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Latest Arrivals section

All books catalogued in the last year. Not all these are listed elsewhere in the on-line catalogue.
Latest update 1 July 2023.


Birkenhead Railways. Ref: A3919  

A photographic history.
Merseyside Railway History Group.
Very large, 168 page album, diagramatic map, glazed boards. ** Period black & white photos of:
GWR and LNWR joint line (Mollington to Birkenhead Woodside),
Birkenhead Docks Extension Railway,
Birkenhead Docks,
MDHB Cross-Dock route and the Mersey and Wirral Railways (Rock Ferry to Birkenhead North)
with a brief introduction to each section.
Price: 25.00

The Bolivar Railway And The Aroa Copper Mines. Ref: A3917  

A company and railway history of copper mines and railway undertakings in Venezuela.
Very large, 258 pages, illustrated: photos, drawings, maps, copies of paperwork, bibliography, hardback. ** Very little has been written in English on the railways of Venezuela, which is surprising as most were built with British capital and remained in British hands until after the second world war. This is a story, then, of British enterprise in railways, mining and maritime activities beset by government interference, revolution and inhospitable, disease-ridden terrain. It will please anyone interested in British involvement in developing overseas railways and, more generally, to those wanting to learn more about the management structure, operations and finance of British companies in South America.
Price: 45.00

The Book Of The Stanier 8F 2-8-0s. Part Five: Southern, LNER And Late Arrivals 48634-48755. Ref: A3903  

Sixsmith & Derry.
Very large, 288 pages, many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **The final volume on this class. The class history for the Stanier 8Fs is in Part One; here are more individual histories of engines. The Late Arrivals were a handful on locos returned to Blighty from Egypt, used briefly at Longmoor and Cairnryan and then sold to BR.
Price: 34.95

Bradford Railways In Colour Volume 4 : Ref: A3902  

The Midland lines after steam.
Whitaker & Rapacz.
Medium landscape colour album, 112 pages, introduction, area map, glazed boards. **Fourth of a planned series of three, high-quality colour photos of the area by various photographers, collected, arranged and knowledgeably captioned by the authors.
Price: 21.95

The Brighton Line. Ref: A3879  

Brighton to Coulsdon North : a signalling perspective.
Very large, 360 pages, signalling diagrams, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. **The development of the LBSCR from Brighton to Coulsdon North with - as the author is a signalling engineer - a natural focus on signalling.
Price: 45.00

British Industrial Steam In The 1960s. Ref: A3890  

The collected industrial colour photography of Terence Dorrity.
Very large, 224 page colour album, glazed boards. ** The author developed an interest in industrial steam as a boy growing up in the west midlands and it is the coal, ironstone and steel industries there that form the backbone of this work. When older he photographed industries further afield in England, Wales and Scotland and so has produced a powerful record of steam at work from Dorset to Morayshire. Some terrific images here, including some fairly unusual engines.
Price: 30.00

British Railway History In Colour. Volume 5B : Gloucester To Swindon And Branches Part 2 : Stroud To Swindon Ref: A3913  

Very large, 369 pages, period colour album with introductory essays, maps, glazed boards. ** More wonderful colour photos from the late 1950s to mid-1970s. The second and concluding part of the journey from Gloucester Central to Swindon starts at Stroud.
Price: 40.00

British Railway Stations Since 1901. Ref: A3898  

An essential gazetteer.
Smith, P & Salmon, S.
Medium, 208 pages, photo illustrations, soft back. **This useful reference book lists some 9000 stations that operated on British railway systems between 1901 and 2021, giving OS references together with the site status of the stations that are closed. Open stations are listed with only the map reference - more information is easily found online. For closed stations however - and these are by far the greater proportion - the status of the line (lifted or operational), buildings (demolished, in private use) and site (agricultural, residential (with street name), commercial, highway etc) are all recorded, in terse but precise detail. The dense text is relieved by a small photo on each page. Original company and dates of opening and closing are not given : these are to be found in Quick's Chronology, to which this work serves as an excellent amplification.
Price: 19.99

