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All books catalogued in the last year. Not all these are listed elsewhere in the on-line catalogue.
Latest update 28 May 2019.


200 Years Of The Lancaster Canal. Ref: A3681  

An illustrated history.
Large, 168 pages, nice map, photo illustrations (much in colour), bibliography, hard back. ** The canal ran between Wigan and Kendal, via Preston and Lancaster; only in this century has it been connected to the national canal network. This is a new history of the canal, generously and interestingly illustrated.

Price: 25.00

The Atlas Of Railway Station Closures. Ref: A3628  

Very large, 153 pages, including 46 map pages, 30 pages of photo illustrations, remaining pages are the index, which includes closure date of each station, glazed boards. **A valuable new work of railway reference which maps all the standard gauge lines built in Britain and lists the dates when each line and every station was closed. The owner at closure is given, along with the name of the last pre-grouping owner.

Price: 25.00

The Book Of The King 4-6-0s. Ref: A3652  

Very large, 240 pages, glazed boards. **A pictorial history of the class with chronology, works visits, etc for each locomotive.

Price: 30.95

The Book Of The Southern Moguls Part One: N, N1 Classes. Ref: A3643  

Sixsmith & Derry.
Very large, 216 pages, many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **A 37-page general history of the class followed by tabulated histories of each locomotive. Excellent photos throughout.

Price: 29.95

The Book Of The Southern Moguls Part Two: U, U1 Classes. Ref: A3682  

Sixsmith & Derry.
Very large, 192 pages, many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **A 44-page general history of the class followed by tabulated histories of each locomotive. Excellent photos throughout.

Price: 29.95

The Book Of The Stanier 8F 2-8-0s Part One: Pre-War Engines 48000-48125 Ref: A3614  

Sixsmith & Derry.
Very large, 272 pages, many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **Time to re-state what the Book Of series is about. What you get is a general history of the class (it takes up 50 pages in this volume) followed by potted histories of each locomotive. There are lots of photos throughout, many of which are absolutely cracking.

Price: 28.95

Branch Lines To Chard. Ref: A3680  

Very large, 319 pages, photo illustrations including 32-page colour section, maps, including large scale maps of station areas, structure drawings, time table extracts, signal box diagrams, bibliography and list of sources, glazed boards. ** Chard was linked to the Great Western at Taunton by a thirteen mile branch - originally broad gauge - and to the LSWR main line three miles to the south of the town by a short standard gauge line. This is a very detailed history and description of working of both these branches, provided with some excellent photos and a fine set of drawings of the handsome joint station.

Price: 35.00

Britain's Railways In Wartime. Ref: A3645  

Large, 215 pages, photo and other illustrations, some colour, notes, bibliography, hard back. **As early as 1830 the Liverpool and Manchester Railway was pressed into transporting troops to the docks to embark for Ireland, but serious use of railways in support of armies developed later in Europe and - more famously - America. This book, however, is primarily concerned with railways on the home front in the first and second world wars, with only short chapters addressing the earlier years and overseas operations during the two world wars. It studies the multifarious effects of war on the British railway companies, and their various war efforts, and the use of railways, including their own, by the military. A final chapter deals at some length with railway war memorials, of which there is a 9-page gazetteer. The book is produced in association with the Railway Heritage Trust, who have a particular interest in ensuring the upkeep of war memorials.

Price: 30.00

British Military Railways Overseas In The Great War. Ref: A3623  

Compiled by the British Overseas Railways Historic Trust to mark the Centenary of the Great War.
Waters & Rainbow, eds.
Very large, 400 pages, drawings, maps and many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **Scholarly, in-depth history. The work covers railway operations in Belgium, France and Italy, the Levant, the Middle East, Africa, and southern ocean islands. There are chapters on locomotives and rolling stock, including armoured trains, on the aftermath of the war and on preservation of railways and stock. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Price: 50.00

British Rail Architecture 1948-97. Ref: A3625  

Very large, 239 pages, many photo illustrations, mono and colour, glossary, extensive bibliography, glazed boards. **In a worthy successor to his memorable British Rail Designed David Lawrence studies the progress and changing requirements of station architecture under the nationalised railway. The illustrations are generously provided from a range of sources - publicity material, contemporary illustrations and recent photographs.

