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Railways Abroad

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30inch Railways Worldwide. Ref: IN3330  

An introduction to the development of 750mm, 760mm and 2ft 6in gauge public railways.
Very large, 416 pages, photo illustrations, many maps, some large clear drawings of rolling stock and motive power, hard back. **The first 90 pages outline the purposes and development of the 30" gauge railway; the remainder of the book comprehensively surveys systems throughout the world, country by country. A mine of fascinating information, and an indispensible reference for narrow gauge research.

Price: £50.00

A Very British Railway. Ref: IN1061  

Catchpole, P.
Very large, 84 pages, map, many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **The Sao Paolo Railway, a British-owned line which carried coffee to the port of Santos on the coast of Brazil, and used Garratts for express passenger haulage.

Price: £15.95

Armoured Trains. Ref: IN3550  

An illustrated encyclopedia 1825-2016.
Very large, squarish format, 527 pages, photos, author's clear drawings (in HO scale), comtemporary drawings and other illustrations, some colour, hard back. **This is a translation of Les Trains Blindés, originally published in 1989. The work has been revised, expanded and brought up to date for the English edition. The introduction outlines the history of the armoured train (with illustrations including some of imaginatively sabotaged track). It proceeds to cover in detail, country by country, the huge range of fighting equipment that rode the rails over nearly two centuries.

Price: £50.00

Atlantic. The Well Beloved Engine. Ref: IN1152  

Large, 192 pages, hard back. *International coverage. 2nd edition.

Price: £20.00

Austrian Narrow Gauge. (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines) Ref: IN2084  

Featuring steam in the alps.
Medium, 96 page album, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Barbados Railway. Ref: IN1016  

Horsford, J.
Large, 70 pages, maps, photos, tables, stocklists. Soft back. **Good overall history.

Price: £9.95

British Military Railways Overseas In The Great War. Ref: IN3623  

Compiled by the British Overseas Railways Historic Trust to mark the Centenary of the Great War.
Waters & Rainbow, eds.
Very large, 400 pages, drawings, maps and many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **Scholarly, in-depth history. The work covers railway operations in Belgium, France and Italy, the Levant, the Middle East, Africa, and southern ocean islands. There are chapters on locomotives and rolling stock, including armoured trains, on the aftermath of the war and on preservation of railways and stock. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Price: £50.00

Channel Tunnel. Ref: IN2122  

And its high-speed links. OL138.
Medium, 256 pages + large folding map, photos (mostly colour), maps, track plans, soft back. **A very detailed study of the origins, construction, operation and future of this monumental enterprise. Some fascinating illustrations.

Price: £19.95

China Railway Atlas. Ref: IN2465  

Mongolia. Taiwan.
Very large, 46 map pages, coloured; + 16 pages station index, line register etc, soft back. **Third edition, much enlarged.

Price: £20.00

Contrast In Islands. The Narrow Gauge Railways Of Corsica And Sardinia. Ref: IN1268  

Medium, 263 pages, photos (some colour), maps, track plans, hard back. *Good history of the systems.

Price: £27.95

Decauville Steam Locomotives. Ref: IN3855  

A works list.
Clingan & Lanham, revised & enlarged by Fresné & Down.
Very large, 156 pages, illustrations from Decauville catalogues, parallel text in English and French, glazed boards. **This new edition includes detailed information on the Decauville Type 17 design and its Kerr, Stuart variants, the 'Joffre' and 'Haig' classes. This and a history of the company occupy the first 42 pages, the remainder of the book contains the works lists themselves, giving works and boiler numbers, dates, type, weight, gauge, purchaser and given names and numbers.

Price: £35.00

Eastern Spain Narrow Gauge. (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines). Ref: IN2725  

From Gerona to Málaga.
Medium, 96 page album, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Engineer Of Revolutionary Russia. Ref: IN2799  

Iurii V Lomonosov (1876-1952) and the railways.
Large, 400 pages + 24 pages of photo plates, other black and white illustrations, six diagrams in text. Hard back. **A remarkable man, whose career embraced science, engineering and diplomacy. He played a major role in the shaping and administration of Russian railways, was a pioneer of diesel traction, defected to the west in 1927, afterwards working in Britain and America. He died in Canada in 1952.

Price: £75.00

Eritrean Narrow Gauge. (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines). Ref: IN2563  

An amazing reinstatement.
Mitchell, D.
Medium, 96 page all-colour album, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Essential Guide To French Heritage And Tourist Railways. Ref: IN2123  

Jones, M.
Medium, 191 pages, map, colour photos, soft back. **A very useful guide to all the preserved railways in France, by département, with notes on access, length, journey time, motive power, operating dates, tarriffs etc.

