  

Maycock, R J & Silsbury, R.
Medium, 176 pages, illustrated with photos, maps, track plans, hard back. **A very solid line history.

Price: 14.95

Furness Railway. Ref: CH2946  

A history.
Very large, 248 pages, well illustrated with photos, track plans, large clear coloured maps, drawings, glazed boards. **A properly researched history, essential reference for the Furness and remarkable value.

Price: 25.00

The Glasgow & South Western Railway. Ref: CH3306  

A history.
Very large, 252 pages, maps, photo illustrations, chronology, bibliography, notes and sources, glazed boards. **A comprehensive history of the railways of south west Scotland, drawing on original sources and fully referenced, with clear purpose-drawn maps and site plans. The G&SWR played a vital role in the development of ironworks, coal mining, ferry-ports, fishing harbours, agriculture and holiday resorts, but was continually frustrated in its striving for monopoly in the area. Another entirely readable history by David Ross who has already chronicled the Highland, Caledonian and North British Railways and has made himself a niche as the historian of Scottish railways.

Price: 30.00

The Grand Junction Railway. Ref: CH3459  

From Stafford to Birmingham. A detailed history of the line via Bushbury, Bescot and Aston (including the associated routes).
Very large, 176 pages, generously illustrated with photos, maps, soft back. **Detailed line history - as it says on the cover.

Price: 23.99

Great Central Railway. Ref: CH2349  

On old picture postcards.
Taylor, B.
Medium, 36 pages, album, soft back. *"A selection of picture postcards featuring scenes during the past century, with informative captions."

Price: 3.95

The Great North Of Scotland Railway. Ref: CH3423  

A new history.
Very large, 256 pages, maps, photo illustrations, chronology, bibliography, notes and sources, glazed boards. **The "Great North" was the railway of Scotland's north east until 1923. The company was set up in 1845 to join Aberdeen and Inverness, but the first stretch of line did not open until 1854. After the 1870s it became one of the most efficient and innovotive regional railway systems in Britain. This comprehensive history of the company explores its contribution to the development of Aberdeen and its hinterland.

Price: 30.00

Great Northern Railway (Ireland). Ref: CH1591  

OL 67.
Patterson, E M.
Medium, 240 pages, photos, map, track diagrams. Soft back. **New edition of classic history first published in 1962.

Price: 14.95

Great Western Railway Architecture In Colour Volume 1. Ref: CH3615  

Buildings From Brunel To Beeching.
Very large, square format, 174 pages, pictorial, colour photos throughout, hard back. **Volume one of a two part survey of GWR architecture, this is a chronological study of station buildings. The illustrations are all colour photographs taken between the 1970s and the present and include many shots of details as well as overall views of the buildings. There is a useful section on the several paint colours used by the GW. An indispensible resource for anyone modelling the Great Western, but of keen interest to anyone with a liking for railway architecture and / or the GWR.

Price: 25.00

The GWR And The General Strike. Ref: CH3166  

Medium, 136 pages, photo illustrations, soft back.

Price: 8.95

GWR Engineering Work 1928 - 1938. Ref: CH1644  

Tourret, R.
Very large, 225 pages. photo illustrations and some track plans etc, Hard back. **This book reviews civil and mechanical engineering works in a period when it almost seems that the GW were rebuilding their whole system. Their programme covered all sections of their railway and dock operations, including major improvements at main stations, quadrupling of track, new avoiding lines, extension of automatic train control, colour-light signalling, upgrading at the South Wales docks, and many smaller improvements.

Price: 28.95

GWR Goods Services. An Introduction. Ref: CH1029  

Atkins, T & Hyde, D.
Very large, 142 pages, illustrated with photos, maps, tables etc. Soft back. **The introductory volume of a new series which will study all sides of the GW goods operation.

Price: 17.95

GWR Goods Services. Part 2A. Ref: CH2439  

Goods depots and their operation.
Very large, 180 pages, illustrated with photos, site maps etc. Soft back. **Essential reference: Sets out those features common to all GWR depots, then covers the depots in the London area.

Price: 24.95

GWR Signalling Practice. Ref: CH3684  

Smith, D J.
Very large, 400 pages, illustrated with photos and large clear diagrams of track systems, equipment and machinery, appendices, glazed boards. **A brief history of the development of GW signalling is followed by an exhaustive account of the Company's latter-day mechanical signalling practice.

Price: 45.00

Highland Railway. Ref: CH1228  

Medium, 222 pages, line and photo illustrations (some colour), soft back.