British Railways Station Totems. Ref: A3891  

The complete guide.
Brennand & Furness.
Very large landscape, 352 pages, colour photo illustrations throughout, glazed boards. **The second edition of a book first published in 2002. It contains 2662 images: individual totems, in situ photos, maps and tabulated data. The pre-history of the totem style of station name board, its lettering, spacing, colours, deviations are exhaustively covered with much historical information. All this is set out region by region and, within each region, by county and includes some unusual station photos. A book for the conoisseur!
Price: 30.00

The Broad Gauge Engines Of The Great Western Railway Part 3. Ref: A3878  

Very large, 208 pages, illustrated with good reproductions of contemporary locomotive drawings, other drawings, contemporary photographs and illustrations, appendices, glazed boards. **Part 3 commences with the first engines built at Swindon Works. Between 1846 and 1852 under Gooch's guidance seven new designs or developments of prototypes were produced culminating in the Iron Duke and Courier classes. Gooch was the pioneer of locomotive testing and designed and built the first dynamometer car in 1847. The book opens with an account of the development of Swindon itself and continues with close examination of the various classes of locomotives built in this period.
Price: 30.00

Carlisle To Beattock (Scottish Main Lines). Ref: A3888  

Including the Dumfries Branch.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, approximately 96 pages, album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.
Price: 18.95

The Colne Valley And Halstead Railway. Ref: A3899  

Very large, 312 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large diagrams of station areas and junctions, signalling diagrams, time table extracts, rolling stock and locomotive drawings, lists of level crossings and bridges, short bibliography, glazed boards. ** Detailed history and description of the line from Chappel and Wakes Colne to Haverhill and its operation.
Price: 40.00

Diesels & Electrics. Ref: A3901  

Locomotives International special edition no 1.
Catchpole, P and others.
Very large, 80 pages, many photo illustrations, some colour, soft back. **A collection of articles about overseas "modern" traction of unusual interest.
Out of print, last copy.
Price: 14.95

The Dundee & Arbroath Railway. Ref: A3916  

Very large, 224 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), maps, large scale diagrams of station areas and junctions, signalling diagrams, short bibliography, glazed boards. ** One of the four early railways serving Dundee, the Dundee & Arbroath started as a 5' 6" gauge line, eventually becoming part of the Caledonian and North British Joint line, and of course still part of the East Coast Main Line. Here is an exhaustive account of its genesis, construction, history and operation.
Price: 35.00

Early Railways 7. Ref: A3920  

Papers from the seventh International Early Railways Conference.
Liffen, J and Jones, S K (eds).
Medium, 348 pages, illustrated with photos, diagrams, maps and contemporary documents and images, glazed boards. *Eighteen papers from the seventh International Early Railways Conference, the results of new research into the formative years of railway development in the UK, continental Europe, India and Australia. The remit of the Conference has been extended to 1870 so as to take in the early main line era. The papers cover a broad range of erudite subjects from politics to technology and include such examples as railway uniforms, Kilsby Tunnel and the use of early railway models and miniature railways in Australia. Exceptionally important among these papers is one by John Liffen describing the discovery of the report of the judges of the Rainhill Trials together with the full text of that report, published here for the first time.
Price: 55.00

Inverkeithing To Thornton Junction. (Scottish Main Lines). Ref: A3915  

Via Cowdenbeath, including colliery branches.
Lovett & McLean.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.
Price: 18.95

French Narrow Gauge Album. Ref: A3904  

Lemmey & Whitehouse.
Very large, 224 pages, pictorial: photos (much period colour), area maps, glazed boards. **A treat for rail francophiles, here is a collection of postwar photographs by keen British photographers (naturally including Pat Whitehouse, father of one of the authors) together with entertaining accounts of their travels and adventures, far more than just a photo album. France was once, of course, a narrow gauge nation par excellence, having nearly 12000 miles of route.
Price: 35.00