Price: £15.95

Forestry Railways In Hungary. Ref: IN0235  

Very large, 67 pages, soft back.

Price: £9.95

Fortress Railways Of The Baltic Shores. Ref: IN1467  

Helme, M.
Medium, 80 pages, soft back. ** Volume 3 of Narrow Gauge Railways Of Europe.

Price: £8.95

Gari La Moshi. Ref: IN2229  

Steam locomotives of the East African Railways.
Very large, 216 pages, photo illustrations including 16-page colour section, maps, locomotive drawings, loco lists, hard back. **The development and operation of the steam locomotives which in 1948 formed the EAR, set against the political background, extension of the network, availability of fuel and water and constraints of the permanent way.

Price: £32.00

Grand Crimean Central Railway. Ref: IN1218  

The railway that won a war.
Medium, 180 pages, illustrated with maps & photos, soft back.

Price: £7.99

Greece Narrow Gauge. (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines) Ref: IN2121  

Featuring the Thessaly and the Peloponnese systems.
Medium, 96 page album, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Here Be Dragons. Ref: IN3592  

A journey with steam to the end of the world.
Very large, 136 pages, photo illustrations, chiefly colour, maps, hard back. **Phil Girdlestone, who died untimely in 2016 at the age of 61, was a locomotive engineer, described by David Wardale in the foreword as "one of a small band of adventurers with steam for a vocation and anywhere in the world for a home - provided of course there was a steam railway nearby." Girdlestone chronicles his remarkable career, which started at the Festiniog in 1969 and took in Africa, Russia and South America, and describes his technical work in detail. A fascinating read.

Price: £33.95

The Incredible Darjeeling 'B' Class. Ref: IN3627  

A historical and continuing story.
Very large, 128 pages, pictorial : photos (much colour), drawings, diagrams, soft back. ** A comprehensive history of these locomotives, in use since 1889 and still at work.

Price: £22.50

Indian Locomotives Part 2 - Meter Gauge 1872-1940. Ref: IN0005  

Hughes, H.
Large, 112 pages, illustrated, soft back.

Price: £9.00

Indian Locomotives Part 3 - Narrow Gauge 1863 - 1940. Ref: IN0267  

Large, 112 pages, soft back.

Price: £9.90

Indian Narrow Gauge Steam Remembered. Ref: IN1020  

Medium, 216 pages, very many photo illustrations (some colour), maps. Hard back. *Includes private, industrial and sugar factory railways.

Price: £29.95

Indian Metre Gauge Steam Remembered. Ref: IN2061  

Medium, 178 pages, pictorial (some colour), maps, locomotive lists. Hard back. *Includes public and industrial railways.

Price: £29.95

Indian Broad Gauge Steam Remembered. Ref: IN2736  

Medium, 166 pages, pictorial (some colour), maps, locomotive lists, hard back.

Price: £29.95

Industrial & Preserved Locomotives Of Belgium, The Netherlands And Luxembourg. Ref: IN2952  

Known locomotives from 1970 onwards.
Medium, 234 pages plus photo section, soft back.

Price: £14.95

Industrial Locomotives Of Picardy, France. Ref: IN2953  

Medium, 120 pages, photo illustrations, some text also in French, soft back. **Handbook PNF, covers the departments of Aisne, Oise & Somme.

Price: £9.00

Industrial Locomotives Of Western France. Ref: IN0347  

Medium, 192 pages, soft back.

Price: £12.00

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of India And South Asia. Ref: IN3058  

Medium, 556 pages, many photographs (with separate colour section), excellent maps, lists, hard back. **Records over 6500 steam, diesel, petrol and electric locomotives at over 1200 sites in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. As well as industrial sites the author includes chapters on military railways and railways used in main line construction projects.

Price: £29.95

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of Spain. Ref: IN3649  

Medium, 518 pages, maps and site plans (some colour), photo illustrations (some period colour), hardback. **Lists the industrial railways of each province, giving a brief history of each company and a locomotive list. After this basic information the book gives lists of locomotives used in track maintenance and in major engineering projects including construction of new metros and RENFE high speed lines. Lastly there are also lists of locomotives known to have been built in Spain whose use and owners are unknown, and of preserved locomotives.

Price: £28.00

Light Railway Railcar In Western Europe. Ref: IN2198  

From inception to maturity.
Large, 310 pages, photos (some colour), maps, car drawings, hard back. *Excellent history, useful appendices, essential reference.

Price: £29.95

Locomotivas Articuladas. (Brazilian Articulated Steam Locomotives). Ref: IN1630  

As gigantes da era do vapor no Brasil.
Coelho, E J J.
Very large, 192 pages, many photo illustrations, map, Portuguese text, English translations provided for all photo captions and technical data. Soft back.