Price: 9.95

Highland Railway. Ref: CH2776  

Very large, 208 pages, map, photo illustrations, chronology, bibliography, notes and sources, hard back. **The Highland railway extended from Perth to Wick and from Keith to the Kyle Of Lochalsh and was one of the most individual of the British railway companies. This is the second edition of the most comprehensive book ever written about the Highland. It is rich in detail and based on records from public and private archives.

Price: 30.00

History Of British Railways' North Eastern Region. Ref: CH2591  

Teasdale (ed).
Very large, 192 pages, photos (some colour), drawings, glazed boards. ** This is the work of a number of authors. Background is supplied by a general history of BR and description of the organisation of the NE Region. This is followed by detailed studies of freight and passenger operations, locomotives, civil engineering, architecture, signalling and shipping.

Price: 19.95

History Of North Eastern Railway Architecture Volume 3. Ref: CH1995  

Bell and beyond.
Very large, 256 pages, illustrated with photos (including 80 excellent colour pictures) and drawings, glazed boards. **"The aim ... is to look at the development of railway architecture on the North Eastern Railway and those companies which became part of it together with the story of the Architect's Office [originally established in 1854 under Thomas Prosser] down to 1995." This volume covers the history from 1877 to the present, examining the work of William Bell, Henry Field and the less well-funded LNER and BR architects, in particular the York Architect's Office. A serious work, nicely produced and excellent value. See also Volume 1, The Pioneers and Volume 2, A Mature Art.

Price: 23.95

History Of The London & Birmingham Railway Volume One. Ref: CH1896  

Euston to Bletchley.
Richards & Simpson.
Very large, 158 pages, pictorial: photos (some colour), track plans, maps etc, soft back. **The first main line to the north from London. With the tremendous engineering genius of Robert Stephenson it was successfully completed and opened throughout in 1838, taking only four years. This is primarily a history of the development of the line itself, taking it place by place, northwards.

Price: 18.95

A History Of The Metropolitan Railway & Metroland. Ref: CH3624  

Very large, 160 pages, generously illustrated with photos, maps, adverts etc, exhaustive bibliography, glazed boards. **There have been previous histories of the Met, and of Metroland. I think this is the first to chronicle both these ambitious and groundbreaking undertakings in the light of each other.

Price: 30.00

History Of The Metropolitan Railway Volume One. Ref: CH1569  

The Circle and the extended lines to Rickmansworth.
Simpson, W.
Very large, 158 pages, pictorial: photos (some colour), maps etc, soft back. **By the middle of the nineteenth century London's unique problems of overcrowding and density of traffic called for some revolutionary form of transport, the answer proved to be an underground railway. The Metropolitan Railway as the first underground railway in the world acquired a pioneering ethos from the beginning. The story of that railway and its subsequent extension into Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Buckinghamshire is to be detailed in three books of which this is the first.

Price: 17.95

History Of The Newcastle & Carlisle Railway 1824 To 1870. Ref: CH2509  

The first line across Britain.
Very large, 248 pages, illustrated with photos, contemporary illustrations and drawings, some colour, glazed boards. **The railway was opened in 1838 and is therefore very much an early railway in character, engineering and operation. Much of its interest derives from the fact that we can see how the directors, their engineers and officers were still learning the ropes and making up the rules as they went along. This is an excellent throrough history, and a nicely-produced book.

Price: 24.95

History Of The Port Talbot Railway & Docks Company And The South Wales Mineral Railway Company Volume 1. Ref: CH3064  

1853 - 1907.
Very large, 258 pages, photo illustrations, maps, loco lists, locomotive and rolling stock drawings, hard back. ** Detailed history of two enterprises, the first an important player in the development of industrial South Wales, the second - a line taking coal to a new port at Briton Ferry - a less successful venture but a useful source of traffic to the PTR, who took it over. This volume takes the history of the lines to the point where they were taken over by the Great Western.

Price: 25.00

History Of The Port Talbot Railway & Docks Company And The South Wales Mineral Railway Company Volume 2. Ref: CH3213  

Very large, 300 pages, photo illustrations, maps, loco list, hard back. ** Detailed history of South Wales enterprises. This volume continues the history of the companies from the point where they were taken over by the Great Western. It also covers the construction of the new dock at Port Talbot and continues the history under the GWR and BR. The railways were mostly closed by the 1960s but the docks and the industries around them continued to expand.

Price: 30.00

Illustrated History Of The Welsh Highland Railway. Ref: CH1294  

Johnson, P.
Very large, 128 pages, photos, maps, pictures of paperwork, ephemera etc. Hardback. Excellent value. Out of print - last copy.

Price: 19.99

Isle Of Wight Here We Come. Ref: CH3163  

The story of the Southern Railway's Isle Of Wight ships during the war 1939-1945. X58.
Medium, 80 pages, illustrated with photos, boat plans and drawings and a plan of Portsmouth harbour, soft back. Out of print, one copy left.