Price: 35.00

British Railways Pre-Nationalisation Coaching Stock Volume 1. Ref: A3651  

Very large, 478 pages, illustrated throughout with drawings, brief photo section, bibliography, glazed boards. **This is a list of numbers of all the coaching stock that BR took over at nationalisation, arranged by type. The information given for each type comprises plan and elevation, lot, builder, length, weight and number and class of seats. The range is astonishing, from Churchward 4 wheeled Open Carriage Trucks to Gresley Vestibule Brake Third - Third Dining - Kitchen - First Dining - Brake First quintuplet articulated sets. Fascinating stuff.

Price: 40.00

British Railways Steam 1968. Ref: A3671  

The final chapters
Very large, 256 pages, photo illustrations, some colour, appendices, glazed boards. **Opening in January 1968, a personal account of the activities of four Bolton colleagues making the most of the final months of steam.

Price: 25.00

The Broad Gauge Engines Of The Great Western Railway Part 1. Ref: A3634  

1837 - 1840.
Very large, 144 pages, illustrated with large clear reproductions of contemporary locomotive drawings, other drawings, illustrations and photographs, appendices, glazed boards. **This promising series opens with detailed studies of the engines supplied for the opening of the line to Maidenhead and of Robert Stephenson's Star class.

Price: 22.50

The Changing Face Of British Railways. Ref: A3674  

Glen, A.
Very large, 336 pages, map and plan extracts, many photos and contemporary illustrations, much colour, glazed boards. **The growing interest in design history has already inspired several books on railway design. What's with this one? The nineteen pages of sources and references bear witness to the depth of research here: the author has studied not only the work of professional designers but the ways in which the designs functioned in the real world. Compromise was often necessary between design ideals and their manifestations. The impacts of design on many aspects of BR's activities - trains, stations, shipping, property development and catering - are explored in detail and new insights provided into the British post-war railway and public sector design more generally. Nicely produced and pretty good value.

Price: 29.50

Chesterfield To Lincoln. (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3637  

Including the Mansfield Railway.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, time table extracts, large-scale maps of station areas, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Cohen's. Ref: A3654  

A Northamptonshire railway graveyard.
Very large, 128 pages, pictorial, much period colour, lists, glazed boards. **This is mainly an album of steam and diesel locomotives and units in the course of or awaiting dismantling at the Cransley yard. There are also photos of buses, carriages and LT stock which were scrapped here. Fascinating pictures, and to avoid it being too depressing some views of the victims at work in happier days are interspersed. Other nice additions are a history of the firm and of the ironworks which preceded Cohens at the site, and a short chapter on Northamptonshire iron ore railways./nWe have so often passed this site in the angle of the A43 and the A14 and had no idea of its former glory, still less that it was once rail connected.

Price: 25.00

The Croesor Tramway. Ref: A3650  

A history of the tramways and quarries of Cwm Croesor.
Southern & Barrell.
Very large, 116 pages, photo illustrations, some colour, maps, softback. **The Croesor Tramway was one of several lines running from slate quarries to Porthmadog harbour. The most famous, of course, is the Festiniog Railway. However Croesor has an independent and interesting history, recounted here with many interesting photos, both ancient and modern.

Price: 18.00

Dalry Road Motive Power Depot, Edinburgh. Ref: A3679  

A history, 1848-1965.
Very large, 192 pages, photo illustrations, area maps, signalling diagrams, bibliography, glazed boards. ** This was the Caledonian Railway's mpd in Edinburgh, close to Princes Street station. It provided motive power for mineral and goods traffic and for passenger services including an intensive suburban service on the north and west sides of the city. This is a readable and well researched history and description of the depot and of its services.