Price: £24.95

Locomotives International Issue 90. Ref: IN3289  

June / July 2014
McCall (editor).
Very large, 66 pages, many black & white and colour photo illustrations, soft back journal. **2014 working steam in China and Bosnia, Burma mines, 19th century Chile, CRC news, and much else.

Price: £4.95

Locomotives International Issue 113. Ref: IN3766  

April/May 2018
McCall (editor).
Very large, 66 pages, many black & white and colour photo illustrations, soft back journal. **German 2-10-2Ts, Brazilian preservation at Perus-Pirapora, An unusual special train in Asturias, Odontotos Railway and much else.

Price: £5.30

Locomotives International Issue 122. Ref: IN3767  

December 2019 / January 2020
McCall (editor).
Very large, 66 pages, many black & white and colour photo illustrations, soft back journal. **Steam in Zimbabwe, Shays into the Andes, Environmentally friendly 2-6-0 and much else.

Price: £5.30

Locomotives International Issue 123. Ref: IN3768  

February - March 2020
McCall (editor).
Very large, 66 pages, many black & white and colour photo illustrations, soft back journal. **Railways of the Congo, Steam Locos of the Taiwan Machinery Co, Ukranian forestry railway and much else.

Price: £5.30

Locomotives International Issue 124. Ref: IN3769  

April - May 2020
McCall (editor).
Very large, 66 pages, many black & white and colour photo illustrations, soft back journal. **Gauge change in India, Last winter of Finnish steam, Pithiviers, Budapest gasworks loco preservation and much else.

Price: £5.95

Locomotives Of Zimbabwe And Botswana. Ref: IN3358  

Very large, 224 pages, many photo illustrations including a 16-page colour section, some locomotive drawings, extensive locomotive listings, bibliography, hardback. ** History of the development of the initially British but later much more cosmopolitan locomotive stock of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Includes much unpublished material concerning the 'sanctions-busting' engines imported into Rhodesia during the 1970s.

Price: £30.00

Malta Railway. Ref: IN1872  

Medium, 120 pages, photos, diagrams, map, soft back.

Price: £9.95

Monorails Of The 19th Century. Ref: IN2859  

Very large, 288 pages, well illustrated with photographs, contemporary illustrations, vehicle drawings, and maps, glazed boards. ** The monorail was conceived in the 1820s when conventional two-rail lines were still a recent idea. Here is its history up to the construction of the successful Wuppertal Schwebebahn at end of the 19th century. There is a history and a full technical description of each system. Many of the designs were eccentric and few were commercially successful but this energetic period of industrial growth encouraged novelty.

Price: £24.99

Monorails Of The Early 20th Century. Ref: IN3503  

Very large, 208 pages, copiously illustrated with photographs, contemporary illustrations, diagrams, vehicle drawings, and maps, glazed boards. ** This volume follows on from Monorails Of The 19th Century (CE2859) and continues the history of monorails from 1900 to just after the second world war. Among others it provides a detailed history and explanation of the gyroscopic monorails by Brennan, Scherl and Schilovsky and the Bennie Railplane. Monorails built outside the UK are included, notably the American Magnesium Co line in the Death Valley desert in the 1920s. There are also updates to the 19th Century volume including the Schwebebahn and the reborn Listowel and Ballybunion Railway.

Price: £25.00

The Narrow Gauge 2-8-2s Of Patagonia. Ref: IN3207  

Medium, 50 pages, maps, photo illustrations, some colour, soft back. **The guvnor's masterwork. Dissatisfied with the theories of why 75 locomotives were required to run the sparse lines of Patagonia, and spurred to action by a visit to most of what is left of them, he has assembled an account of each engine and lots of wonderful pictures. It would not be out of place here to record our gratitude to correspondents in four continents who have assisted the research with memories, records and photographs.

Price: £5.99

Narrow Gauge By The Sudanese Red Sea Coast. Ref: IN1147  

The Tokar-Trinkitat light railway and other small railways.
Large, 67 pages, photos, maps, soft back.

Price: £8.95

Narrow Gauge In The Former Yugoslavia. Ref: IN3805  

Narrow Gauge Album No 5.
Medium, square format, 119 page colour album, glazed boards. **21st century narrow gauge steam in the Balkans. The earliest photos here date from 2005, when there were still steam locomotives operating in coal extraction sites - the last working steam in Europe. This provides many of the excellent photos in the album; there are also pictures of static preserved locos and of the lovely Šargan 8 line, now a tourist railway.
Author's profits from the sale of this book are donated to help support the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway during the Covid 19 crisis.