From Gloucester To Ledbury. Ref: A3910  

The Daffodil Line. OL168.
Medium, 80 pages, photo illustrations, maps, station plans, signalling diagrams, good bibliography, soft back. **Another good concise and well illustrated line history from the pen of John Mair.
Price: 14.95

The Hendre Ddu Tramway. Ref: A3908  

'Blue stones and green trees'.
Very large, 224 pages, illustrated with documents, maps and images from contemporary sources and photographs old and recent, glazed boards. ** History of an obscure narrow gauge railway built to carry slate to the Mawddwy Railway and of associated tramways and forestry in the neighbourhood. Each quarry is covered in detail and timber operations are described and there are chapters on rolling stock, permanent way and operating methods. Interesting photos and excellent clear maps add to the information.
Price: 35.00

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of South Africa. Volume 1. Ref: A3918  

Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu Natal and North West Provinces.
Medium, 494 pages, maps and site and area plans (some colour), photo illustrations (some colour), glazed boards. **Lists and describes the industrial locomotives and the companies that operated them giving a brief history of each company. Also includes preserved locomotives both industrial and main line.
A second volume is planned which will cover the provinces of Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.
Price: 39.00

Kendal & Windermere Railway. Ref: A0811  

2nd Edition.
Smith, D.
Very large, 104 pages, photos, some colour, track plans, map. **Line history, vastly expanded since the first edition to include developments and study the influence of the railway on the area. Excellent value.
Price: 16.50

The L&NER Delivers The Goods. Volume 1. Ref: A3896  

General considerations.
Very large, 152 pages, photo illustrations, map endpapers, time table extracts, appendices, short bibliography, glazed boards. ** The LNER derived nearly two thirds of its income from goods traffic. This volume describes the general considerations applicable though out the system : sources of traffic, operation, train working, locomotives, rolling stock, working of goods yards, cartage and docks and canals. Two further volumes are planned which will describe the Company's goods activities in more local detail.
Price: 27.50

Lancaster's Line To The Sea. Ref: A3883  

A history of the Glasson Branch of the LNWR.
Very large, 87 pages, excellent coloured maps and structure drawings, signalling diagrams, photo illustrations, soft back. ** Good line history, including route description and details of operation, signalling and rolling stock. And doubly interesting for being a harbour line.
Price: 15.00

Liverpool To Runcorn. (Northern Lines). Ref: A3889  

Including branches to Garston, Widnes and Warrington.
Medium, 96 pages, album : photos, area map (from RCH), large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.
Price: 18.95

A Detailed History Of The LMS Royal Scot 4-6-0s. Ref: A3897  

Very large, 258 pages, illustrated with photos and drawings, extensive lists, glazed boards. **Locomotives Of The LMS series. A narrative history, and pre-history, of the class accompanied by comprehensive statistical, allocation, repair, livery etc etc data, much of it tabulated - a complete reference resource for the class. Extensive quotations from C J Allen's reports on performance. Photos used are previously unpublished ones, wherever possible.
Price: 29.50

London's Disused Railway Stations. Ref: A3907  

Outer South East London.
Very large squarish format, 160 pages, many photo illustrations, some colour, maps, glazed boards. **Covers passenger stations in an area roughly bounded by Honor Oak, Eltham Park, Chislehurst and Selsdon, arranged by pre-grouping company. Some more fascinating photos.
Price: 30.00

Main Line To The South. The Southern Railway Route Between Basingstoke, Winchester, Eastleigh & Southampton - Part Two. Ref: A3895  

St Cross to Eastleigh and Swaythling.
Nicholas, J & Reeve, G.
Very large, 312 pages, copiously illustrated: photos, signalling diagrams, station track plans, glazed boards. **Part two of a line history in the classic style. There is to be a final part covering the line onwards to Southampton itself; the stations at Terminus and Central.
Price: 34.95

