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All books catalogued in the last year. Not all these are listed elsewhere in the on-line catalogue.
Latest update 25 November 2021.


Alnmouth To Alnwick, Coldstream and Berwick (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3850  

Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, gradient diagram, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Alnmouth To Berwick. (Eastern Main Lines). Ref: A3822  

Including the Seahouses and Tweed Dock branches.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, large scale station maps, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

The Barnstaple And Ilfracombe Railway. Ref: A3859  

Medium, 136 pages, many photos, maps, timetable extracts, appendices, soft back. **Third edition of this detailed line history, with new photographs added.

Price: 15.95

The Blue Pullman Story. Ref: A3807  

Fully revised and unabridged.
Robertson & Smith.
Very large, 390 pages, many photos: some colour, glazed boards. **This definitive history of the Midland Blue Pullman consolidates Kevin Robertson's Blue Pullman (2005), Blue Pullman Supplement (2009) and Blue Pullman Pictorial (2012) including much new material which has come to light since those days.

Price: 40.00

The Book Of The B17 4-6-0s. Ref: A3839  

61600 - 61672.
Coster, P J.
Very large, 200 pages, many photo illustrations, tabulated data, glazed boards. Individual histories of these engines.

Price: 29.95

The Book Of The Stanier 8F 2-8-0s. Part Three: From Crewe To Swindon Via Horwich 48301-48439 Ref: A3810  

Sixsmith & Derry.
Very large, 304 pages, many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **The class history for the Stanier 8Fs is in Part One; here are individual histories of engines built at Crewe, Horwich and Swindon 1943-44 for work in Britain.

Price: 30.95

The Book Of The Stanier Three Cylinder 2-6-4Ts. Ref: A3811  

42500 - 42536.
Very large, 192 pages, photo illustrations, glazed boards. **The London Tilbury & Southend locomotives. 60 page class history followed by individual loco histories with their record cards transcribed and tabulated. Many fine photos.

Price: 29.95

British Railway History In Colour. Volume 8 : Warwickshire Western Region Lines Part 1. Ref: A3806  

Fenny Compton To Snow Hill.
Very large, 304 pages, period colour album with introductory essays to each chapter, maps, glazed boards. ** More wonderful colour photos from the 1950s to 1970s. This volume covers BR Western Region in Warwickshire in three sections: Fenny Compton to Warwick, Budbrook to Solihull and Solihull to Snow Hill.
Where, you might ask, are volumes 5, 6 and 7? Have we missed them? No, it is just that Volume 8 has got ahead of the rest; the publishers have promised us Volume 5 (Gloucester To Swindon And Branches) in summer 2021.

Price: 30.00

British Railways : The First 25 Years. Volume 11 North Wales, Chester And The Wirral. Ref: A3833  

Allan & Murray.
Very large, 208 pages, album with area maps and notes, detailed captions, glazed boards. **Volume 11 of this notable series keeps up the standard of sharp clear photos, two to a page and showing an excellent variety of locations, locomotives and other motive power, all expounded with well researched captions.

Price: 22.50

Brush Diesel & Electric Locomotives 1980-2020. Ref: A3809  

Very large, 184 pages, photo illustrations (mostly colour), extensive lists, glazed boards. **The story of Brush locomotives built since 1980, including rebuilding, re-engineering and renovation of other locomotives.

Price: 24.50

Built In Britain. Ref: A3852  

The independent locomotive manufacturing industry in the nineteenth century.
Very large, 221 pages, illustrated with photos (some colour) and images from contemporary sources, chapter references, list of independent workshops, bibliography, glazed boards. **The first comprehensive study of this important subject, Dr Bailey's research covers the development of the locomotive market from 1825, technology, design and manufacturing, management, industrial relations and administration. The tabular list of workshops (there are 108) is arranged by town (57) and includes valuable information for further study.
Endorsed by the presidents/chairman of the Newcomen Society, RCHS and SLS in a joint foreword : ... a triumph of business and engineering history, beautifully illustrated with telling drawings and photographs, well supported with statistical evidence and scrupulously referenced. Without doubt the best railway book of 2021.