Price: £19.95

Narrow Gauge Railways Of Bosnia-Hercegovina. Ref: IN2675  

2nd edition, with minor corrections.
Very large, 416 pages, photo illustrations including 16-page colour section, maps, drawings, loco lists, hard back. **The narrow gauge railways of Bosnia-Hercegovina were originally conceived as a temporary field railway but was soon adapted to civilian use and by 1914 the network exceeded 1000 km - a fully-fledged main line system with comfortable bogie stock and advanced locomotives.

Price: £40.00

Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives Of Estonia. Ref: IN2134  

Klaus & Chester.
Medium, 128 pages, photo illustrations, map, loco lists, glazed boards. **The Estonian narrow gauge network continued to expand during the Soviet era, until 1966 when a decree ordered the closure or re-gauging to broad gauge of all 750mm lines. Some engines survive in the Estonian railway museum and elsewhere.

Price: £15.95

Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives Russia. Ref: IN3558  

Moskalev, Bochenkov & Dorozhkov.
Very large, 416 pages, many photos, simple measured drawings, lists, dual Russian / English text, glazed boards. ** The development of the narrow gauge steam locomotive in the Russian empire from the first steps until the end of 1926. This very detailed study covers Russian-built and foreign locomotives and is illustrated with some fascinating photographs. A further volume covering the Soviet period is planned.

Price: £60.00

The Nitrate Railways Company Limited. Ref: IN3257  

Also the 2ft 6in gauge; Agua Santa Railway; Junin Railway; Patillos Railway.
Binns, D.
Very large, 100 pages, many photos, maps, locomotive drawings, lists, glazed boards.

Price: £20.95

North East German Narrow Gauge. (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines) Ref: IN2083  

Harz Mountains and Baltic region
Medium, 96 page album, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Norwegian Railways. Ref: IN0981  

From Stephenson to high-speed.
Large, 260 pages, photos, maps. Glazed boards. **Solid history of a system so far neglected by railway chroniclers.

Price: £27.50

Rail Atlas Europe. Ref: IN3380  

Very large, squarish format, 51 map pages plus 24 pages of urban enlargements; 26 pages gazetteer; 27 pages of introductory notes; other maps giving specialised information (eg test tracks), in total 161 pages, all maps in colour, glazed boards.**Covers all Europe up to the borders of Russia, Belorussia and the Ukraine, a comprehensive atlas.

Price: £27.50

Rails Across The Sea / Sporen over de Zee. Ref: IN3841  

The Harwich - Zeebrugge train ferry story / Het verhaal van het treinveer Harwich - Zeebrugge.
Very large, 80 pages, English and Flemish text, copiously illustrated with photos, maps and plans, soft back. ** "A long overdue history of the train ferry service between Harwich and Zeebrugge, its precursers and its legacy." The author was the BR Rolling Stock Inspector at Zeebrugge, so there is plenty of inside information and a fine collection of fascinating photos.

Price: £14.95

Rails Through Majorca. Ref: IN1629  

Barnabe, G.
Large, 248 pages, illustrated with photos, maps, track plans and line drawings of rolling stock. Hard back. *This handsome work brings up to date the author's "Railways And Tramways Of Majorca", now out of print, history of a narrow gauge paradise.

Price: £21.95

The Railway Gazette Special War Transportation Number. Ref: IN3185  

Very large, 160 pages, illustrated with photos and drawings, soft back. **This is a reprint of the Railway Gazette Special Issue of 21 September 1920. The Gazette's current editor writes that it : "provides a fascinating insight into the work of the British Government's Directorate of Movement and Railways, bringing together 'the first connected account' of the role of railways and water transport during the Great War of 1914-18. It remains one of the few comprehensive studies of the colossal transport efforts that supported the British military campaign, both on the Western front and in other theatres of war." The hardback edition is now out of print.

Price: £14.95

Railway Guns. Ref: IN3552  

British and German guns at war.
Large, 121 pages, many photos, diagrams, maps, bibliography, hard back. ** Railway guns were developed as a means of transporting massive long-range guns overland during the first world war. This books covers the guns, the locomotives that hauled them, the locations and targets and what it was like when firing took place.

Price: £19.99

Railways And Motive Power Of Argentina. Ref: IN2170  

Complete listing of public railways with basic details and comprehensive locomotive lists.
Carter, Reg.
Medium, 513 pages, soft back. **Now REDUCED from £28.95.

Price: £14.95

Railways Around Lake Luzern. Ref: IN2297  

Large, 80 pages, generously illustrated, some colour, map. Soft back.

