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All books catalogued in the last year. Not all these are listed elsewhere in the on-line catalogue.
Latest update 14 April 2018.


Berwick To Drem (Scottish Main Lines). Ref: A3542  

Including the Eyemouth and North Berwick branches.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, approximately 96 pages, album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

The Book Of The Crab 2-6-0s Part One: 42700-42809. Ref: A3588  

The LMS Hughes-Fowler 2-6-0s.
Very large, 288 pages, many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **Part Two will cover 42810-42944, and is expected in 2018.

Price: 28.95

Branch Line From Leek. Ref: A3538  

To the Manifold Valley.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Branch Line To Wirksworth. Ref: A3587  

Through the Ecclesbourne valley.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, time table extracts, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, glazed boards. **Mrs Humm's home patch, and there are several photos from Mr Humm's collection. But sadly we did not think to tell my little brother that the book was in preparation, so it does not have any photos from his cab ride to Wirksworth in a Class 47. There are also sections on the once famous Duffield Bank Railway, showpiece of Sir Arthur Heywood, promoter of the15" gauge, and the less well known Steeple Grange railway, a private 18" line still very much in operation at the Wirksworth end of the line.

Price: 18.95

Branch Lines North Of Grimsby. Ref: A3581  

Including Immingham.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, time table extracts, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, glazed boards. **An area rich in transport interest. The map and diagram of the Immingham dock railways is of a staggering complexity. There is also a section on the Grimsby and Immingham Electric Light Railway, the local tram operation.

Price: 18.95

Bridgescapes. Ref: A3608  

A personal journey through history celebrating Scotland's bridge-building heritage.
Large landscape, 184 pages, colour and mono photos, some line drawings, maps, bibliography, hard back. **This is not a railway book, but is likely to be of interest to many of our customers. It is a chronological survey of bridges and bridgebuilding in Scotland, beautifully illustrated with photographs by Lewis Matheson. Sketch maps show the sites of bridges in each chapter, grid references are also given. The text gives historical and technical background, and is - as the subtitle acknowledges - written from a personal point of view. It is a handsome production, and a snip at £18.

Price: 18.00

Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations. Ref: A3594  

Large, 326 pages, photo illustrations, mainly colour, maps, hard back. **A beautifully photographed survey of our finest railway stations, large and small. The writing is notably good - knowledgeable, earnest, and appreciative of the subject. The author remarks : It was tragic that the railway's commercial decline meant that the 1960s and 1970s condemned hundreds of stations to death at the very point when reaction against modernism was beginning and a new awareness of the quality of Victorian design emerging.

Price: 25.00

Miniature Railway Album. Ref: A3572  

England & Wales - one foot and above.
Large, square format, 112 page colour album, soft back. **This has been so popular I have been asked to return the cataloguing copy pronto as we are in danger of running out. First rate pictures of 30 of England and Wales's miniature lines from the 21" Blackpool Pleasure Beach Express (featuring 1933 diesel hydraulic locos masquerading as steam traction) to the delightful 12" Ruislip Lido Railway. Naturally the majority of lines are of the 15" gauge, and these include everyone's favourites - the majestic Romney Hythe & Dymchurch and the marvellously scenic Ravenglass & Eskdale (the Ratty to its friends).

Price: 14.95

British Rail Corporate Identity Manual. Ref: A3561  

Henning (editor).
Very large, 472 pages (some folding out), white cloth binding, hard back without jacket. ** This handsome and desirable book reproduces the pages contained in the four ring-binders of the BR Corporate Identity Manual. This stipulated the entire range of designs used in BR, from typeface to loco liveries, to staff uniforms, to layouts for correspondence and introduced the famous double arrow logo. A visual treat in full colour, and remarkable value for such a fine production.

Price: 45.00

British Railway History In Colour. Volume 3 : Gloucester Midland Lines Part 1 : North Ref: A3586  

Very large, 280 pages, period colour album with introductory essays to each chapter, maps, glazed boards. ** Another feast of unpublished colour material from the steam age, spanning the period from the late 1950s to the mid-1970s. This volume covers the Birmingham & Gloucester line south of Defford, the branches from Ashchurch to Evesham and Upton-on-Severn and Gloucester Eastgate station.

Price: 30.00

Coventry To Leicester. (Midland Main Lines). Ref: A3536  

Via Nuneaton and south to Rugby.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Crewe To Wigan. (Northern Lines). Ref: A3591  

Including Over & Wharton.
Medium, 96 pages, album : photos, area map (from RCH), large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Derby To Chesterfield. (Midland Main Lines). Ref: A3590  

including the Ashover Light Railway.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards. **Quite of few pictures from Robert's collection amongst this particularly fascinating selection.