Price: 30.00

The Campbeltown & Machrihanish Light Railway Ref: A3849  

LP 249
Medium, 136 pages, maps, track diagrams, locomotive and rolling stock drawings, photo and other illustrations, bibliography, soft back. **"Scotland too had a narrow gauge railway as fine as anything in the south", and so popular has its history been that it is now in its third edition, using the text of the second edition (1993) with minor updates and new photographs.

Price: 15.95

A Celebration Of Gresley A1 And A3 Pacifics. Ref: A3812  

Very large landscape, 144 page album, glazed boards. **The second of this new series of albums depicting some of the best-loved steam classes. Fine black and white photos of A1s and A3s at work, one to a page, keep up the standard set by the Coronation volume.

Price: 25.95

A Celebration Of BR Standard Pacifics. Ref: A3834  

Britannias, Clans and Duke Of Gloucester.
Very large landscape, 144 page album, glazed boards. **The third of this new series of albums depicting some of the best-loved steam classes. Fine black and white photos of BR Standard 4-6-2s, one to a page, in chronological order starting with the batches of each class as built. The emphasis is on the engines in service and all engines are illustrated at least once (71000 is x 6).

Price: 27.95

Chesterfield To Rotherham (Northern Lines). Ref: A3823  

Via Sheffield.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Decauville Steam Locomotives. Ref: A3855  

A works list.
Clingan & Lanham, revised & enlarged by Fresné & Down.
Very large, 156 pages, illustrations from Decauville catalogues, parallel text in English and French, glazed boards. **This new edition includes detailed information on the Decauville Type 17 design and its Kerr, Stuart variants, the 'Joffre' and 'Haig' classes. This and a history of the company occupy the first 42 pages, the remainder of the book contains the works lists themselves, giving works and boiler numbers, dates, type, weight, gauge, purchaser and given names and numbers.

Price: 35.00

F W Webb's Three-Cylinder Compounds. Ref: A3804  

Very large, 268 pages including 8 pages of colour plates, many photo illustrations, scale locomotive and engineering drawings, appendices, hard back. **Many years research into the LNW archives has gone into this history of the development of Webb's compound engines, which records engineering improvements and day to day performance and endeavours to counter the "ill-informed myths and sheer nonsense" that dogged these remarkable locomotives.

Price: 30.00

Final Journey. Ref: A3856  

The untold story of funeral trains.
Large, 304 pages, well illustrated with photographs, some recent colour, gazetteer, extensive bibliography, endnotes, index, soft back. **This is an unexpected aspect of railway history - the London Necropolis Company's railway is well known but the general use of railways (and trams) to carry coffins has not been much studied. While we remember the funeral trains of royalty and of VIPs like Sir Winston Churchill it may not be realised that ordinary people also made their last journeys by train, the service only ceasing in the 1980s; indeed ceremonial funeral transport still continues on heritage railway. This is a wide-ranging study of the social and operating aspects of funeral trains and includes a section on rolling stock and equipment.

Price: 20.00

From Hereford To Three Cocks Junction. Ref: A3832  

The Hereford, Hay and Brecon Branch. OL 166.
Medium, 104 pages, photo illustrations, maps, station plans, signalling diagrams, good bibliography, soft back. **Nicely done line history, thorough yet commendably consise.

Price: 13.95

Gorton Tank. Ref: A3847  

A pictorial review of the Gorton Locomotive Works, Manchester. 1847-1963.
Very large, 296 pages, profusely illustrated with official and unofficial photos, locomotive and structure drawings, site plan, short bibliography, glazed boards. **Originally the works of the MS&LR, Gorton works was owned successively by the Great Central, LNER and BR and was one of the finest locomotive workshops in the country, according to the author who worked there. His closely researched book is a review of the locomotive works itself, not just of its products (which are, of course, included).