Price: 25.00

Diss To Norwich. (Eastern Main Lines). Ref: A3621  

Including Bressingham Steam Museum.
Adderson & Kenworthy.
Medium, 96 pages, album : photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

England's Railway Heritage From The Air. Ref: A3647  

Very large, landscape format, 302 page album, hardback. ** Here are some 150 photographs from the Aerofilms archive reproduced one per opening with extensive notes opposite. The dates range from the 1920s to the 1990s (the latter to show preservation sites), and the images cover aspects of the railways including major city stations, works, viaducts, sheds, goods yards, offices and hotels. Fascinating; it is remarkable how much more informative an aerial photo is than an internet satellite view.

Price: 35.00

The Eyemouth Branch. Ref: A3616  

Medium, 192 pages, maps, track diagrams, structure drawing, photo and other illustrations, time table extracts, bibliography, soft back. **History of the first (and last) branch line in Scotland.

Price: 17.95

Gainsborough To Sheffield. (Eastern Main Lines). Ref: A3636  

Including Brigg and Torksey.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96 pages, album : photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Gazetteer Of The Coal Mines Of South Wales & Monmouthshire From 1854. Ref: A3632  

Includes a searcheable CD of colliery information.
Very large, 192 pages including 21 pages of maps and 122 pages of photos illustrations, bibliography, appendices, cd in rear pocket, glazed boards. ** The gazetteer itself, which provides a great deal of historical and other information about each mine, is on the cd which accompanies this book. The books contains maps of the area showing mines and their railways together with a large collection of handsome and interesting photos showing the mines and railways in their setting.

Price: 30.00

Great Western Railway Architecture In Colour Volume 1. Ref: A3615  

Buildings From Brunel To Beeching.
Very large, square format, 174 pages, pictorial, colour photos throughout, hard back. **Volume one of a two part survey of GWR architecture, this is a chronological study of station buildings. The illustrations are all colour photographs taken between the 1970s and the present and include many shots of details as well as overall views of the buildings. There is a useful section on the several paint colours used by the GW. An indispensible resource for anyone modelling the Great Western, but of keen interest to anyone with a liking for railway architecture and / or the GWR.

Price: 25.00

A History Of The Metropolitan Railway & Metroland. Ref: A3624  

Very large, 160 pages, generously illustrated with photos, maps, adverts etc, exhaustive bibliography, glazed boards. **There have been previous histories of the Met, and of Metroland. I think this is the first to chronicle both these ambitious and groundbreaking undertakings in the light of each other.

Price: 30.00

Hull To Hornsea & Withernsea. (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3668  

Plus The Spurn Head Railway.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, time table extracts, large-scale maps of station areas, glazed boards. **The Spurn Head section is exceptionally interesting. That strange and remote peninsula is well worth a visit.

Price: 18.95

Ifor Higgon's Cambrian Diary. Ref: A3613  

Very large, 72 page photo album, soft back. ** Ifor Higgon lived most of his life near Barmouth Junction. He was a railway enthusiast and keen and proficient photographer. Between 1924 and 1967 he produced over 1000 railway photos, mostly of the Cambrian line near his home, but later further afield, and to some of the narrow gauge lines. Here is a small selection of his best work, well captioned and with a five page biographical introduction.

Price: 10.00

Ilkeston To Chesterfield. (Midland Main Lines). Ref: A3667  

Including many collieries.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards. ** "The line runs up the deep Erewash valley as far as Pye Hill and the former colliery branches are shown in detail. A tunnel and high ground follows, with more collieries, plus other industries. The varied rolling stock is shown in detail." Pictures from Robert's photo collection are to be found throughout.

