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Runs of institute and society journals

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How to order

These bound runs cannot be ordered on-line, as their size means that special arrangements will need to be made for delivery.
To order any of these runs please get in touch with us by phone or e-mail. We are happy to reserve any run for a week or so while payment and delivery are arranged.
We can arrange delivery to nearly anywhere in the world, and of course the purchaser may collect in person.
Payment can be made by any of the usual methods, including as a Special Order through this web site.

Boston & Maine Bulletin 1971-1999 Ref: Run 180  

Volumes 1-21 published quarterly by the Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society. Standard American large quarto format, early issues rather homely, later volumes up to full professional standard on heavy gloss paper. Historical articles, photos (some colour), drawings, etc. A prime source of information about this New England regional carrier. Bound in 7 volumes by the Sullivan bindery. Together with unbound copies of volumes 22 and 23 and the first two issues of volume 24. From the library of Ron Hoskins.
Price: 250.00

Canadian Rail 1963-2004 Ref: Run 176  

Published by the Canadian Railway Historical association. This set contains issues 140 to 503, bound in 21 substantial volumes. Format is medium octavo up to 1982 and standard American large quarto thereafter. Litho typescript in the early days moving to full gloss printing more recently. Countless historical articles, all well illustrated, notes, news, letters, etc. Professionally bound at the Sullivan bindery with gilt titles on the spines. A fine set not often found in the UK.
Price: 600.00

Central Headlight 1977-2004 Ref: Run 147  

Quarterly publication for members of the New York Central System Historical Society. Volumes 7-34 inclusive. Standard US quarto format, about 40 pages per issue with a combination of prototype and modelling information relating to the NYC and its subsidiary companies. Profusely illustrated with mainly b/w photos, scale drawings, locomotive details. Professionally bound in eight substantial books by the Sullivan Bindery. Grey cloth with gilt titles on the spine, a fine set.
Price: was £300. REDUCED TO £200
Price: 200.00

Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad News 1974-2003 Ref: Run 113  

The official publication of the Gulf Mobile & Ohio Historical Society. Comprising issues #1-104 bound in 6 substantial volumes. Format is landscape quarto and there are usually 32 pages per issue. Well illustrated throughout with plenty of colour in the more recent years. Contains articles on most subjects of GMO interest though tending to concentrate on locomotives and rolling stock. Professionally bound by Mike Sullivan in dark blue cloth with gilt titling on the spines. From the private library of Ron Hoskins and possibly the only set in the country.
Price: 275.00

The Industrial Locomotive 1976-2016 Ref: Run 233  

In stock for a while but not previously displayed on the web site.
Volumes 1-15 published by the Industrial Locomotive Society. A5 format, the early issues stencilled typescript, later letterpress or offset. Articles on the history of individual locomotives, locomotive classes and fleets and the history of locations. Well illustrated. Bound in 10 volumes, green cloth, a fine set of a scarce society publication. Collection of the late Paul Teather.
Price: 450.00

The Industrial Railway Record 1962-2016. Ref: Run 236  

In stock for a while but not previously displayed on the web site.
The quarterly organ of the Industrial Railway Society. This set comprises Vos 1-16 (issues 1-189 inclusive). Large octavo, the page count varying from about 350 pages in the early volumes to 500 pages+ in the most recent. Contains detailed and well-researched articles and shorter pieces, many photo illustrations, good maps and track diagrams, technical drawings of locomotives and rolling stock. Some issues contain a single subject, often with extra pages, some of them having become classics in their own right and much sought after. Good quality paper, volume indexes included. Professionally bound in dark green cloth, three years (12 issues) to a volume. From the library of Paul Teather.
One of the best Society magazines.
Price: 715.00

The Tramway Review 1950-2008 Ref: Run 242  

New In The Market
Numbers 1-216. A very long run of quarterly issues of this periodical devoted to all aspects of tramway history, mainly UK but some foreign coverage. Published by LRTL/LRTA. Uniform medium octavo format. Early issues were 24 pages each, latterly 48 pages. Well illustrated mainly in black-and-white, maps and diagrams. The first volume is the Adam Gordon reprint of 1994. All bound as 14 volumes in dark red cloth, very fine condition. From the collection of the late Ernie Dunsford.
Price: 500.00