Price: 6.95

It's Quicker By Rail! Ref: CH1408  

The history of LNER advertising.
Middleton, A.
Medium, 160 pages, photo illustrations including 16 pages of colour, soft back.

Price: 17.99

Sir Ernest Lemon. A biography. Ref: CH2857  

The production engineer who modernised the LMS railway and equipped the RAF for war.
Medium, 272 pages, photo illustrations, hard back.

Price: 24.95

LMS Central Division Miscellany. Part One 1921-1930. Ref: CH3693  

A portrait of the L&Y's lines and property in the LMS period.
Very large, 115 page photo album, glazed boards. **After the LMS took over it might have seemed that the old L&Y remained unchanged, but it did change, probably much as it would have done if left to itself. This series of photos, the first of a planned series, illustrates the start of that process, particularly with regard to locomotives and rolling stock.

Price: 15.00

LNER Workshops. Ref: CH3646  

Development, expansion and demise.
Very large, 226 pages, many photos (some period colour), maps, drawings, bibliography, glazed boards. **Studies Cowlairs, Darlington, Doncaster, Gateshead, Gorton & Dukinfield, Inverurie, Shildon & Faverdale, Stratford Works and Temple Mills and York and their roles in locomotive and rolling stock construction and maintenance under LNER ownership. The works' production of munitions during the second world war is also covered.

Price: 30.00

London & South Western Railway Miscellany. Ref: CH1965  

Very large, 128 page album, hard back. **About 250 photos of LSWR operations, including locos, workshops and sheds, rolling stock, docks and shipping, bridges, viaducts, and signalling. The aim is to give a picture of the LSWR in the period leading up to the grouping. Out of print - last copy.

Price: 19.99

The London, Tilbury And Southend Railway. Volume 4. Ref: CH3488  

A history of the company and line: 1939 - 1959.
Very large, 94 pages, illustrated with photos, large scale maps, track and signalling diagrams, soft back. **Covers the war years, postwar operations to 1959, and planning for electification. Includes features on Plaistow shed 1911-1962, Purfleet, West Thurrock and Grays.

Price: 13.95

The London, Tilbury And Southend Railway. Volume 5 Tilbury. Ref: CH3510  

A history of the company and line.
Very large, 95 pages, illustrated with photos, large scale maps, track and signalling diagrams, soft back. **The history of the LTSR at Tilbury, its various stations, docks and maritime services. Excellent and detailed local history. The plan for the remaining volumes in the series is now that Volume 6 : Gravesend Ferry and piers will appear in 2017 and Volume 7 : General History of the LTSR 1959 - 1970s will appear on an unspecified date.

Price: 13.95

The London, Tilbury And Southend Railway. Volume 6 The Gravesend Ferry. Ref: CH3602  

A history of the company and line.
Very large, 78 pages, illustrated with photos, large scale maps, structure drawings and diagrams, soft back. **The history of the LTSR at Tilbury, its various stations, docks and maritime services. Excellent and detailed local history. This history of the ancient ferry between Tilbury and the Gravesend confines itself to the period from the 1850s when it was owned by the railway company. The development, piers, ships and operation are all covered in depth and generously illustrated with some remarkable photos.

Price: 11.95

The London, Tilbury And Southend Railway. Volume 7. Ref: CH3716  

A history of the company and line: Modernisation 1959-1962.
Very large, 95 pages, illustrated with photos, maps, structure drawings, soft back. ** Includes full histories of the railway at Little Ilford and Barking.
A (possibly final) volume 8 is planned, to take the story up to the 1980s.

Price: 13.95

London's District Railway. Volume One : Nineteenth Century. Ref: CH3686  

A history of the Metropolitan District Railway.
Horne, M.
Medium, 320 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), many maps, hard back. **An early and important component of the London Underground, the District Railway was impractically designed and largely mismanaged, a sad state of affairs for a line which provided good and useful services. Here is an readable history which will doubtless become a classic reference work. Excellent photos, notably of construction works, and an interesting selections of maps.

Price: 30.00

London's District Railway. Volume Two: Twentieth Century. Ref: CH3723  

A history of the Metropolitan District Railway.
Horne, M.
Medium, 416 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), many maps, hard back. **Volume One ended while steam haulage was still the only choice for District trains. Volume Two takes on the story of the financial headache caused by the need to electrify, and tells how an American team came to save the day. This team went on to adapt and extend the District and associated lines to create the system still familiar to us. Finally the Company's business was taken on by the London Passenger Transport Board and the history comes to an end. However Appendix 1 briefly takes the story on to the present day so as to provide context and reference for the earlier history.