Price: 18.95

Illustrated History Of The Port Of Hull And Its Railways. Ref: A3626  

Fell, M.G.
Very large, 168 pages, photo and other illustrations, some colour, dock plans, track layout, soft back. **The author was Port Manager/Director at Hull until 2003. This history completes the trilogy begun with his books on Goole and King's Lynn. Again it is not intended as a definitive history, rather a description of Hull's docks and riverside installations and of the railways that connected them to the national network. It does, in fact, offer a considerable body of historical information, and is a lively portrait of the workings of an important port.

Price: 22.95

The Incredible Darjeeling 'B' Class. Ref: A3627  

A historical and continuing story.
Very large, 128 pages, pictorial : photos (much colour), drawings, diagrams, soft back. ** A comprehensive history of these locomotives, in use since 1889 and still at work.

Price: 22.50

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of Spain. Ref: A3649  

Medium, 518 pages, maps and site plans (some colour), photo illustrations (some period colour), hardback. **Lists the industrial railways of each province, giving a brief history of each company and a locomotive list. After this basic information the book gives lists of locomotives used in track maintenance and in major engineering projects including construction of new metros and RENFE high speed lines. Lastly there are also lists of locomotives known to have been built in Spain whose use and owners are unknown, and of preserved locomotives.

Price: 28.00

Journeys With A Camera. Ref: A3638  

Medium, unpaginated, pictorial, soft back. **Who needs page numbers? the book is 1.2 inches thick. It starts as a photographic memoir of the author's trainspotting and motor cycling days from the 1950s to the end of steam. Later the author developed an interest in diesel traction, industrial archaeology, abandonded railway sites, ships and aeroplanes, all of which he photographed enthusiastically. An idiosyncratic work, but the trips and visits are recounted with humour and useful background information; the photos are nostalgic, interesting and numerous.

Price: 18.00

Kerr, Stuart's Internal Combustion Locomotives. Ref: A3644  

Large, 146 pages, illustrated: photos, drawings, copies of paperwork, bibliography, list, hardback. **Kerr, Stuart built 25 diesel locomotives between 1928 and the company's winding-up in 1930, mainly narrow gauge. This is a history and description of these engines. It includes a substantial illustrated appendix covering earlier internal combustion engines built by the firm, some notes on other projects and a progress report on the restoration of No 4415 at the Festiniog Railway.

Price: 30.00

The King's Cross Story. Ref: A3670  

200 years of history in the railway lands.
Large, squarish landscape format, 215 pages, well illustrated with photographs, drawings, maps, some colour, bibliography, soft back with fold-in covers. ** "The area of King's Cross has witnessed a dramatic transformation, with a new city rising above, alongside and within some of the country's most compelling railway heritage. The former Railway Lands remain extraordinarily rich in historical features."

Price: 20.00

Little Giants. Ref: A3629  

A history of the Ffestiniog Railway's pre-revival locomotives, their mentors, manufacture and maintenance.
Jones & Dennis.
Very large, 592 pages, well illustrated with plans, maps, locomotive drawings, contemporary illustrations and photographs, some colour, bibliography, appendices, glazed boards. ** Surely the most substantial book I have catalogued in many a year, this history will be of great interest to all lovers of narrow gauge railways. Unarguably this book should be in at least two volumes and considerable space might have been saved by recording sources in end- or footnotes, but that may be its only fault. It is considerably more than a locomotive history; the origin and development of the line and its motive power has been researched in great depth and illustrated with some remarkable pictures.

Price: 60.00

The 'Little' North Western Railway. Ref: A3640  

Skipton - Lancaster - Morecambe - Heysham Clapham - Ingleton - Low Gill.
Large, 112 pages, well illustrated with photos, some maps, soft back. **Second, enlarged, edition of this study of the Skipton to Lancaster line and the branch from Clapham to Low Gill.