Price: £9.95

Railways At The End Of The World. Ref: IN3275  

In Patagonia and the South Atlantic islands.
Coombs & Sinclair.
Very large, landscape, 348 pages, lavishly illustrated with black & white and colour photos and purpose-drawn maps and scale drawings, hard back. **A work of huge interest, studying the railways of southern Chile and Argentina, and the South Atlantic islands. Lines large and small are comprehensively described in careful detail; the authors have taken great pains to sift the facts from the hearsay and legend which enticingly but irrelevantly pervades the history of railways in this remote and barren region. The locomotive and rolling stock drawings have been produced to 1:50 scale with modellers in mind. The book will be required reading for anyone who has visited the railway at Ushaia or La Trochita or who is interested in the Patagonian Welsh colony with which some of the lines are closely connected.

Price: £49.95

Railways In The Austrian Tirol. Ref: IN2299  

Bairstow, M.
Large, 80 pages, pictorial, some colour, maps, soft back.

Price: £8.95

The Railways Of Jamaica. Ref: IN3269  

Through the Blue Mountains to the blue Caribbean Seas - a history of the Jamaica Government Railway.
Large, 166 pages, maps, photos (much colour), tables, stocklists. Soft back.

Price: £25.00

Railways Of Peru Volume 2. Ref: IN3258  

The Central and Southern Lines.
Very large, 96 pages, pictorial: maps, photos (some colour), stocklists, glazed boards. There is also a hard back edition available to order at £26.95.** The railways described in volume 1, along the northern coast, have now disappeared. But the mountain railways east of Lima and in the southern part of the country are still important. The Central and Southern railway systems along with a number of more obscure public and private lines, many of these now closed, form the basis for this volume.

Price: £20.95

Railways Of Bulgaria. Ref: IN3665  

Railways Of Bulgaria
Very large, 64 pages, photo illustrations (mostly colour), maps, tabulated lists, soft back. **History of Bulgarian railways and locomotives from the 1860s to the present.

Price: £14.95

Railways Of The Andes. Ref: IN0510  

Large, 224 pages, 2nd edition. Hard back. **The first major survey in English of the planning, contruction, and operation of the major Andean railroads. Originally published in 1963, this new edition has a new preface and introduction and additional illustrations.

Price: £22.95

Réseau Breton. Ref: IN2012  

A rail network in Brittany. X65.
Medium, 176 pages + large folding map, photos, maps, track plans, scale drawings of locomotives and buildings, soft back.

Price: £10.95

Romania & Bulgaria Narrow Gauge. (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines) Ref: IN2561  

Medium, 96 page album, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Rope & Chain Haulage. Ref: IN3046  

The forgotten element of railway history.
Medium, 384 pages, illustrated: photos and contemporary illustrations (some colour) maps and plans, glazed boards. **Remarkably, in the whole history of railways, across now more than two hundred years, it would seem that there has never been a book devoted solely to rope haulage. This fascinating volume covers the field, at home and abroad, from the earliest days right up to the 21st century. A final chapter describes some preservation schemes. Now in print again.

Price: £29.95

Russian & Soviet Steam Locomotives. Vol 1. Ref: IN0757  

E class 0-10-0, S class 2-6-2, P36 class 4-8-4.
Large, 72 pages. Soft back.

Price: £12.95

Russian & Soviet Steam Locomotives. Vol 3. Ref: IN1541  

Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives In Russia And The Soviet Union.
Large, 112 pages, soft back.

Price: £15.95

Saxony Narrow Gauge. (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines) Ref: IN2082  

Featuring the extensive 75cm, 60cm and 38cm lines.
Medium, 96 page album, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Sierra Leone Narrow Gauge. (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines) Ref: IN1879  

Beale & Mitchell.
Medium, 96 page album, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Simplex Locomotives At Work. Ref: IN3738  

Very large, 96 page album, soft back. ** Motor Rail Ltd started building Simplex locomotives in 1916, for use behind the trenches, and continued to produce light industrial locos for some 70 years. This is an album of black and white and colour photos, many previously unpublished, showing the engines at work in locations around the world and knowledgeably captioned at some length. The author's company, Alan Keef Ltd, bought Motor Rail's business in 1987.

Price: £15.00

South African Two-Foot Gauge (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines). Ref: IN2623  

Featuring the last Garratts.
Medium, 96-page album, mostly colour, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

St Kitts Railway. Ref: IN3085  

From sugar cane to scenic train.
Large, 64 pages, maps, trackplans, photos (mostly colour), tables, stocklists. Soft back. **Good overall history.

Price: £9.95

Steam And Rail In Slovakia. Ref: IN0233  

Very large, 72 pages, soft back.