Price: 35.00

Matthew Murray 1765-1826. Ref: CH3575  

And the firm of Fenton Murray and Co 1795-1844.
Very large, 498 pages, photo illustrations and other illustrations from contemporary sources, soft back. ** The biography of the engineer Matthew Murray together with the history of the engineering firm he co-founded in Leeds, which was noted for textile machinery and steam engines. Murray himself was known as the father of Leeds engineering. The book is privately published in an edition of 500 copies.

Price: 30.00

The Melbourne Military Railway Part One. Ref: CH3630  

and the Derby to Ashby branch; historical background.
Very large, 192 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large-scale plans of station areas, glazed boards. ** During WW2 the War Department leased most of the branch from Derby to Ashby de la Zouch to provide a training ground for army railwaymen. This volume covers the history of the Ashby Canal Railway and the Midland / LMS line up to 1939; the second part will describe the operation of the line under the War Department.

Price: 25.00

Midland Railway in Nottingham. Volume IV. Ref: CH3301  

Far down the shining line.
Perkins & Padgett.
Very large, landscape, map, 158 page album with extra information in several appendices, glazed boards.

Price: 16.50

Narrow Gauge Album 1965-1985 In Colour. Ref: CH3715  

Very large, 224 pages, pictorial, glazed boards. ** This book is rather more than an album, containing a good deal of descriptive text which gives the background to this set of superb colour photos. Lines depicted include the Talyllyn, Festiniog (with some photos which will raise many memories for former deviationists), Isle of Man, Leighton Buzzard, Vale of Rheidol and Welshpool. Off these well-beaten tracks was the last slate incline in Wales at Maenofferen, which provides an exceptionally interesting chapter. Super book!

Price: 25.00

Nasmyth, Wilson & Co. Ref: CH2091  

Patricroft locomotive builders.
Medium, 134 pages + a 24 page locomotive list, soft back. **A short history of one of the most famous steam locomotive builders in Britain.

Price: 12.99

The North British Railway. Ref: CH3285  

A history.
Very large, 288 pages, maps, photo illustrations, chronology, bibliography, notes and sources, glazed boards. **The first continuous chronological account of the company, from its pre-history, its incorporation as a joint stock company (eventually Scotland's biggest), to its assimilation into the LNER, and of its important role in the unevenly expanding economic life of Scotland in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The author has already produced thorough histories of the Highland and Caledonian Railways and this eminently readable book is a worthy successor.

Price: 30.00

North Devon Clay. Ref: CH3564  

The story of an industry and its railways.
Very large, 120 pages, photo illustrations, maps, track and junction plans, locomotive and rolling stock drawings, hard back. **A complex history of a private line originally engineered by the notable J B Fell which subsequently became part of the light railway empire of H F Stephens. Idiosyncratically run, and worked by an eclectic assortment of motive power, it served the Marland clay works and the local community, eventually becoming part of BR who closed it finally in 1982.

Price: 21.00

North Eastern Railway Branch Lines : Lesser Railways Around Darlington. Ref: CH3620  

Fighting Cocks, Croft Depot, Forcet and Merrybent Branches.
Very large, 96 pages, well illustrated with photos (a few in colour), drawings, signalling diagrams, station layouts, time table extracts, map, bibliography, soft back. **Useful line history.

Price: 12.95

The North Eastern Railway In The First World War. Ref: CH3205  

Medium, 186 pages plus 16 pages of photo plates, hard back. **In addition to the mighty staffing changes - 34% of the NER workforce were released for military service while the number of female staff was more than quintupled - the NER had its own war work, including the Darlington National Projectile Factory, and its own encounter with the enemy when the Imperial German Navy bombarded Whitby, Scarborough and Hartlepool damaging the railway and killing four of its staff.

Price: 18.99

A History Of North Eastern Railway Signalling. Ref: CH3678  

2nd impression with minor corrections.
Mackay (editor).
Very large, 320 pages, illustrated with photos (some colour), structure drawings, signalling diagrams, extensive bibliography, glazed boards. **The history and development of railway signalling in north east England from the earliest waggon-ways to the highly complex installations of the first decade of the 20th century, continuing to 1922. It omits the Hull & Barnsley Railway (which has its own book) and private industrial lines after the formation of the NER.

Price: 27.00

North London Trams. Ref: CH3487  

The Metropolitan Electric Tramways Company in Middlesex and the north London suburbs.
Harley, R J.
Large square format, 160 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. **Thorough and well illustrated history of the MET, covering routes, vehicles and operation.

Price: 19.95

Peckett & Sons Ltd. Ref: CH3222  

An album of official photographs.
Smith, A.
Medium, 108 pages, site plan, photos, hard back. ** Includes eight pages of historical descriptions, notes on repairs and diesels, list of standard classes. The photographs include interesting views in and around the works and offices as well as the locomotives themselves.