Price: 16.95

LNER Workshops. Ref: A3646  

Development, expansion and demise.
Very large, 226 pages, many photos (some period colour), maps, drawings, bibliography, glazed boards. **Studies Cowlairs, Darlington, Doncaster, Gateshead, Gorton & Dukinfield, Inverurie, Shildon & Faverdale, Stratford Works and Temple Mills and York and their roles in locomotive and rolling stock construction and maintenance under LNER ownership. The works' production of munitions during the second world war is also covered.

Price: 30.00

LNWR Wagons Volume Three. Ref: A3622  

Northedge (ed).
Very large, 210 pages, pictorial: large, clear drawings and photographs, hard back. **Produced by the LNWR Society. An engineering history aimed at modellers and restorers. This volume describes coal, coke and hoppered wagons, tramcar trolleys and brake vans. Many official Earlestown drawings, constructional details, photos of each subject across all eras.

Price: 42.50

A Detailed History Of The LMS Patriot 4-6-0s. Ref: A3641  

Including 5551 The Unknown Warrior.
Very large, 224 pages, illustrated with photos and drawings, 8 pages of period colour (some colour in 5551 section also), extensive lists, glazed boards. **Locomotives Of The LMS series. A narrative history of the class accompanied by comprehensive statistical, allocation, repair, livery etc etc data, mostly tabulated - a complete reference resource for the class. Photos used are previously unpublished ones, wherever possible.

Price: 24.95

London's Disused Railway Stations. Ref: A3669  

The East End.
Very large squarish format, 176 pages, many photo illustrations,some colour, drawings and maps, glazed boards. **Covers passenger stations in an area bounded on west and east by Broad Street and Blackwall, and north and south by Hackney and North Greenwich & Cubitt Town. Some fascinating photos here.

Price: 25.00

Loughborough To Ilkeston. (Midland Main Lines). Ref: A3660  

Featuring Ilkeston Town.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards. ** "After crossing the River Trent, the line follows the River Erewash for many miles. Being of Midland Railway origin this album contains many unique items of rolling stock and architectural details. The massive Toton yard is included along with several other recent changes to the route." Quite a few photos from Robert's collection grace the pages.

Price: 18.95

Mansfield To Doncaster. (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3619  

via Shirebrook & Shireoaks.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, time table extracts, large-scale maps of station areas, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

The Melbourne Military Railway Part One. Ref: A3630  

and the Derby to Ashby branch; historical background.
Very large, 192 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large-scale plans of station areas, glazed boards. ** During WW2 the War Department leased most of the branch from Derby to Ashby de la Zouch to provide a training ground for army railwaymen. This volume covers the history of the Ashby Canal Railway and the Midland / LMS line up to 1939; the second part will describe the operation of the line under the War Department.

Price: 25.00

North Eastern Railway Branch Lines : Lesser Railways Around Darlington. Ref: A3620  

Fighting Cocks, Croft Depot, Forcet and Merrybent Branches.
Very large, 96 pages, well illustrated with photos (a few in colour), drawings, signalling diagrams, station layouts, time table extracts, map, bibliography, soft back. **Useful line history.

Price: 12.95

A History Of North Eastern Railway Signalling. Ref: A3678  

2nd impression with minor corrections.
Mackay (editor).
Very large, 320 pages, illustrated with photos (some colour), structure drawings, signalling diagrams, extensive bibliography, glazed boards. **The history and development of railway signalling in north east England from the earliest waggon-ways to the highly complex installations of the first decade of the 20th century, continuing to 1922. It omits the Hull & Barnsley Railway (which has its own book) and private industrial lines after the formation of the NER.

Price: 27.00

Peebles Loop (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3639  

plus the Dolphinton, Penicuik and Polton branch lines.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

The Pentewan Railway. Ref: A3617  

Lewis & Messenger.
Very large, 128 pages, photo and other illustrations, maps, plans, hard back. **This fascinating line was opened in 1829 as a horse drawn tramway for carrying china clay, and converted to a narrow gauge steam railway in 1873. This is an updated version of M J T Lewis's original 1960 history, with additions by Michael Messenger. Lewis was also the author of the seminal Early Wooden Railways.