Price: 18.95

Detailed History Of The Stanier Pacifics. Ref: A3584  

The Princess Royals, the "Turbomotive" and the Coronations.
Very large, 264 pages, illustrated with photos and drawings, 22 pages of (largely) period colour, extensive lists, glazed boards. **There is already a great deal of literature about these magnificent locomotives : to provide a fresh view the author has used contemporary material throughout the book, selecting only examples that are important in terms of the story of the pacifics. Alongside the narrative history there are comprehensive statistical, allocation, repair, livery etc etc data, mostly tabulated. The book provides a complete reference resource for these classes.

Price: 27.50

Directory Of The Railway Companies Of Great Britain. Ref: A3549  

Medium, 649 pages, glossary, bibliography, soft back. ** "The intention of this work is to assist the reader in identifying a railway, when it opened, where it went and what happened to it. It is not intended as a history of each company or a list of anecdotes". The directory includes lines:
  • Authorised by an Act of Parliament or a Light Railway Order (whether built or unbuilt)
  • Privately built but later incorporated into an authorised railway
  • Privately built but affected an authorised railway
It doesn't include unconnected industrial lines, miniature railways or street tramways (even those authorised by LRO). A useful reference tool, nicely laid out in clear type, it neatly summarises the origins of each railway and what, if anything became of it at the grouping. The entries for unbuilt railways are an interesting study in themselves. It's remarkably good value.

Price: 16.99

Eastleigh To Romsey And Salisbury. Ref: A3556  

Bray, N.
Very large, 114 pages, many photo illustrations, track and building plans, large area map, soft back. **A thorough line history and description of this important section of the railway network. The table showing the recent increase in passenger use is quite an eye-opener.

Price: 17.95

William Fairbairn The Experimental Engineer. Ref: A3583  

A study in mid 19th-century engineering.
Medium, 440 pages, photo and other illustrations from contemporary sources, chapter notes, appendices listing family, works, premises etc, exhaustive bibliography, hard back. **Fairbairn (1789-1874) was one of the greatest 19th century engineers, involved with the development of mills, waterwheels, steam engines, boilers, iron steamships, locomotives, iron bridges, cranes and elevators. This academic, but eminently readable, biography is the first produced of him for 140 years.

Price: 40.00

Flying Scotsman - the locomotive. Ref: A3595  

2nd edition, with 16 pages of new colour photographs.
Hughes, Benham & Nettleton.
Very large, 176 pages, photo illustrations (much period colour), bibliography, soft back: *A solid history of the nation's favourite locomotive from design and construction to the present day, taking in all changes of ownership, numbering and livery and covering her trips to America and Australia, illustrated by some fine photographs.

Price: 9.95

George Carr Glyn : Railwayman And Banker. Ref: A3574  

Medium, 487 pages + frontispiece and 32 pages of plates (some photos, mostly contemporary portraits and other illustrations), soft back. **Glyn, 1797-1872, was a member of the Glyn's bank family and also concerned himself with the railways, in particular the London & Birmingham and LNWR of which he was a director. A scholarly biography.

Price: 25.00

Great Northern Outpost Volume 2 : Ref: A3598  

The Halifax, Thornton & Keighley Railway (including the Halifax & Ovenden, and Halifax High Level lines).
Whitaker & Rapacz.
Medium landscape colour album, 112 pages, introduction, area map, glazed boards. **The work of a number of photographers is gathered here, one image to a page, and captioned by the authors who have a close personal knowledge of the area. Some more fascinating images of day to day life on the line.

Price: 19.95

Great Northern Railway Branches From Stamford. Ref: A3578  

Very large, 176 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large diagrams of station areas and junctions, signalling diagrams, time table extracts, structure, rolling stock and locomotive drawings, appendices, glazed boards. ** Detailed history of Stamford's branch lines to Essendine and Wansford, both long gone of course.

Price: 25.00

H C S Bullock His Life And Locomotives. Ref: A3569  

Medium, 128 pages, many photo illustrations (some colour), soft back. ** Updated and revised edition with many new and previously unpublished photographs. "Bullock is best known for building between 1931 and 1937 a series of twelve remarkable large passenger-hauling locomotives, later used on lines such as the Surrey Border & Camberley Railway. One reads with awe of running speeds of 40mph and 100-passenger loads - this on the 10¼" gauge."