Price: £9.95

Steam In Europe 1894 - 1947. Ref: IN3653  

The photographs of Lodewijk Derens.
Muller & Veenendaal.
Very large, 248 page album, map, bibliography, English text, glazed boards. **Derens took up railway photography in 1894 when he was a lad of about 14, and continued until WW2, a photo from 1947 is also included. Most of his pictures were taken in his native Holland, but he travelled in Belgium, France, Germany and Britain before and after WW1; there are some excellent photos of British railways including a fine study of the Euston Arch. The photographs are presented mostly one to a page, with copious annotation; the authors also provide a brief biography of Derens and a short history and map of the Dutch railways.

Price: £32.00

Supporting The British Expeditionary Force. Ref: IN2969  

The Royal Engineer railway units in France 1939-1940.
Very large, 96 pages, illustrated with photos and some drawings, map, lists, glazed boards. ** An account of the use of railways to support the BEF in France 1939 - 40 up to the evacuation at Dunkirk, and a chronicle of the fate of the abandoned engines during the remainder of the war and their eventual return to Britain.

Price: £19.95

Swiss Narrow Gauge. (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines) Ref: IN2341  

Featuring steam in the Alps.
Medium, 96 page album, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Tales From The Fast Trains. Ref: IN2898  

Europe at 186 mph.
Octavo, 315 pages, map, soft back. ** "Tired of airport security queues, delays ... Tom Chesshyre embarks on a series of high-speed adventures across the continent on its fast trains instead. He discovers the hidden delights of mysterious Luxembourg, super-trendy Rotterdam, much-maligned Frankfurt and lovely lakeside Lausanne, via a pop concert in Lille".

Price: £8.99

Taltal Railway. Ref: IN2785  

A Chilean mineral line.
Binns & Middleton.
Very large, 64 pages, generously illustrated: photos, maps, loco list, soft back. **Also available in glazed boards, qv.

Price: £12.50

Taltal Railway. Ref: IN2853  

A Chilean mineral line.
Binns & Middleton.
Very large, 64 pages, generously illustrated: photos, maps, loco list, glazed boards. **Also available as a soft back, qv.

Price: £16.95

Tortillards Of Artois. Ref: IN2504  

The metre gauge railways and tramways of the western Pas-de-Calais. X90.
Farebrother & Farebrother.
Medium, 335 pages, photos, maps, track plan, scale drawings of locomotives, station gazetteer, soft back. Out of print, one copy left.

Price: £19.95

Train Ferries Of Europe. Ref: IN3831  

Very large, 288 pages, well illustrated with photos, maps, ship diagrams, train deck plans etc, glazed boards. **Not before time the compelling history of the train ferry is brought up to date. This welcome volume encompasses, with technical and operational detail, the story of more than 100 train ferries in Europe; a history going back to 1850, when the first train ferry crossed the Firth of Forth (and remnants of it may still be seen).
A companion volume covers train ferries beyond Europe.

Price: £35.00

Train Ferries Of The Americas, Asia & Africa. Ref: IN3830  

Very large, 192 pages, well illustrated with photos, maps, ship diagrams, train deck plans etc, glazed boards. **First point to note here is that Australasia is included, despite the title. The book encompasses, with technical and operational detail, the story of more than 300 train ferries outside Europe; a history going back over the last 170 years - and it is a fascinating one which has all but disappeared.
A companion volume covers the train ferries of Europe.

Price: £25.00

Tramways A Vapeur Du Tarn. Ref: IN1200  

A 60cm railway in South West France. X70.
Medium, 208 pages, soft back.

Price: £13.95

Transandine Railway In 1931. Ref: IN2633  

A facsimile reprint.
Taylorson (comp).
Medium, 32 pages, illustrated with photographs, map, soft back. **This is a reprint of an article in the April 1931 issue of the Beyer Peacock Quarterly Review, with some extra photos, a map. There also some of the later history of the line, parts of which remain open in industrial use. It is metre gauge and ran from Mendoza in Argentina to Los Andes in Chile, reaching a summit of 10450 ft. There are proposals for re-opening it.

Price: £4.95

Vivarais Revisited. Ref: IN2403  

Featuring the Ardèche and Haute-Loire regions.
Medium, 96-page colour album, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

WDLR Companion. Ref: IN3642  

Further material covering the British 60cm gauge light railways that served the western front during the Great War.
Ronald & Link.
Very large, landscape, 183 pages, illustrated throughout with photographs, maps and drawings, silk ribbon marker, glazed boards. **Companion volume to WDLR Album, this compelling book takes a "top-down" approach to the history of the WW1 light railways to address two questions : How did the WDLR come to be implemented so quickly? and, How could its organisation - a major transport undertaking - disappear from the face of the earth in little more than a year from the Armistice? The book also includes the major part of the text of what is likely to be the missing report for which the photographs in WDLR Album were taken and a large portfolio of good clear scale drawings of WDLR rolling stock. An exceptionally interesting study, and - as a bonus - a nicely produced volume.