Price: 30.00

Great Northern Outpost. Volume 3. Ref: A3803  

Faded glory. The Bradford, Queensbury, Halifax, Thornton & Keighley lines.
Large landscape, 112 page colour album, map, soft back. **Haunting period colour pictures, mostly one to a page, of freight and passenger operations by British Railways, infrastructure and landscape.

Price: 19.95

Harwich Ferries. Ref: A3842  

Parkeston Quay under railway ownership. New revised edition.
Brown, S.
Very large, 292 pages, well illustrated with photos, plans etc, some colour, alphabetical fleet list with statistics and brief history of each ship, soft back. **A very detailed history of the port of Harwich, and particularly Parkeston Quay, eventually the most versatile of British ports. At no other port was there such a variety of passenger ferries, freight and container ships, train ferries and car boats. The book takes the story to 1990.

Price: 22.95

Great Northern Railway Branches Hatfield To Hertford. Ref: A3843  

Very large, 280 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large diagrams of station areas and junctions, signalling diagrams, time table extracts, rolling stock and locomotive drawings, lists of level crossings, bridges and culverts, short bibliography, glazed boards. ** Detailed history of the line from Hatfield to Hertford via Welwyn Garden City.

Price: 30.00

The History And Development Of Railway Signalling In The British Isles. Volume 5. Ref: A3837  

Train detection and control.
Pinkstone & Peart.
Very large, 176 pages, photo illustrations and diagrams, several appendices including abbreviations, glossary, biographical notes, bibliography etc, hard back: *Another excellent work in this magisterial series, everything you could wish to know about track circuits, axle counters, ATC, AWS and other means of detecting trains and warning their crews of danger.

Price: 30.00

Horwich Locomotive Works Re-Visited. Ref: A3825  

Very large, 192-page album, glazed boards. **This is an update of the author's earlier work Horwich Locomotive Works which is now out of print. It is a terrific photographic history of the Works.

Price: 20.00

The Hull & Barnsley Railway Volume 1. Ref: A3816  

Formation and the early years.
Very large, 230 pages, generously illustrated with photos, contemporarary illustrations, double page line map, glazed boards. ** Conceived to carry coal from the south Yorkshire collieries to the port of Hull the company had a rough and at times dramatic start before settling down to a settled, indeed profitable, existence. As well as the history up to 1899 this volume has chapters on the Alexandra Dock, the company's passenger stations, the locomotives and the rolling stock.

Price: 25.00

The Hull & Barnsley Railway Volume 2. Ref: A3817  

Expansion, pride, prosperity, eclipse.
Very large, 318 pages, generously illustrated with photos, contemporarary illustrations, double page line map, glazed boards. ** Volume 2 of this history chronicles the fortunes of the railway into the twentieth century : amalgamation with the NER and the grouping. There are also chapters on Springhead Works, major sheds, the Denaby and Wath branches, signalling and accidents, King George Dock and Neptune St depot in Hull. Some terrific images in both volumes.

Price: 35.00

Hull To Scarborough. (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3854  

Including the Filey Holiday Camp branch.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards.
Dedication This album is dedicated to my dear friend and longtime co-author, Vic Mitchell, who sadly passed away at the beginning of 2021. We worked together for some 40 years producing over 300 titles in the Middleton Press series, evolving the 'ultimate rail encyclopedia'. Vic's enthusiasm was tireless, and I am sure he would wish that this legacy continues.

Price: 18.95

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of County Durham Part 3. Ref: A3829  

The fluorspar industry, contractors, dealers and preservation.
Medium, 280 pages, illustrated with photos (some colour), 21 pages of coloured maps and plans, glazed boards. **Comprehensive account of Durham's industrial railways and locomotives, together with the history of the sites which they served. i> Parts 1 and 2 now out of print.
Price: 35.00

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of The Northumberland Coalfield. Ref: A3802  

Waywell & Holroyde.
Medium, 390 pages, maps and site plans (colour), photo illustrations (some colour), hardback. **A survey of locomotive worked mines in Northumberland, divided into (1) private coal companies where locomotives were used, (2) NCB and (3) private small mines. Brief histories and descriptions of the mines are followed by locomotive lists and - usually - photos and site and area plans. The book is thoroughly indexed by locomotives, owners and locations. Essential reference for exploring the area.