Price: 11.95

Here Be Dragons. Ref: A3592  

A journey with steam to the end of the world.
Very large, 136 pages, photo illustrations, chiefly colour, maps, hard back. **Phil Girdlestone, who died untimely in 2016 at the age of 61, was a locomotive engineer, described by David Wardale in the foreword as "one of a small band of adventurers with steam for a vocation and anywhere in the world for a home - provided of course there was a steam railway nearby." Girdlestone chronicles his remarkable career, which started at the Festiniog in 1969 and took in Africa, Russia and South America, and describes his technical work in detail. A fascinating read.

Price: 33.95

A History Of The East Coast Main Line. Ref: A3582  

Jones, R.
Large, 240 pages, photo illustrations, some colour, diagrammatic map, soft back. ** Takes the history of the line from the end of the coaching era to the present, it covers route and locomotive history and includes a chapter on the National Railway Museum. The book is generously and imaginatively illustrated - there are three photos of Stamford alone, despite not being on the route (they are of coaching inns). A good read.

Price: 25.00

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of Cumberland. Ref: A3596  

Medium, 463 pages, maps and site plans (some colour), photo illustrations (some colour), hardback. **A survey of locomotive worked sites in the former county of Cumberland, arranged by company name. Locomotive lists and brief histories are given, along with many site and area plans. Additional information includes NCB, contractors' locomotives, preservation sites, non-locomotive worked sites, locomotive dealers, hirers, manufacturers and repairers. This book is well indexed by locomotives, owners and locations. Cumberland boasted some mighty collieries and iron and steel works, the limestone quarries were a sine qua non, but among these prevalent industries were others, including timber works, atomic energy and peat extraction. The remaining areas of Cumbria : Westmorland and Furness, will be covered in a second volume which will also include the Isle of Man. Essential reference for exploring the area.

Price: 35.00

Last Levers On The Fylde. Ref: A3606  

A commemoration and celebration of railway operation in the age of mechanical signalling.
Littleworth and others.
Very large, 192 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), maps, many signalling diagrams, appendices, glazed boards. ** Detailed analysis of traffic and signalling in the Fylde, up to the 1960s; includes many photos of boxes and equipment, time table extracts, etc. Remarkable value.

Price: 15.00

Leicester To Nottingham. (Midland Main Lines). Ref: A3605  

Also Syston to Melton Mowbray.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards. **The Syston to Melton section is the western end of our own line through Stamford. Among the main line pictures is one of the new GCR bridge being lowered into place at Loughborough, September 2017. There are also quite of few pictures from Robert's collection in the book.

Price: 18.95

Lincoln To Doncaster. (Eastern Main Lines). Ref: A3562  

Featuring Gainsborough.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96 pages, album : photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Lincoln. A Lincolnshire Railway Centre. Ref: A3563  

Medium, 48 pages, photo illustrations - some colour, maps, diagram, soft back. **One of a useful series of neat, well-illustrated local histories.

Price: 6.95

Locomotives And Railways Of The Mersey Docks & Harbour Board. Ref: A3589  

Very large, 104 pages, many photos, large plan of Liverpool docks and railways, other site and track plans from large scale maps, stock lists, soft back. **The Mersey Docks & Harbour Board railway was brought into being in 1904 following dissasisfaction by the ship-owners with the prices and inefficiency of the railway companies. The new system was highly organised and ran until 1973.

Price: 16.95

The London, Tilbury And Southend Railway. Volume 6 The Gravesend Ferry. Ref: A3602  

A history of the company and line.
Very large, 78 pages, illustrated with photos, large scale maps, structure drawings and diagrams, soft back. **The history of the LTSR at Tilbury, its various stations, docks and maritime services. Excellent and detailed local history. This history of the ancient ferry between Tilbury and the Gravesend confines itself to the period from the 1850s when it was owned by the railway company. The development, piers, ships and operation are all covered in depth and generously illustrated with some remarkable photos.

Price: 11.95

Northamptonshire Steam. Ref: A3535  

Large squarish colour album, 96 pages, map, glazed boards. **The county's railways in the last ten years of steam, set out line by line. This is rather more than an album : true it is simply a book of captioned photographs, but the captions are extensive, in some instances being a short essay. The photos are clear, colourful and naturally nostalgic although it has to be said that they by no means all contain a locomotive : there are some nice pictures of stations etc.