Price: £31.95

West German Narrow Gauge. (Narrow Gauge Branch Lines) Ref: IN2276  

Featuring the many and varied metre gauge and 75cm lines.
Medium, 96 page album, maps, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

World Rail Atlas And Historical Summary Volume 7 North, East And Central Africa. Ref: IN2940  

Robinson, N.
Large landscape, 200 pages of which 77 are maps, the remainder brief histories and statistical details (mileages etc) of lines, there is also a folding map of the continent, soft back. **Algeria, Burundi, Central African Rep, Chad, Comoros and Mayotte, Congo (Dem Rep of), Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Reunion, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Full of interest.

Price: £23.99

World Rail Atlas And Historical Summary Volume 8 The Middle East And Caucasus. Ref: IN2286  

Robinson, N.
Large landscape, 168 pages of which 73 are maps, the remainder brief histories and statistical details (mileages etc) of lines. Some photo illustrations. Soft back. **Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel & Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen. Full of interest.

Price: £23.99

Yatakli-Vagon. Ref: IN2302  

Turkish steam travel.
Behrend & Kelly.
Very large, 103 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. **A reprinting of George Behrend's engrossing narrative of his and Kelly's adventurous trip by Wagon-Lit to and around Turkey in 1968. This is no longer (I suppose) much use as a guide to the modern rail traveller in Turkey but surely must be compulsory historical background for anyone going there. Yatakli-vagon is the Turkish for sleeping-car.

Price: £16.95

21st Century Extreme Steam. Ref: IN1604  

Le Cheminant, S; Murphy, V & Rhodes, M.
Very large, 168 page colour album, hard back. **Wonderful evocative book of recent Chinese steam, now all more or less gone.

Price: £40.00

China. The World's Last Steam Railway. Ref: IN2457  

A photographic essay.
Tickner, Edgar, Freeman.
Very large, landscape, 176 page album, mainly colour. Hardback. **Another superlative collection of Chinese steam photos.

Price: £29.99

Death Rode The Rails. Ref: IN2144  

American railroad accidents and safety 1828-1965.
Large, 446 pages + 16 pages of photo illustrations, hardback. **Academic study of rail accidents in the USA, immensely interesting. Two statistical appendices, copious notes on sources etc.

Price: £40.00

Extreme Steam. Ref: IN1765  

le Cheminant, S, Murphy, V & Rhodes, M.
Very large, 128-page colour album. Hard back. **China.

Price: £30.00

Fairlie Articulated Locomotives. Vol 1 On The American Continent. Ref: IN1249  

Large, 96 pages, soft back.

Price: £14.95

Famous Last Lines 3. Ref: IN2039  

Bambery (compiler).
Very large, 128 page colour album, hard back. **From Australia: we are sorry not to have brought you numbers 1 and 2 of this superb series. The lines covered here are Rio Turbio, Saalfeld, Kimberley, the Coal Road (private lines in NSW) and Jingpeng. Magnificent views of late 20th and early 21st century steam at work.

Price: £21.95

Ferry Boat De Nuit 1936 - 1980 / Night Ferry 1936 - 1980. Ref: IN2913  

A brief history of the train which carried you asleep from London to Paris and Brussels.
Elliott & Duvoskeldt.
Very large, 118 pages, photo illustrations, maps, other illustrations, dual French / English text and captions, soft back. **Une guide historique du train que vous avez emprunté endormi(e) de Paris et Bruxelles à Londres. Not sure about endormi(e). When we went there was a metal bucket rolling around on the train deck all night. Jolly good thorough history though, and thank you Mr Elliott for including our e-mail address with the bibliography.

Price: £17.99

Industrial Locomotives Of The People's Republic Of China. Ref: IN2472  

Including preserved and local railway locomotives.
Medium, 252 pages + 14 page photo section and double page map, soft back. IRS Handbook 2PRC. ** Second edition, double the size of the first. Also available in glazed boards @ £19.95 (item 2576)

Price: £16.95

Industrial Locomotives Of The People's Republic Of China. Ref: IN2576  

Including preserved and local railway locomotives.
Medium, 252 pages + 14 page photo section and double page map, glazed boards. IRS Handbook 2PRC. ** Second edition, double the size of the first. Also available in softback @ £16.95 (item 2472)

Price: £19.95

Lignes Disparues De L'Hérault. The Lost Railway Lines Of L'Hérault. Ref: IN2523  

A brief history and guide to the railway lines of l'Hérault long departed.
Very large, 96 pages, many photo illustrations, maps, other illustrations, dual French / English text and captions, soft back. **Hérault is a Mediterranean coastal département of France.