Price: 17.95

Peerless Powell Duffryn. Ref: CH3015  

Of the South Wales coalfield.
Very large, 240 pages, many photo and other illustrations, colliery site plans, bibliography, glazed boards. ** The first full history of Powell Duffryn, Britain's foremost coal company.

Price: 24.99

Rails Along The Derwent. Ref: CH3123  

The story of the Derwent Valley Light Railway.
Stockwell & Drummond.
Very large, 160 pages, pictorial: photo illustrations, some period colour, excellent clear specially drawn maps and station plans, bibliography, glazed boards. **Richly illustrated line history.

Price: 22.95

Rails Along The Fathew. Ref: CH3468  

The story of the Talyllyn Railway.
Very large, 224 pages, very generously illustrated with photos (some period colour), excellent clear specially drawn maps and station plans, bibliography, glazed boards. **New line history to mark the 150th anniversary of this, the very first preserved railway.

Price: 25.95

The Railway Foundry, Leeds. Hudswell Clarke & Co Ltd : The Diesel Era. Ref: CH3383  

Large, 204 pages, photo illustrations, works list, hard back. **The diesel era at the Railway Foundry extended from the early 20th century to the works closure in 1972. The author has chronicled the history of the works and of its products during this time and includes not only mainstream diesels but a very early petrol locomotive, miniature railway locomotives and other products.

Price: 29.95

Railway Products Of Baguley-Drewry Ltd And Its Predecessors. Ref: CH2478  

Civil & Etherington.
Very large, 372 pages, site plans, photos, lists, substantial text, hard back. **Manufacturers of road and rail vehicles at Burton-upon-Trent from the early 1900s to 1984.

Price: 29.99

Grouping Britain's Railways. Creating the 'Big Four' in 1923. Ref: CH3658  

Railways In Retrospect 7
Very large, 88 pages, photo illustrations, appendices, list of sources, soft back. ** The why, wherefore and politics of the forced amalgamation of numerous British railway companies into the LMS, GWR, SR and LNER after WW1. This is carefully researched, well written and thoroughly readable.

Price: 17.50

The Railways Of Jamaica. Ref: CH3269  

Through the Blue Mountains to the blue Caribbean Seas - a history of the Jamaica Government Railway.
Large, 166 pages, maps, photos (much colour), tables, stocklists. Soft back.

Price: 25.00

Selsey Tramway Volume One. Ref: CH2273  

Very large, 188 pages, many photo illustrations, large scale maps showing track layouts, hard back. **This volume covers the full history of Colonel Stephens' impecunious tramway from opening in 1897 to closure in 1935. Volume two (qv) describes the route - Chichester to Selsey Beach -, steam locomotives, railmotors and rolling stock.

Price: 31.95

Signalling The Caledonian Railway. Ref: CH3350  

Very large, 328 pages, many photo illustrations, diagrams, maps, glazed boards. ** Surely the most comprehensive of company signalling studies. The author describes the block system and the controlling of single lines under the Caledonian; he explains the working of points, signals, level crossings, and the management of a signal box; he examines the organisation of signalling operations. There are chapters on early signalling developments and on modelling, and there are copious appendices on a wide range of topics. The book is crammed with useful and fascinating detail and warmly recommended.

Price: 30.00

Sligo, Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway Ref: CH3357  

An Irish railway pictorial.
Very large, 80 page album, photos, station layouts, soft back. **With historical introduction.

Price: 12.99

The Southwold Railway. Ref: CH3656  

Very large, 248 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large diagrams of station areas and junctions, signalling diagrams, time table extracts, structure, rolling stock and locomotive drawings, appendices, glazed boards. ** Detailed history of the narrow gauge line from Halesworth to Southwold, which operated between 1879 and 1929.

Price: 25.00

The Story Of Crossrail. Ref: CH3648  

Wolmar, C.
Medium, 307 pages + 16 pages of colour illustrations, hard back. **It's not often a railway merits a history before it is even opened, but the genesis and gestation of Crossrail - or as future ages will know it, the Elizabeth line - have been an epic in their own right. Christian Wolmar, a transport journalist of the old school, provides a deep level insight into the politics, economics and exceptional engineering achievements of the project.