Price: 25.00

The Pilling Pig. Ref: A3672  

A history of the Garstang & Knott End Railway.
Very large, 112 pages, excellent coloured maps and station plans, structure drawings, signalling diagrams, photo illustrations, soft back. ** Good line history, including route description and details of operation and rolling stock.

Price: 15.00

Private Owner Wagons A Fifteenth Collection. Ref: A3676  

Pope & Turton.
Very large, 152 pages, many photo illustrations. Glazed boards. **Intended as the first of a new series, but Keith Turton found not only new photos but new identification of previously unknown GW wagons, so this volume is a combined effort. It contains short histories of some hundred or so businesses, together with details of their wagon fleets

Price: 22.50

Radio Caroline. Ref: A3609  

The pirate years. Revised and updated edition.
Humphries, R C.
Medium, 208 pages, some photo illustrations mostly the ships rather than personalities). Soft back. ** X77. "Pirate stations came and went but one name outlasted all the others: Radio Caroline, Britain's first and last offshore radio station. She survived storms, drifting, piracy, rebellion and the loss of her beloved ship, the Mi Amigo. This is her story and the story of the events which shaped popular music radio as we know it today."

Price: 18.95

Railway Cranes Volume 3. Ref: A3659  

Rail-mounted travelling cranes of Britain.
Very large, 224 pages, photo illustrations, some period colour, many good measured drawings, glazed boards. **This is the third of a definitive two-part (originally, anyway) work describing the origins, makers and use of cranes on the railways of Britain. The first two volumes covered breakdown cranes and the author had been encouraged to expand his field to include the remaining types of rail-mounted cranes capable of running on British main lines. These include hand-powered machines, steam cranes and a wide variety of diesel cranes. The types of work - accidents, commercial lifting and civil engineering are also examined. There are appendices listing crane builders, and specifications of many types of crane. There is also a list of sources and a few errata relating to volumes 1 and 2.

Price: 35.00

Grouping Britain's Railways. Creating the 'Big Four' in 1923. Ref: A3658  

Railways In Retrospect 7
Very large, 88 pages, photo illustrations, appendices, list of sources, soft back. ** The why, wherefore and politics of the forced amalgamation of numerous British railway companies into the LMS, GWR, SR and LNER after WW1. This is carefully researched, well written and thoroughly readable.

Price: 17.50

The Railways Of North East Lincolnshire A celebration of steam. Part One. Ref: A3657  

The engine sheds and their allocations.
Very large, 112 pages, pictorial : map, photos; listings, appendices, brief bibliography, softback. **A close study - with allocations - of the steam locomotives used on the lines around Grimsby, Immingham, Louth, Mablethorpe, Barnetby and New Holland from about the 1890s onwards (allocations from c1910).

Price: 18.95

The Ramsey East Branch. Ref: A3635  

Medium, 184 pages, photos, area map, drawings, track and signalling diagrams, time table extracts, tabulated bridge and crossing data, bibliography, soft back. **Comprehensive line history for this Huntingdonshire railway alternatively known as the Ramsey High Street Branch or the Ramsey and Somersham Junction Railway, a wealth of nomenclature for a seven mile line.

Price: 17.95

Sheffield Towards Manchester. (Northern Lines). Ref: A3610  

The Woodhead Route
Medium, 96 pages, album : photos, area map (from RCH), large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

The Shrewsbury & Welshpool Railway. Ref: A3633  

(including the Minsterley branch).
Very large, 96 pages, maps, track plans, photo illustrations, soft back. ** Well-illustrated line history.