Price: £12.99

Locomotives Beyond The Polar Circle. Ref: IN2827  

Very large, 48 page album, some colour, map, dual Russian/English text, soft back. **Album prefaced by brief line history. Shows mostly elecric locomotives working the northern part of the line between Petrozavodsk and Murmansk, and its branches.

Price: £12.95

Mixed Gauges. Ref: IN2774  

Travels in the years of steam.
Very large, landscape, 256 pages, many photos, hard back. **Numerous photos mainly in colour taken by the author in many parts of the world. Some stunning images here.

Price: £46.95

Narrow Gauge Railways Of Cuba. Ref: IN2652  

From the 1860s to the present day.
Walker, C.
Very large, 200 pages, photo illustrations, some colour, maps, stock lists, hardback. Also available in soft back, qv. **General history of these fascinating railways.

Price: £36.95

Parovozy - see items MT0757, MT1151 & MT1541. Ref: IN1150  

Parovozy : Russian & Soviet Steam Locomotives. Volumes 1, 2 & 3 available separately.

RAF Masirah Railway. Ref: IN0151  

Corser, W J L.
Medium, 96 pages, many photos, maps, line drawings. Narrow Gauge Classics Number One. Soft back.

Price: £10.95

Railways Of Costa Rica. Ref: IN0758  

Very large, 64 pages. Soft back.

Price: £15.95

Ransomes And Rapier Locomotives. Ref: IN1305  

Fisher & Halton
Medium, 70 pages, illustrated with photographs and some technical drawings, site plans, works list. **History of Ipswich agricultural machinery company which also built engines and other equipment for narrow gauge railways. Distinguished for building the first railway in China.

Price: £8.95

Russian & Soviet Steam Locomotives. Vol 2. Ref: IN1151  

Elements Of Locomotive Development In Russia And The USSR.
Large, 76 pages, soft back.

Price: £13.95

Schmalspurig Durch Bulgarien. Ref: IN2129  

Medium, 112 pages, illustrated with photos & maps, loco lists, German text, extensive bibliography includes English language sources, glazed boards. **Narrow gauge in Bulgaria.

Price: £16.95

Sleepers, Diners & Pullmans Ref: IN2443  

Trains and vehicles of the International Sleeping Car Company.
Large horizontal, 64 pages, pictorial - photos and drawings. Soft back. **Now back in stock after a considerable absence.

Price: £12.50

Steam And Rail In Indonesia. Ref: IN1015  

Rozendaal, J.
Large, 67 pages. Photos, maps, drawings, some colour. Soft back. **Useful survey, strong on locomotives.

Price: £9.95

Steam In Serbia 1882 - 2007. Ref: IN2586  

Medium square, 200 pages, illustrated throughout, largely in colour, hard back. ** "Serbia's narrow and standard gauge railways were once graced by an astonishing variety of steam engines manufactured by some of the leading locomotive factories in Europe and the USA. Today it is one of the last places in Europe where steam locomotives can still be found in regular service." This book offers a history of Serbian railways, an account of the development of railway preservation there and a list of every existing steam locomotive. LAST COPY.

Price: £41.95

Street Railways: Their Construction, Operation And Maintenance. Ref: IN2074  

A practical handbook for street railway men.
Fairchild, C B.
Very large, 486 pages (incl 44 pages of advertisements), many line drawings and diagrams, smart blue cloth hard back, not supplied with jacket. **Reprint of the very scarce original which was published in New York, 1892; the author was editor of the Street Railway Journal. There are chapters on electric, cable and horse traction and steam, air and gas motors. There is information about inclined planes, rack systems, elevated roads and track construction. There is an enormous and detailed section on car building (the author was quite fervent about lettering and decoration on the car sides). Also a load of stuff about operation and management.

Price: £40.00

Transcaucasian Railway And The Royal Engineers. Ref: IN2216  

With the Sappers to Baku.
Large, 72 pages, photos, locomotive drawings, map. Soft back. **A brief record of largely forgotten events, 1918-20, when British Forces occupied Transcaucasia and the Royal Engineers set about putting the railways of the region onto a reasonable working basis after a long period of war and civil commotion. Now Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia.

Price: £13.95

Two Foot Gauge Enigma. Ref: IN0502  

Beira Railway.
Large, 64 pages. Soft back.

Price: £8.95

Vidzeme Railway. Ref: IN2603  

Stukmani (Plavinas) - Vecgulbene - Aluksne - Valka.
Altbergs & Biedrins.
Very large, 101 pages, photo illustrations, map endpapers, glazed boards. **History of a narrow gauge line in Latvia. This is an English version of a Latvian book.

Price: £25.00

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