The Ocean Coal Company And "The Barry". Ref: A3877  

David Davies's extraordinary South Wales enterprises.
Very large, 272 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. **The "finest seams of coal in the world" were exploited by David Davies' Ocean Coal Co collieries in Rhondda Fawr and adjacent valleys; Davies was also "arch promoter" of the Barry Railway which transported the coal to the docks and became Great Britain's greatest shipper of coal. Closely researched and related in detail here is another engrossing history of South Wales rail and mining enterprise.
This work stands with the author's Peerless Powell Duffryn (W3015) and The Tredegar Company (W3566) as a chronicle of the "Big Three" South Wales coal undertakings.
Price: 35.00

Railway Cranes Volume 2. Ref: A3914  

The story of breakdown cranes on the railways of Britain. 2nd edition.
Very large, 272 pages, photo illustrations, some period colour, many good measured drawings, glazed boards. **This volume covers the larger breakdown cranes, 36-ton or greater with relieving bogies, together with some long-jib 30-tonners and cranes operated by the army. Information includes the make-up of the cranes, technical details, weights, sizes and many photos of cranes at work.
It's not clear that any extra or revised material is added, probably this reissue should be described as a second impression rather than edition.
Price: 35.00

Railway Maps By And For The Railway Industry. Ref: A3893  

An illustrated guide.
Very large, 61 pages, illustrated in colour throughout, bibliography, soft back. **Erudite, close study of the various types of railway maps from the earliest days to the modern atlases and track level plans. The author describes it as "a guide and reference for collectors, a source of information for railway historians ... and to provide an insight into the genre for those with a keen interest in cartography." The background to the requirement and production of the various types of map is related, lists of editions given as appropriate, and reproductions of map pages show the differing styles and layouts. Packed with interesting detail, this fascinating history is much more than a work of reference and excellent value.
Price: 12.50

The Railways Of North East Lincolnshire A celebration of the days of steam. Part Five. Ref: A3886  

The world beyond Wrawby (and south from Willoughby).
Very large, 144 page album : photos, mainly 3 to a page interspersed with working timetable extracts; area maps, brief bibliography, softback. **The final part of this set of steam albums expands the territory to an area bounded by Boston, Lincoln, Gainsborough and Goole and even includes local (mainly Immingham) engines working away beyond these boundaries. Although diesels were mentioned in the advertisement for this part in Part Four, only six dmus, one class 31 and an experimental diesel hydraulic shunter appear in this book. In the end the author had too much diesel material and hopes to produce a further book to accommodate it.
Price: 19.95

The Railways Of Purbeck. Ref: A3911  

LP68, fourth edition.
Medium, 120 pages, photos, maps, bibliography, soft back. **This fourth edition of Kidner's classic history includes new information on the New Swanage Railway and an updated selection of photos.
Price: 15.95

John Rennie. Ref: A3882  

'Engineer of many splendid and useful works'.
Very large, 208 pages, illustrated with photos, images from contemporary sources and maps, chapter notes, list of works, bibliography, glazed boards. ** John Rennie was a leading civil engineer for thirty years from the canal mania of the 1790s to his death in 1821. Originally (and continually) a millwright, he applied his engineering talents to canals, bridges, fenland drainage and the planning of ports, harbours and naval dockyards. This closely researched biography includes details of Rennie's early life, extended family, health problems and death but is primarily concerned with his engineering achievements; thus the central chapters are arranged by type of work - Canals, Bridges, Civil Engineering Management et cetera, rather than chronologically, a system which helps to give a clearer insight into the development of his various engineering techniques.
Price: 30.00

