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Regional Railways : Ireland

Online Catalogue |  New Books |  Regional Railways : Ireland

Belfast And County Down Railway. Ref: IR0445  

Coakham, D.
Very large, 96 pages. Soft back.
Price: 12.99

Belfast And County Down Railway. Ref: IR2805  

Coakham, D.
Very large, 256 pages, photo illustrations, maps, track plans, loco and rolling stock drawings. Soft back. **A comprehensive history handsomely produced at a very fair price.
Price: 25.00

Saga By Rail: Ireland. Ref: IR2285  

Boyd, J I C.
Medium, 288 pages, photos, maps, soft back. **Mr Boyd's reminiscences of Irish narrow gauge, 1933 - 1962.
Price: 16.95

Cork Brandon & South Coast Railway Ref: IR3354  

Very large, 160 pages, photo illustrations, station layouts, time table extract, map on rear board, glazed boards.
Price: 19.99

Dublin Northwards In The 1950s (Great Railway Eras). Ref: IR2529  

A tour of forgotten stations.
Sutton & Smith.
Medium, 96 page album, photos, maps. Glazed boards. ** Record of a trip exploring the Irish border lines in 1957.
Price: 18.95

Farranfore To Valencia Harbour Railway. Volume Two. Ref: IR1607  

The life of the line: its train services, locomotives and personalities. OL126 B.
O'Sullivan, P.
Medium, 150 pages, photo illustrations. Soft back.
Price: 10.95

Fermanagh's Railways. Ref: IR2507  

Friel & Johnston.
Very large, 176 pages, pictorial, soft back. **Second edition. The book covers all three railway companies operating in the county as well as the bus services. The first edition came out in 1998; this edition has many previously unpublished photographs and increased coverage of the run-up to closure, the last day and the aftermath.
Price: 18.00

Forty Shades Of Steam. Ref: IR2208  

The story of the RPSI.
Cassells & Friel.
Large, 160 pages, photo illustrations, mostly colour, map. Soft back. **The Railway Preservation Society Of Ireland was founded in 1964 and continues to run terrific steam trips. An interesting read, with some evocative photos. Out of print - last copy.
Price: 14.99

From Connemara To Cock O' The North. Ref: IR2949  

Railway journeys in Ireland and Scotland, 1920-1950.
Large, 144 pages, photo illustrations, maps, soft back. **The railway scene in the second quarter of the 20th century: Howth, Bray, Mullingar in early GSR days; Edinburgh and lines therefrom in the early 1930s; GNR(I) in the mid 1930s; Irish railways in general during the war; finally Belfast and lines therefrom in the late 1940s. Out of print - last copy.
Price: 11.99

Great Northern Railway (Ireland). Ref: IR1591  

OL 67.
Patterson, E M.
Medium, 240 pages, photos, map, track diagrams. Soft back. **New edition of classic history first published in 1962.
Price: 14.95

Great Northern Railway. Ref: IR1639  

An Irish Railway Pictorial.
Ferris, T.
Very large, 112 pages, album with 12 page foreword/introduction. Soft back.
Price: 14.99

Irish Narrow Gauge Album. Ref: IR3813  

Very large, 224 pages, pictorial: photos, area maps, glazed boards. **Not just a photo album, but also an anthology of writing on the various (and they were) Irish narrow gauge railways, with an erudite historical introduction by the compiler. J I C Boyd, George Behrend and of course the compiler's father, Patrick Whitehouse, are among the authors included.
Price: 25.00

Irish Railways In Colour - Volume 1. Ref: IR2824  

Hill, Ballantyne & Pirt.
Large landscape, 80 page album, hard back. **Colour in the Emerald Isle taken on visits in 1956, 1959 and 1961. Out of print - last copy.
Price: 19.99

Last Years Of The Wee Donegal. Ref: IR264  

Very large, 72 pages, album, glazed boards. Out of print - LAST COPY.
Price: 13.99

Locomotives Of The Great Southern & Western Railway. Ref: IR3835  

Clements, McMahon & O'Rourke.
Very large, 284 pages, illustrated with photos and locomotive drawings, loco lists, tabulated data, glazed boards. **The GS&WR grew to be the largest independent company in Ireland, with a complex motive power story. This impressive book catalogues every locomotive that was operated by the company, providing dimensional details, drawings and photographs and analysing the patterns of construction, rebuilding and renewal. The locomotive stock of the companies taken over by the GS&WR 1866 - 1901 are also included.
Price: 35.00

Narrow Gauge Album 1950-1965 In Colour. Ref: IR3786  

Very large, 208 pages, pictorial, glazed boards. ** Although the book title describes itself as an album there is quite a bit of explanatory text between the photos, as well as the captions. And such photos! Colour views of the early days of preservation on the Festiniog and Talyllyn, and the Midlands ironstone workings, to name but three. All totally fascinating.
Price: 25.00

Rails Around Belfast. Ref: IR1845  

An Irish Railway pictorial.
Crockhart, A & Patience, J.
Very large, 80 page album, photos, soft back. **Includes a tram section. OUT OF PRINT - LAST COPY
Price: 13.99