Price: 30.00

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of Leicestershire & South Derbyshire. Ref: A3814  

Reprint of the 2006 edition.
Etherington & Bendall.
Medium, 169 pages + 7 pages of maps (some colour), glazed boards. **Descriptions of a variety of industrial railways and the industries they served in Leicestershire and Derbyshire south of the Trent. The railways associated with mineral extraction feature prominently: in the west and in S Derbyshire it was coal; in the east it was ironstone; in the central area, granite and stone. A general distribution of light engineering, public utilities and a locomotive builder complete the picture.

Price: 29.95

Irish Narrow Gauge Album. Ref: A3813  

Very large, 224 pages, pictorial: photos, area maps, glazed boards. **Not just a photo album, but also an anthology of writing on the various (and they were) Irish narrow gauge railways, with an erudite historical introduction by the compiler. J I C Boyd, George Behrend and of course the compiler's father, Patrick Whitehouse, are among the authors included.

Price: 25.00

The Little Eaton Gangway And Derby Canal. Ref: A3826  

LP71, third edition.
Medium, 80 pages, illustrated with photos and maps, bibliography, soft back. 3rd edition, revised. **Canal and early plateway bringing coal from Denby to Derby.

Price: 13.95

Liverpool & Manchester Railway Atlas. Ref: A3808  

Very large, 186 map pages + unpaginated (c50 pages) station and site index, glazed boards. A new atlas by the master of the indispensible London and Birmingham & West Midlands atlases. This one covers an area bounded by the Irish Sea and the Pennines north from Buxton as far as Fleetwood and provides the same detailed mapping to be found in the earlier atlases. The detail embraces tracks and platforms and overall provides a diagrammatic representation of the area's railway history. All maps give current and past track detail with dates, and the index gives opening and closure dates and other details. As well as the railway network the atlas maps the many past and present tramway systems of the area.

Price: 30.00

Locomotives Of The Great Southern & Western Railway. Ref: A3835  

Clements, McMahon & O'Rourke.
Very large, 284 pages, illustrated with photos and locomotive drawings, loco lists, tabulated data, glazed boards. **The GS&WR grew to be the largest independent company in Ireland, with a complex motive power story. This impressive book catalogues every locomotive that was operated by the company, providing dimensional details, drawings and photograph and analysing the patterns of construction, rebuilding and renewal. The locomotive stock of the companies taken over by the GS&WR 1866 - 1901 are also included.

Price: 35.00

Locomotives Of The Isle Of Wight Railways. Ref: A3838  

Cooper & others.
Very large, 160 pages, many photos: colour throughout, glazed boards. **The author worked as an on-train technician for Network Rail between 2002 and 2012. He took his camera wherever he went and recorded the trains, the equipment and the people - this lucid description of the work involved is therefore singularly well illustrated.

Price: 25.00

Locomotives Of The Liverpool And Manchester Railway. Ref: A3828  

Large, 291 pages, illustrated with contemporary drawings and prints, some modern diagrams and photographs, tabulated loco details, bibliography, end notes, hard back. **A scholarly history of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway's fleet of engines, compiled from archival sources and supplemented by the author's experience of operating replica early locomotives. As well as the development of the locomotives, including some interesting technological dead ends, the study includes the locomotive men, the sheds and workshops and the rolling stock. An indispensible book - without doubt it will be a classic for years to come.

Price: 30.00

London's Disused Railway Stations. Ref: A3846  

Inner South East London.
Very large squarish format, 128 pages, many photo illustrations, some colour, maps, glazed boards. **Covers passenger stations in an area roughly bounded by Blackfriars, Greenwich Park and East Brixton. Includes the Waterloo Necropolis stations and Blackfriars Bridge. Some more fascinating photos.