Price: 19.95

Nuneaton To Loughborough. (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3573  

and Ashby-de-la-Zouch to Derby.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Plymouth's Hidden Railways. Ref: A3585  

Over eighty independent railway systems, private sidings and contractors.
Medium, 168 pages, photo illustrations, maps, plans, diagrams, soft back with slightly oversized fold-in covers. **The Plymouth area boasted a myriad of private lines, ranging from a few yards long to systems of over twenty miles and serving quarries, contractors, industry and military sites. Line by line descriptions and data. Now out of print, last copy.

Price: 16.00

The Port Road. Ref: A3571  

The railway from Dumfries to Stranraer and Portpatrick and the branches to Kirkcudbright and Whithorn.
Very large, 320 pages, photo illustrations, maps, track plans, scale structure, rolling stock and locomotive drawings (some colour), glazed boards. ** "The jointest of all joint railways, this line, built through largely barren uplands to link the shortest sea route to Ireland with the main railway network, was owned by the MR, LNWR, G&SWR and the Caledonian. Here is an in-depth study of the line and its history, with a fund of useful information for historians and modellers alike.

Price: 30.00

Radio Caroline. Ref: A3609  

The pirate years. Revised and updated edition.
Humphries, R C.
Medium, 208 pages, some photo illustrations mostly the ships rather than personalities). Soft back. ** X77. "Pirate stations came and went but one name outlasted all the others: Radio Caroline, Britain's first and last offshore radio station. She survived storms, drifting, piracy, rebellion and the loss of her beloved ship, the Mi Amigo. This is her story and the story of the events which shaped popular music radio as we know it today."

Price: 18.95

Railway Guns. Ref: A3552  

British and German guns at war.
Large, 121 pages, many photos, diagrams, maps, bibliography, hard back. ** Railway guns were developed as a means of transporting massive long-range guns overland during the first world war. This books covers the guns, the locomotives that hauled them, the locations and targets and what it was like when firing took place.

Price: 19.99

The Saffron Walden Branch. Ref: A3554  

Medium, 232 pages, photos, area map, locomotive, rolling stock and structure drawings, track and signalling diagrams, time table extracts, tabulated bridge and motive power data, soft back. **Comprehensive reference and line history for this Essex railway, and notably the first Oakwood Press publication from the new regime, altogether in keeping with the previous house style.

Price: 18.95

Scottish Railways 1923-2016. Ref: A3607  

A history.
Very large, 256 pages, maps, photo illustrations, chronology, notes and sources, glazed boards. **A survey of how the Scottish system - legacy of the final five companies - has fared and functioned under a succession of government-imposed ownerships. The book is a natural sequel to the author's histories of the Scottish pre-grouping companies.

Price: 40.00

Slot Machines. Ref: A3555  

The history of cable-hauled street tramways in the British Isles.
Large, 66 pages, photo illustrations, some drawings, maps and plans from contemporary sources, soft back. **There have been eight cable-hauled street tramways in the British Isles, two in London, and one each in Edinburgh, Birmingham, Douglas, Matlock, Swansea and Llandudno. This book gives a history and describes the working of each. Most operated from the 1880s or 1890s to the early years of the twentieth century and have long been closed. The Great Orme Railway at Llandudno, however, continues to run and is eminently worth a visit both from its scenic and its operational interest. This is the book to read before you go.

Price: 25.00

Narrow Gauge & Miniature. Ref: A3599  

From the Stephenson Locomotive Society Archives (Vol 1).
Very large, 56 pages, photo illustrations and drawings, soft back. **thirteen archive articles on eight narrow gauge and miniature lines :Bure Valley; Leek & Manifold, Isle of Man, Talyllyn, Welshpool & Llanfair, Campbeltown & Machrihanish, Bari-Barletta tramway and one of the 2ft gauge locomotives Dugald Drummond built for the Glasgow Gas Works.

Price: 9.50

Eclectic Electrics. Ref: A3600  

From the Stephenson Locomotive Society Archives (Vol 2).
Very large, 63 pages, photo illustrations and drawings, soft back. **A collection of archive articles covering different forms of electric locomotive, the first of an intended series illustrating the development of this form of traction.

Price: 9.50

Southern Nouveau. Ref: A3557  

And the lineside.
Reeve & Tibble.
Very large, 392 pages, copiously illustrated with photos and drawings, glazed boards. **The Southern Railway inherited an incongruous set of buildings and other structures from its three consitituents and unsurprisingly decided to rationalise its house style. All replacements and new work, from signal boxes to fencing would be done using standard components produced by the company in reinforced and pre-stressed concrete. These were manufactured at the special concrete works at Exmouth Junction which provided not only components for larger structures but entire footbridges and huts. A wealth of illustration shows these buildings in great detail. Fascinating background for all interested in railway architecture and essential reference for modellers.