Price: 20.00

The Stratford-upon-Avon & Midland Junction Railway Volume 1. Ref: CH3577  

The years before the S&MJR - 1866 to 1909 : the constituent companies.
Very large, 208 pages, photo illustrations, maps, appendices, glazed boards. ** The SMJ only existed as an independent company for fourteen years (1909-1923), but it had a lot of pre-history. The Northampton & Banbury Junction Railway had been set up in 1866 to bring ore from the Northamptonshire ironfields to South Wales, as was the East & West Junction Railway, but both ran into financial difficulties, along with the Evesham, Redditch & Stratford Junction Railway and the Stratford upon Avon, Towcester & Midland Junction Railway. The author chronicles the relationships between these impecunious companies and describes their locomotives, rolling stock and liveries.

Price: 25.00

The Stratford-upon-Avon & Midland Junction Railway Volume 2. Ref: CH3655  

The S&MJR, LM&SR, BR and MoD eras - 1909-2018.
Very large, 328 pages, photo illustrations including 56-page colour section, maps, appendices, glazed boards. ** Unlike its four impecunious constituents, the SMJ paid a dividend every year of its fourteen years of existence (1909-1923). After grouping the LMS developed the line as a cross-country freight artery; it had chequered fortunes under BR and was eventually closed except for a short length from Fenny Compton to the army base at Kineton, which last remnant of the SMJ remains open to this day. The full account of this history are followed by descriptions of locomotives and rolling stock, the route in close detail, and a survey of SMJ signalling.

Price: 35.00

Subterranean Railway. Ref: CH1825  

How the London underground was built and how it changed the city forever.
Wolmar, C.
Medium, 351 pages + 20 pages of illustrations, some colour. Hard back. *A fine serious history of the underground, bringing the story right up to date. Out of print - last copy.

Price: 17.99

The Taunton To Barnstaple Line. Volume 1 From Conception To Demise. Ref: CH3524  

A history of the Devon & Somerset Railway.
Very large, 232 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large-scale maps of station areas, appendices, tabulated list of contractor's locomotives, bibliography, glazed boards. ** A broad gauge line, operated initially by the Bristol & Exeter Railway. This volume chronicles the line's construction and development and its decline and closure.

Price: 25.00

The Taunton To Barnstaple Line. Volume 2 The Route, Stations And Signalling. Ref: CH3604  

A history of the Devon & Somerset Railway.
Very large, 236 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large-scale maps of station areas, signalling diagrams, appendices including traffic statistics, glazed boards. ** A broad gauge line, operated initially by the Bristol & Exeter Railway. This volume provides a description of the route and stations, locomotives, signalling, operation and notable events.

Price: 25.00

Through Scotland With The Caledonian Railway. Ref: CH2778  

Very large, 208 pages, map, pictorial, hard back. **A handsome pictorial history of the Caley.

Price: 30.00

Track Diagrams Of The London & North Western Railway And Its Successors. Section 5: Northamptonshire. Ref: CH1445  

Foster, R D & Instone, M R L.
Very large, 42 pages, soft back.

Price: 3.95

The Tredegar Company Ref: CH3566  

One of the South Wales Coalfield's 'Big Three'.
Very large, 208 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. ** The Tredegar Company earned its wealth from iron and coal. This detailed history of the concern and its industries from early nineteenth century beginnings to NCB ownership is a sequel to the author's Peerless Powell Duffryn (W3015).

Price: 25.00

Vanished Railways Of West Lothian. Ref: CH3539  

Very large, 256 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. ** West Lothian (Linlithgowshire) was rich in minerals - oil-bearing shale, coal, limestone, fireclay and iron ore. By the early 1900s the county was criss-crossed by four main railway lines and a myriad of branch lines serving these industries, which of course also had their own network of private standard and narrow gauge railways. With three first-rate books on Scottish railway history under his belt* Harry Knox comes up with a detailed and absorbing study of the railways of one of Scotland's smallest counties.
*Scottish Shale Oil Industry & Mineral Railway Lines (SC3051) and the two Edinburgh MPD histories : Haymarket Motive Power Depot, (SC2863) and St Margaret's (SC3351).

Price: 25.00

Wartime LMS. Ref: CH2976  

Very large, 184 pages + 4 large folding maps in rear pocket, photo and other illustrations (some colour), glazed boards. ** A very thorough examination of the effects of hostilities on all aspects of LMS operation from preparatory changes brought about in the prelude to the war right through to the company's post 1945 effort to restore its pre-war eminence. On the back cover, not a good place for a typo, this is described as a "no holes barred" account. Perhaps this is the publishers' joke, or maybe they just wish to find out out if we know of a better one ...

Price: 30.00

Waterloo & City Railway. Ref: CH1188  

460 pages, hard back.

Price: 35.00

Weymouth To The Channel Islands. Ref: CH0800  

A Great Western Railway shipping history. X76.
Jackson, B L.
Medium, 208 pages, photos, maps, line drawings, soft back.