Rails Through Connemara. Ref: IR3848  

The Galway-Clifden Railway. LP250.
Medium, 192 pages, photos, maps, time table extracts, locomotive lists and drawings, rolling stock drawings, soft back. ** A natural follow-up to the author's history of the railway from Westport to Achill, this is a history and description of the line and its operation.
Price: 15.95

Rails To Achill. Ref: IR3133  

A west of Ireland branch line. LP222
Medium, 160 pages, photos, maps, soft back. 2nd edition, revised.
Price: 10.95

Sligo, Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway Ref: IR3357  

An Irish railway pictorial.
Very large, 80 page album, photos, station layouts, soft back. **With historical introduction.
Price: 12.99

Waterford And Limerick Railway. Ref: IR0685  

Medium, 160 pages. Soft back.
Price: 10.95

Wee Donegal Revisited. Ref: IR0820  

More views of the County Donegal railways in colour.
Robotham & Curran.
Very large, 108 page colour album. Includes track diagrams and map. Glazed boards.
Price: 19.99

West Clare Railway. Ref: IR0022  

Taylor, P.
Very large, 224 pages, illustrated, with photos, tables, line drawing and map. Hard back. **A full history of a 3ft gauge railway network in County Clare.
Price: 25.00

Dublin And South Eastern Railway. Ref: IR0450  

Shepherd & Beesley.
Very large, 160 pages, pictorial history illustrated with photos, line drawings, maps and tables. Glazed boards.
Price: 19.99

Irish Broad Gauge Carriages. Ref: IR1821  

A pictorial introduction.
Coakham, D.
Very large, 96 pages, pictorial (quite a lot of text, though). Soft back. **A thorough survey of the Irish coaches from earliest times to the present.
Price: 14.99

Irish Narrow Gauge. A Pictorial History. Vol.2 The Ulster Lines. Ref: IR0139  

Ferris, T.
Very large, 128 pages, pictorial, with many maps and photos. Glazed boards. **Includes chapters on The Londonderry & Lough Swilly Rly, The Portstewart Tramway, and The Clogher Valley Rly.
Price: 15.99

LMS In Ireland. Ref: IR1025  

An Irish railway pictorial.
Kennedy, M.
Very large, 96 pages, album. Soft back. **The LMS inherited from the MR the Belfast & Northern Counties Railway and the Donegal Railways; from the LNWR the Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway and various shipping interests. The book also covers road services, air services, the effects of the war and much else.
Price: 12.99

Locomotives Of The GSR. Ref: IR2580  

Clements & McMahon
Very large, 384 pages, map, photos, charts, tables, hard back. **All the locomotives inherited by the Great Southern in 1924 and those subsequently built or acquired to 1944, broad and narrow gauge, described class by class. Pre-1924 history of inherited engines is included and details of disposal by CIE. Chapters deal with other motive power and tenders.
Price: 35.00

Locomotives Of The LMS NCC. Ref: IR2590  

And its predecessors.
Very large, 190 pages, map, photos, locomotive drawings, tables, hard back. **History of NCC locomotives from the first engines built for the Belfast and Ballymena Railway in 1847 - every NCC locomotive built between then and the end of steam in 1970 is described, together with information on diesel locomotives and railcars.
Price: 25.00

Lost Railways Of Co Down And Co Armagh. Ref: IR1046  

Johnson, S.
Small quarto landscape, 48 pages, album. Soft back.
Price: 7.50

Railways In Ireland. Part One. Ref: IR2298  

Great Northern, SL&NC, Lough Swilly, County Donegal, Cavan & Leitrim, Clogher Valley, C&VB.
Large, 112 pages, photos (some colour), maps, soft back.
Price: 13.95

Railways In Ireland. Part Two. Ref: IR2378  

Belfast & County Down, Northern Counties, Giants Causeway, Dundalk, Newry & Greenore, Ballycastle, Belfast Tramways, Cross Channel Shipping.
Large, 120 pages, photos (some colour), maps, soft back.
Price: 13.95

Railways In Ireland. Part Four. Ref: IR2911  

Great Southern & Western.
Large, 112 pages, photos (some colour), maps, soft back.
Price: 15.95

Smoke Amid The Drumlins. Ref: IR2252  

The Cavan and Leitrim in the 1950s.
Burges, A.
Medium landscape, 64 page album, soft back. **Irish Railway Photographer series.
Price: 8.99

Steam's Silver Lining. Ref: IR1072  

Cassells, J.
Medium, 76 pages, photos, map. Soft back. **A silver jubilee celebration of the trains of the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland 1964 - 1989.
Price: 4.95

Through Streets Broad & Narrow. Ref: IR1516  

A history of Dublin trams.
Corcoran, M.
Very large, 160 pages, some photo illustrations. Glazed boards.
Price: 19.99

West Clare Railway. An Irish Pictorial. Ref: IR1252  

Very large, 64 pages, soft back.
Price: 10.99

Online Catalogue |  New Books |  Regional Railways : Ireland


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