Price: 19.95

London's Disused Underground Stations. Ref: A1170  

Very large, 128 pages, colour and black & white photos, plans, glazed boards. **The present issue of this perennially and deservedly popular book is a new impression although there is no mention of this in the publishing data. There are in fact only 26 stations, not surprising as there can be few places in London where a station is de trop. These range from the famous Down Street to the unheard-of South Acton (well I'd never heard of it and I lived there). Each station gets a history and a selection of engrossing photos. Super book.

Price: 19.95

Narrow Gauge In The Former Yugoslavia. Ref: A3805  

Narrow Gauge Album No 5.
Medium, square format, 119 page colour album, glazed boards. **21st century narrow gauge steam in the Balkans. The earliest photos here date from 2005, when there were still steam locomotives operating in coal extraction sites - the last working steam in Europe. This provides many of the excellent photos in the album; there are also pictures of static preserved locos and of the lovely Šargan 8 line, now a tourist railway.
Author's profits from the sale of this book are donated to help support the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway during the Covid 19 crisis.

Price: 19.95

Northamptonshire Narrow Gauge Railways In The 1960s. Ref: A3824  

Very large, 96-page album with introduction and detailed captions, some period colour, map, soft back. **Mostly industrial railways, and what a wide variety there were in Northants. A fascinating survey.

Price: 24.95

Nottingham To Mansfield. (Midland Main Lines). Ref: A3821  

The Midland & Great Northern Railway routes to today.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards. **The late and much-missed Vic Mitchell's final work.

Price: 18.95

The Peak Forest Tramway. Ref: A3819  

Including the Peak Forest Canal. LP38.
Medium, 80 pages, illustrated with photos and maps, very detailed chronology, soft back. 4th revised edition. **The canal and tramway were built in the late C18 - early C19 to bring limestone from the peak district to Manchester, a fascinating operation.

Price: 13.95

Piercing The Pennines. Ref: A3853  

Heroic railways linking Lancashire and Yorkshire.
Large, 127 pages, map, photo illustrations, hardback. **Nicely illustrated history of the railway tunnels between Walsden and Littleborough (Summit), and at Woodhead, Standedge, Totley and Cowburn, opening with a short examination of pioneering canal tunnels in the area.

Price: 19.99

Rails Across The Sea / Sporen over de Zee. Ref: A3841  

The Harwich - Zeebrugge train ferry story / Het verhaal van het treinveer Harwich - Zeebrugge.
Very large, 80 pages, English and Flemish text, copiously illustrated with photos, maps and plans, soft back. ** "A long overdue history of the train ferry service between Harwich and Zeebrugge, its precursers and its legacy." The author was the BR Rolling Stock Inspector at Zeebrugge, so there is plenty of inside information and a fine collection of fascinating photos.

Price: 14.95

Rails Through Connemara. Ref: A3848  

The Galway-Clifden Railway. LP250.
Medium, 192 pages, photos, maps, time table extracts, locomotive lists and drawings, rolling stock drawings, soft back. ** A natural follow-up to the author's history of the railway from Westport to Achill, this is a history and description of the line and its operation.

Price: 15.95

Railway Memories No 31. Retford, Worksop & Sherwood Forest. Ref: A3836  

Large, 112 pages, pictorial, map, station layouts, soft back. **A collection of steam-era black and white photos from the Dukeries.

Price: 16.99

The Railways Of Manchester. Ref: A3840  

The evolution and development of the city's railways.
Very large, 272 pages, photo illustrations (much in colour), maps, glazed boards. **A thorough examination of the railways, trains, tramways, stations, depots and railway builders of the region over two centuries, including many industrial and narrow gauge lines. A tour de force, with some fine photographs, essential reference and very readable. Should be on everyone's bookshelves.

Price: 40.00

The Railways Of North East Lincolnshire A celebration of the days of steam. Part Four. Ref: A3857  

Comforts and fish.
Very large, 144 page album : photos, mainly 3 to a page interspersed with working timetable extracts; area map, brief bibliography, softback. **This part is intended to the steam locomotive and train outside the shed and station and is a study of operations. Comforts and Fish refer to excursion and goods traffic respectively, Fish being self-explanatory and Comforts deriving from "come for't day".
A fifth part, provisionally titled The World Beyond Wrawby, and concerning the coming of the diesels is also planned.