Price: 13.95

Yorkshire Engine Company. Ref: CH2616  

Sheffield's locomotive manufacturer.
Medium, 160 pages, many photo illustrations, some drawings, works lists, soft back. **The company was founded in 1865, had the technical expertise of Sir Archibald Sturrock and Charles Sacré, was a leading manufacturer of Fairlie locomotives but had no success with marine or tramway engines, or with motor cars; it began making diesel locomotives after the war and ceased business in 1965: an unfortunate centenary. Some of its diesel locomotives are still at work.

Price: 12.99

Battle For The North. Ref: CH2253  

The Tay and Forth bridges and the 19th-century railway wars.
Medium, 390 pages, maps, some photo and other illustrations, hard back. **A study of the Caledonian and North British rivalry which also offers new conclusions about the Tay Bridge disaster. Substantial, highly readable and excellent value.

Price: 20.00

Brush Diesel & Electric Locomotives 1940-2008. Ref: CH2602  

Very large, 304 pages, photos (some colour), tables, lists, hard back. **The definitive history of Brush locomotives. The author worked at the Brush factory at Loughborough for 48 years, and chronicles with the detail of first-hand knowledge the works' output of diesel and electric locomotives, including what happened, in general terms, to the engines after delivery. This volume takes the story up to the BR class 56s, finishing the build histories to the early 1980s and covering the service history of each type thereafter. A second volume is planned to continue the build histories and bring the story up to date.

Price: 35.00

Camp Coach Holidays On The GWR. Ref: CH1960  

Very large, 218 pages. Hard back. **A fascinating history of GWR Camp Coaches with many photographs and personal reminiscences.

Price: 24.95

Crewe Locomotive Works. Ref: CH1582  

Description of the London & North Western Railway's locomotive works at Crewe.
Medium, 32 pages, photo illustrations, soft back. **Reprint from an original LNWR publicity publication of 1903.

Price: 4.95

First In The World. Stockton & Darlington Railway. Ref: CH1193  

Wall, J.
Medium, 212 pages, hard back.

Price: 19.99

Goods Traffic Of The LNER. Ref: CH0851  

Very large, 112 pages, photo illustrations, soft back.

Price: 15.95

Great Northern Railway In Focus. Ref: CH1168  

Very large, 176 pages, hard back.

Price: 25.00

Great Western Railway Halts. Volume Two. Ref: CH1298  

Very large, 121 pages, photo illustrations and drawings, hardback. **Covers halts and platforms from M to Y, with location, opening date, facilities and interesting operational or local features.

Price: 18.95

GWR Goods Services. Part 2B. Ref: CH2707  

Goods depots and their operation.
Very large, 180 pages, illustrated with photos, site maps etc. Soft back. **Essential reference: covers Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff areas. London is covered in part 2A. The next volume is to deal with GWR docks.

Price: 25.95

History Of The Metropolitan Railway Volume Two. Ref: CH1817  

The railway from Rickmansworth to Aylesbury including Halton Camp Railway.
Simpson, W.
Very large, 158 pages, pictorial: photos (some period colour), maps etc, soft back. **This second volume of the history of the Met continues the story beyond the confines of London as the line reaches north through the Chess and Misbourne valleys and climbs the Chilterns to reach Aylesbury. It includes a comprehensive account of the RAF Halton Camp Railway.

Price: 18.95

History Of The Stratford-upon-Avon & Midland Junction Railway. Ref: CH1093  

Riley, R C & Simpson, B.
Very large, 160 pages, many illustrations - photos, maps, diagrams etc. Hard back. **History of cross country line running through Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.

Price: 24.95

Hundred Years Of Speed With Safety. Ref: CH2461  

The inception and progress of the Westinghouse Brake & Signal Company Ltd 1881-1981.
Medium, 258 pages, photo illustrations, soft back. ** In 1981 Westinghouse commissioned O S Nock, whose whole career as a signalling engineer had been with that company, to write their centenary history. How fortunate to have such a historian on the payroll! but unfortunately the company was taken over before the work could be published. The manuscript has been recovered and dusted down by an editorial team; it is a most welcome addition to the limited annals of signalling, and of course covers all other aspects of Westinghouse activity.

Price: 12.95

LCC Electric Tramways. Ref: CH0785  

Harley, R J.
Very large, 176 pages, colour and b/w photo illustrations, maps. Hard back. **An excellent history of the undertaking, which was the largest municipal system in Great Britain.

Price: 25.00

LMS In Ireland. Ref: CH1025  

An Irish railway pictorial.
Kennedy, M.
Very large, 96 pages, album. Soft back. **The LMS inherited from the MR the Belfast & Northern Counties Railway and the Donegal Railways; from the LNWR the Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway and various shipping interests. The book also covers road services, air services, the effects of the war and much else.