Price: 12.00

Sir Sam Fay. Ref: A3618  

Railway manager elite.
Medium, 287 pages, photo illustrations, soft back. **Biography of Sir Sam Fay, a colossus among railway managers and celebrated as the General Manager of the magnificent Great Central Railway. Also documented is Fay's less well known, but prodigious, work as Director of Movements during the Great War. This involved management of rail, roads, canals and docks and the transport of war supplies.

Price: 12.99

The Southwold Railway. Ref: A3656  

Very large, 248 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large diagrams of station areas and junctions, signalling diagrams, time table extracts, structure, rolling stock and locomotive drawings, appendices, glazed boards. ** Detailed history of the narrow gauge line from Halesworth to Southwold, which operated between 1879 and 1929.

Price: 25.00

Steam In Europe 1894 - 1947. Ref: A3653  

The photographs of Lodewijk Derens.
Muller & Veenendaal.
Very large, 248 page album, map, bibliography, English text, glazed boards. **Derens took up railway photography in 1894 when he was a lad of about 14, and continued until WW2, a photo from 1947 is also included. Most of his pictures were taken in his native Holland, but he travelled in Belgium, France, Germany and Britain before and after WW1; there are some excellent photos of British railways including a fine study of the Euston Arch. The photographs are presented mostly one to a page, with copious annotation; the authors also provide a brief biography of Derens and a short history and map of the Dutch railways.

Price: 32.00

The Story Of Crossrail. Ref: A3648  

Wolmar, C.
Medium, 307 pages + 16 pages of colour illustrations, hard back. **It's not often a railway merits a history before it is even opened, but the genesis and gestation of Crossrail - or as future ages will know it, the Elizabeth line - have been an epic in their own right. Christian Wolmar, a transport journalist of the old school, provides a deep level insight into the politics, economics and exceptional engineering achievements of the project.

Price: 20.00

The Stratford-upon-Avon & Midland Junction Railway Volume 2. Ref: A3655  

The S&MJR, LM&SR, BR and MoD eras - 1909-2018.
Very large, 328 pages, photo illustrations including 56-page colour section, maps, appendices, glazed boards. ** Unlike its four impecunious constituents, the SMJ paid a dividend every year of its fourteen years of existence (1909-1923). After grouping the LMS developed the line as a cross-country freight artery; it had chequered fortunes under BR and was eventually closed except for a short length from Fenny Compton to the army base at Kineton, which last remnant of the SMJ remains open to this day. The full account of this history are followed by descriptions of locomotives and rolling stock, the route in close detail, and a survey of SMJ signalling.

Price: 35.00

Transition. Ref: A3683  

All change for British Railways.
Very large, square format album : 260 photos on approx 200 pages, hard back. **Magnificent album of black and white photos taken between 1961 and 1968 showing the last of steam on BR. The images are printed mostly one or two to a page in this large format which sets them off superbly, and the book is nicely produced too.

Price: 30.00

The Waverley Route. Ref: A3673  

Its heritage and revival.
Glen, A.
Very large, 144 pages, lavishly illustrated with map and plan extracts, many photos, much in colour, paper back. **A history of the line from Edinburgh to Carlisle, and of the building of its new incarnation from Edinburgh to Tweedbank, between Galashiels and Melrose.

Price: 18.50

WDLR Companion. Ref: A3642  

Further material covering the British 60cm gauge light railways that served the western front during the Great War.
Ronald & Link.
Very large, landscape, 183 pages, illustrated throughout with photographs, maps and drawings, silk ribbon marker, glazed boards. **Companion volume to WDLR Album, this compelling book takes a "top-down" approach to the history of the WW1 light railways to address two questions : How did the WDLR come to be implemented so quickly? and, How could its organisation - a major transport undertaking - disappear from the face of the earth in little more than a year from the Armistice? The book also includes the major part of the text of what is likely to be the missing report for which the photographs in WDLR Album were taken and a large portfolio of good clear scale drawings of WDLR rolling stock. An exceptionally interesting study, and - as a bonus - a nicely produced volume.

Price: 31.95

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