The Rise And Fall Of King Coal. Ref: A3892  

Mines - miners - mining - the full story. A tribute to mark the end of one of Britain's greatest industries.
Very large, 256 pages, generously illustrated with much in colour : photos, diagrams, map, glossary of mining terms, index, glazed boards. **The history of coal from its origins in prehistoric swamps via primitive mediaeval workings to the increasingly intensive extraction of coal from the industrial revolution onwards into the 20th century. All aspects of extraction are covered including (from a very incomplete summary of the contents list) seams and coalfaces themselves, underground transport, ventilation, headstocks and shafts, above-ground operations: washeries, spoil heaps, surface railways, opencast and drift mines, disasters, mining communities, strikes and closures. As may be seen this is a complex and fascinating story, compellingly told and rich in detail - a book to be warmly recommended.
Price: 29.99

Robinson Eight-Coupled Locomotives. Ref: A3884  

Very large, 224 pages, illustrated with photos, diagrams and drawings, tabulated loco histories, glazed boards. ** The evolution and history of large and complex family of heavy freight locomotives which saw service on four continents between 1902 and the early 1970s, including adoption by the ROD in 1917.
Price: 25.00

Ruston & Hornsby Locomotives. Ref: A3906  

Second edition with additional information, articles and photographs.
Tonks, E S.
Very large, iv + 244 pages, lavishly illustrated in colour and black & white, loco list, glazed boards. ** Eric Tonks's classic history of Ruston & Hornsby and its locomotives, first published in 1974 as a small softback, has been transformed into a major work by the addition of many photos and data, including a comprehensive list of locomotives. In addition to the company history and the descriptions of the various classes of engines there are studies of the use of R&H locos at three major undertakings.
Price: 37.00

Manchester To Crewe Part Three. Ref: A3887  

Stockport & Wilmslow to Crewe via Alderley Edge, Chelford, Goostrey, Holmes Chapel & Sandbach.
152 pages, very large, many photo illustrations, diagrammatic area map, massive 4-page fold-out plan of Crewe Works, soft back. **The first two parts of this work were published in the Scenes From The Past series. It covers traction ancient and modern and looks at the infrastructure. Strong on Crewe and the Works.
Price: 21.95

Scotland's Lost Branch Lines. Ref: A3912  

Where Beeching got it wrong.
Large, 297 pages plus 48 pages of photo plates and maps, other maps in text, hard back. **The birth, life and eventual death of Scotland's branch lines. The controversial closure process is examined through unique stories of how a dozen of these routes lost their services in the 1960s: Ballachulish, Ballater, Callander, Crail, Crieff, Fraserburgh, Kelso, Kilmalcolm, Leven, Peebles, Peterhead and St Andrews.
Price: 30.00

Standard Gauge Locomotives In Russia And The Soviet Union. Ref: A3880  

Very large, 144 pages, photo illustratations, map, bibliography, English text, hard back. **Russia's main railway system, as is well known, was built to a gauge of 1524mm, nevertheless a 1435mm gauge railway was built in 1838; later many standard gauge locomotives were acquired by border changes and as war reparations. Here is the unusually complicated but always fascinating story of standard gauge locomotives in the USSR, detailing the origin and fates of engines of many nations and types.
Price: 25.00

Swanscombe Cement Works And Its Railways. Ref: A3894  

Medium, 412 pages, photo illustrations (some colour) maps and site plans, chronology, glazed boards. **A history of the works incorporating very detailed information about their remarkable railways and the narrow and standard gauge locomotives which worked them.
Price: 36.00

Trên Bach Y Llan, The Little Train To Llan Ffestiniog. Ref: A3900  

A history of the Festiniog & Blaenau railway, the area and its community.
Jones, C.
Very large, 208 pages, illustrated with documents, maps and images from contemporary sources and photographs old and recent, English text, although the foreword is also in Welsh, appendices, glazed boards. ** This handsomely illustrated history narrates the origins, construction, working and fate of the little narrow gauge railway opened in 1868 to connect Blaenau Ffestiniog with Llan Ffestiniog. The story ends in 1883, when the line was regauged to standard and became part of the Bala and Festiniog line of the GWR.
Already out of print, last few copies.
Price: 35.00

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