Price: 12.99

Locomotives Of The LMS. L&NWR Locomotive Names. Ref: CH0855  

The named locomotives of the London & North Western Railway and its constituent companies.
Very large, 284 pages, some photo illustrations, glazed boards. Includes A Sequel To LMS Locomotive Names: The named locomotives of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway and its constituent companies (on pages 235 - 284)

Price: 19.95

London & North Eastern Railway In Focus. Ref: CH1021  

Crawley, J.
Large, 192 pages, pictorial, hard back. **Compilation of official and unofficial photographs, promotional booklets, accident reports, LNER committee minutes and other unusual items from the author's extensive archives of LNER memorabilia.

Price: 25.00

The London, Tilbury And Southend Railway. Volume 3. Ref: CH2828  

A history of the company and line: 1912-1939 the Midland and LMS years.
Very large, 90 pages, illustrated with photos, maps, structure drawings, soft back. **Includes features on stations between Barking and Shoeburyness.

Price: 12.95

London's Metroland. Ref: CH2160  

A unique British railway enterprise.
Large, squarish, 144 pages, illustrated largely from contemporary advertising (in colour), some contemporary photos, matt boards. **The Metropolitan Railway sought passengers for its services by setting up an estates company to develop housing along the its line north of London and named the area served "Metro-land". This is a history of the development and of the ways in which people were encouraged to move out to Metro-land.

Price: 16.95

LSWR At Nine Elms. The Curl Collection Volume 1. Ref: CH1779  

The works and its products 1830 - 1909.
Curl, B.
Very large, 360 pages, many photos and drawings, plan of works, hard back. ** "A unique insight into the locomotive history of a major railway company, largely using material from a hitherto unseen collection." This is no less than the LSWR's own negatives, drawings etc, preserved from destruction by the author's father, and supplemented by material from other previously untapped sources.

Price: 35.00

Monkland & Kirkintilloch. Ref: CH1282  

And associated railways.
Martin, D.
Very large, 164 pages, folding map, some photo illustrations, soft back.

Price: 12.00

Neyland. Ref: CH0857  

A Great Western outpost.
Very large, 144 pages, photo illustrations, hard back. **Formerly known as New Milford, and the port of embarkation to Ireland from the Welsh coast.

Price: 19.95

Portrait Of The North Eastern Railway. Ref: CH2636  

Williamson, Williamson & Grocock.
Very large, 140-page album, photos (some colour), drawings, soft back.

Price: 16.95

Rails To Metro-land. Ref: CH2056  

Foxell, C.
Medium, 164 pages, map, photos, some colour. Soft back. **A well-illustrated history of the development of the 'Met'. 2nd edition, revised.

Price: 12.95

Railway Heritage: The Heart Of The Great Western. Ref: CH1450  

Great Western Railway collection.
Vaughan, A.
Very large, 224 pages, photos, track layouts, signalling diagrams. Soft back. ** "A tribute to the railway workers of the steam age" in the Oxford and Didcot areas.

Price: 17.99

Railways And Rural Life. Ref: CH2395  

S W A Newton and the Great Central Railway.
Boyd-Hope & Sargent.
Large landscape, 215 pages, album with 8 page introduction, hard back. **This book re-treads the ground classically covered by L T C Rolt in The Making Of A Railway, where Newton's pictures of the construction of the Great Central London Extension were first published. Many of the photographs appear in both books and Rolt's work appears in the list of sources consulted, it is regrettable that the authors were unable to recall the correct spelling of his name. However, during his GC travels, Newton also photographed scenes of day to day life in the surrounding towns and countryside and it is for these many extra pictures, full of interesting detail, that one might prefer this book to Rolt's.

Price: 17.99

Ransomes And Rapier Locomotives. Ref: CH1305  

Fisher & Halton
Medium, 70 pages, illustrated with photographs and some technical drawings, site plans, works list. **History of Ipswich agricultural machinery company which also built engines and other equipment for narrow gauge railways. Distinguished for building the first railway in China.

Price: 8.95

Skye Railway Ref: CH1224  

The history of the railways of the Scottish highlands - vol 5.
Thomas, J
Medium, 181 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), soft back.

Price: 7.99

West Highland Railway Ref: CH1226  

History of the railways of the Scottish highlands vol 1.
Thomas, J
Medium, 192 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), soft back.

Price: 12.99

Wirral Railway. Ref: CH2690  

And its predecessors.
Large, 240 pages, many photo illustrations, some drawings and maps, hard back. **This is the first comprehensive history of the little railway which serves the far end of the Wirral, running between West Kirby and Wallasey and Birkenhead.

Price: 24.99

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