Price: 29.95

Southern Steam Operations 1966-67. Ref: A3579  

Very large, 336 pages, photos, allocations, diagrams etc, glazed boards. ** The final months of steam on the Southern Region. Some terrific pictures. Robert, who knew every back way into Eastleigh shed, was in raptures.

Price: 27.95

The Stratford-upon-Avon & Midland Junction Railway Volume 1. Ref: A3577  

The years before the S&MJR - 1866 to 1909 : the constituent companies.
Very large, 208 pages, photo illustrations, maps, appendices, glazed boards. ** The SMJ only existed as an independent company for fourteen years (1909-1923), but it had a lot of pre-history. The Northampton & Banbury Junction Railway had been set up in 1866 to bring ore from the Northamptonshire ironfields to South Wales, as was the East & West Junction Railway, but both ran into financial difficulties, along with the Evesham, Redditch & Stratford Junction Railway and the Stratford upon Avon, Towcester & Midland Junction Railway. The author chronicles the relationships between these impecunious companies and describes their locomotives, rolling stock and liveries.

Price: 25.00

The Swansea Vale Railway. Ref: A3567  

A Midland Railway outpost.
Miles, Thomas & Watkins.
Very large, 264 pages, photo illustrations, maps, plans, glazed boards. ** The authors produced a brief pictorial history of this line in 2004 :<<i>Midland Railway. Swansea Vale & Branches</i>>!! and have now assembled material for a full history, generously illustrated. The line ran from Swansea to Brynammon with several branches.

Price: 30.00

T E Williams The Lost Colour Collection Volume 2. Ref: A3601  

Very large landscape 124 page colour album, glazed boards. **Some terrific colour shots of steam at work in BR days, largely but by no means exclusively Western Region. One to a page, quite rightly.

Price: 24.95

The Taunton To Barnstaple Line. Volume 2 The Route, Stations And Signalling. Ref: A3604  

A history of the Devon & Somerset Railway.
Very large, 236 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large-scale maps of station areas, signalling diagrams, appendices including traffic statistics, glazed boards. ** A broad gauge line, operated initially by the Bristol & Exeter Railway. This volume provides a description of the route and stations, locomotives, signalling, operation and notable events.

Price: 25.00

Track Atlas Of Mainland Britain. Ref: A3593  

Third edition.
Very large, iv pages of preliminaries: key map, legend etc, + 159 map pages (coloured), + 26 page index, glazed boards. ** A comprehensive geographic atlas showing the present rail network of Great Britain.

Price: 27.95

The Tredegar Company Ref: A3566  

One of the South Wales Coalfield's 'Big Three'.
Very large, 208 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. ** The Tredegar Company earned its wealth from iron and coal. This detailed history of the concern and its industries from early nineteenth century beginnings to NCB ownership is a sequel to the author's Peerless Powell Duffryn (W3015).

Price: 25.00

Uttoxeter To Macclesfield. Ref: A3568  

Via Leek.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards. **Country Railway Routes series.

Price: 18.95

Vanished Railways Of West Lothian. Ref: A3539  

Very large, 256 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. ** West Lothian (Linlithgowshire) was rich in minerals - oil-bearing shale, coal, limestone, fireclay and iron ore. By the early 1900s the county was criss-crossed by four main railway lines and a myriad of branch lines serving these industries, which of course also had their own network of private standard and narrow gauge railways. With three first-rate books on Scottish railway history under his belt* Harry Knox comes up with a detailed and absorbing study of the railways of one of Scotland's smallest counties.
*Scottish Shale Oil Industry & Mineral Railway Lines (SC3051) and the two Edinburgh MPD histories : Haymarket Motive Power Depot, (SC2863) and St Margaret's (SC3351).

Price: 25.00

The Wantage Tramway. Ref: A3576  

Very large, 94 pages, pictorial with many photos, maps, scale drawings, chronology, soft back. **The classic history of the well-loved Wantage Tramway was by S Pearce-Higgins and is long out of print. In 1981 Nicholas de Courtais produced a book he describes as a pictorial complement to the classic work; this is the second, enlarged, edition of de Courtais' book, incorporating fresh information and photographs.

Price: 18.95

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