Price: 19.95

The Rishworth Branch. Ref: A3827  

LP 174.
Medium, 80 pages, photos, maps, soft back. **History of the Lancashire & Yorkshire branch from Sowerby Bridge reprinted.

Price: 13.95

Scottish Railway Atlas Then And Now. Ref: A3861  

Smith & Jordan.
Very large, 144 pages, 42 pages of colour maps, extra photos, illustrated index, glazed boards. **This atlas is based on the Official Railway Map of Scotland produced by the Railway Clearing House in 1920, just before the grouping took place. The map is divided into 20 sheets, one to a page and placed opposite a map of the same area showing the network as at 1 January 2021. There are also enlargements for Edinburgh and Glasgow showing the 1/1/21 system (including Edinburgh trams). Setting this atlas apart is the Index of Stations which includes a snip of the OS late C19 25" map or a small modern photo of most stations plus a brief chronology; this section accounts for some 86 pages. Further sections include mpds and preservation. Absolutely vital reference work and great value.

Price: 20.00

The Somerset & Dorset Railway. Ref: A3851  

Bath To Bournemouth. The main line and branches.
Very large, 336 pages, album with brief line history, many photos, station track plans, signalling diagrams, reproductions of large scale ordnance survey maps, glazed boards. **A feast of Somerset & Dorset photos, covering the entire system and given context by large track and signalling diagrams.

Price: 35.95

Stamford's Industrial Past. Ref: A3858  

An untold story.
Very large, 172 pages, photo, maps and other illustrations, soft back. **Here's a book which clearly should be on every bookshelf in Stamford, but it will please anyone interested in industrial history. Anyone who supposed Stamford was just a pretty face of Georgian buildings will be surprised to learn of its heavy engineering industry. Other industries included plastic, textiles, brewing and printing. The book also covers the various transport and public services in the town (the photo of Stamford railway station dates back to when our shop was there). The photos and maps are well chosen and full of interest. Also it is terrifically good value for a substantial book.

Price: 14.95

The Stratford-upon-Avon And Midland Junction Railway. Ref: A3818  

A pictorial survey. PS12.
Very large, 96 page album section, photos, maps, soft back. **A detailed photographic record of the lines and structures, some post closure, some with working trains, made by the late Stephen Thompson in 1961, presented with historical notes, details of component companies and a locomotive list. Some excellent photos here.

Price: 20.00

Train Ferries Of Europe. Ref: A3831  

Very large, 288 pages, well illustrated with photos, maps, ship diagrams, train deck plans etc, glazed boards. **Not before time the compelling history of the train ferry is brought up to date. This welcome volume encompasses, with technical and operational detail, the story of more than 100 train ferries in Europe; a history going back to 1850, when the first train ferry crossed the Firth of Forth (and remnants of it may still be seen).
A companion volume covers train ferries beyond Europe.

Price: 35.00

Train Ferries Of The Americas, Asia & Africa. Ref: A3830  

Very large, 192 pages, well illustrated with photos, maps, ship diagrams, train deck plans etc, glazed boards. **First point to note here is that Australasia is included, despite the title. The book encompasses, with technical and operational detail, the story of more than 300 train ferries outside Europe; a history going back over the last 170 years - and it is a fascinating one which has all but disappeared.
A companion volume covers the train ferries of Europe.

Price: 25.00

Wennington To Morecambe And Heysham. (Northern Lines). Ref: A3845  

Via Lancaster.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

The Witham To Yatton Branch. Ref: A3860  

The story of the East Somerset Railway and the Cheddar Valley Railway. LP251.
Medium, 208 pages, many photos, map, track diagrams, timetable extracts, appendices including industrial locomotive lists and BR allocations, soft back. **A detailed history of a line of complex origins.

Price: 15.95

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