Transaction Of The Newcomen Society 1953-1993 Ref: Run 227  

Volumes 29 to 66 inclusive, mainly annual, a few bi-annual. Medium quarto format, page count varies, mostly about 200 pages, some up to 300 pages. With photos and other illustrations. All volumes in the Society's hard case binding and all in immaculate condition. A superb long run.
Papers cover a wide variety of subjects in the history of technology from "traditional technology" such as pumping engines, windmills, early factory processes, steamships, quarrying, etc to the modern era - linear induction motors and pressed steel railway vehicles to take just two examples from volume 66. The material is not at all forbidding but is often elegantly written with occasional shafts of humour. Good element of railway subjects by noted authors.

We also have a large quantity of single issue Proceedings at advantageous prices, mostly 1940s to 1990s. Phone or e-mail us with your requirements.
Price: 600.00

Transactions Of The Newcomen Society 1960-2000 Ref: Run 42  

Volumes 33-71 inclusive, arranged in 42 books, recent volumes being issued in two parts per year. Format is quarto (approx 10" x 8"). Page count varies from year to year, some volumes running up to 350 pages. All are illustrated. Binding is in the Society's grey cartridge paper wrappers for the earlier volumes, more recently in laminated card covers. Condition very good to fine, signs of slight wear to the covers of the early wartime volumes.
The Newcomen Society is the foremost British organisation for the study of the history of technology. The early volumes tended to concentrate upon the technology of the early stationary steam engines, mill engines and pumping engines. In due course this was widened to include virtually all aspects of technology.

We also have a large quantity of single issue Proceedings at advantageous prices, mostly 1940s to 1990s. Please state requirements.
Price: 375.00

Railway Observer 1928-2009. Ref: Run 211  

A magnificent bound run of volumes 1-79 inclusive. The official monthly organ of the Railway Correspondence & Travel Society. Uniform A5 format throughout. First few volumes are duplicated typescript, then letterpress from February 1932. Page count varies, 300-400 pages in the early years, thinner during the war, rising to 700 pages in the noughties. All illustrated except for the war years, recent colour. Contains feature articles, extensive locomotive lists and records, stock alterations, etc. Uniformly bound as 73 books (a few doubles) in medium blue cloth with silver lettering.
This set also includes the Railway Stock Books 1937-1977, seventeen individual volumes bound as two thick books, to match the main set. Price for everything: £900
Price: 900.00

Railway Observer 1948-1990 Ref: Run 188  

The official monthly organ of the Railway Travel & Correspondence Society, volumes 18 to 60, 43 in all bound as 41 books standard A5 format. Page count varies, up to 670 pages a year in the later years. Concentrates heavily on British locomotive and train service interest, valuable for detailed lists of stock alterations and observations. With illustrations except for the war years. Some volumes incorporate extra publications. Bound in red in the official "Tomes" bindings. All with annual indexes. A fine and long set.
Price: 945.00

Railway Observer 1950-1971 Ref: Run 11  

Volumes 20-41 bound as 18 books. Published by the Railway Correspondence & Travel Society as their monthly house magazine. Noted for extensive and detailed stock listings, withdrawals, transfers, renumberings, service changes, and thus a vast quarry of information for the locomotive historian. Octavo format, page count varies between 300 pages and 450 pages. Illustrated throughout and with annual indexes. Some of the periodic Locomotive Stock Books are also bound in. Bound in green cloth with gilt titling on the spines. This set is from the library of the late Peter Semmens, sometime Deputy Keeper of the National Railway Museum, railway historian, and author.
Price: 500.00

Transit Postmark Collector 1980-2002 Ref: Run 169  

Volumes 31-53, issues 234-369 inclusive. Published bi-monthly in the USA by the Mobile Post Office Society. Standard US quarto format, about 100-140 pages per year with numerous illustrations and short articles. Mainly US contents, some British including TPOs, some European, occasional notes from elsewhere. Bound in 7 volumes, red cloth, fine condition. Very scarce, from the library of the late Ron Hoskins.
Price: was £210. REDUCED TO £140
Price: 140.00

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