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All books catalogued in the last year. Not all these are listed elsewhere in the on-line catalogue.
Latest update 8 July 2021.


A Life On The Lines. Ref: A3789  

The grand old man of steam. Second edition.
Hardy, R H N.
Medium, squarish, 192 page album, with quite a lot of narrative text between the pictures, pictorial paper-covered boards. **Photos taken by Dick "Steam In The Blood" Hardy, throughout his long and distinguished railway career, together with other pictures (quite a few interesting poster images, which add colour to the pages) and Dick's engagingly recounted reminiscences. Nicely produced, and a pleasure to read.

Price: 16.99

The abc Of British Railways Locomotives 1954. Ref: A3765  

Combined volume.

Small, 268 pages, photo illustrations, glazed boards. **Reprint of the Ian Allan Winter 1953-54 combined volume abc. Cover: 30860 at Waterloo.

Price: 13.50

Alnmouth To Berwick. (Eastern Main Lines). Ref: A3822  

Including the Seahouses and Tweed Dock branches.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, large scale station maps, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Ambergate To Mansfield. (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3777  

Including the Midland Railway - Butterley.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Barrow-In-Furness And Its Railway. Ref: A3783  

Large, 150 pages, well illustrated with photos (some colour, mainly recent) and large clear coloured maps, soft back. **A history of the development of the railway, docks and industries at Barrow, particularly strong on the railway aspect.

Price: 15.50

The Barry Railway. Ref: A3770  

Its docks & successors.
Very large, 272 pages, maps, colour photos, glazed boards. **An original treatment of a company history, this volume sets out the purposes and development of the railway in the first 58 pages; the remainder of the book comprises a colour album section showing the lines in modern times, copiously annotated.

Price: 35.00

The Blue Pullman Story. Ref: A3807  

Fully revised and unabridged.
Robertson & Smith.
Very large, 390 pages, many photos: some colour, glazed boards. **This definitive history of the Midland Blue Pullman consolidates Kevin Robertson's Blue Pullman (2005), Blue Pullman Supplement (2009) and Blue Pullman Pictorial (2012) including much new material which has come to light since those days.

Price: 40.00

The Book Of The B17 4-6-0s. Ref: A3839  

61600 - 61672.
Coster, P J.
Very large, 200 pages, many photo illustrations, tabulated data, glazed boards. Individual histories of these engines.

Price: 29.95

The Book Of The Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2Ts. Ref: A3763  

Very large, 352 pages, many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **The Book Of series of locomotive studies has developed into a library of a growing number of the principle BR classes.

Price: 32.95

The Book Of The Stanier 8F 2-8-0s. Part Three: From Crewe To Swindon Via Horwich 48301-48439 Ref: A3810  

Sixsmith & Derry.
Very large, 304 pages, many photo illustrations, glazed boards. **The class history for the Stanier 8Fs is in Part One; here are individual histories of engines built at Crewe, Horwich and Swindon 1943-44 for work in Britain.

Price: 30.95

The Book Of The Stanier Three Cylinder 2-6-4Ts. Ref: A3811  

42500 - 42536.
Very large, 192 pages, photo illustrations, glazed boards. **The London Tilbury & Southend locomotives. 60 page class history followed by individual loco histories with their record cards transcribed and tabulated. Many fine photos.

Price: 29.95

Branch Lines To Thetford. Ref: A3762  

Very large, 288 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large diagrams of station areas and junctions, signalling diagrams, time table extracts, structure, rolling stock and locomotive drawings, appendices, glazed boards. ** Parts of central East Anglia, left behind in the first wave of railway building, caught up by means of the Bury St Edmunds & Thetford, the Thetford & Watton and the Watton & Swaffham lines, all eventually absorbed into the Great Eastern. Starting out as ordinary rural branches they played huge roles in both world wars, serving training areas for infantry and tanks in the first war and airfields and one of the largest bomb dumps in the country in WW2. Here is an immensely detailed history and description of these lines.

Price: 30.00

The Bristol To Portishead Branch with the Bristol Harbour Railway And Canon's Marsh Branch. Ref: A3773  

Medium, 192 pages, many photos, plans, locomotive list, soft back. **Detailed history of the railways in and around Bristol Harbour and Portishead.

Price: 18.95

British Railway History In Colour. Volume 4B : Gloucester Midland Lines Part 3 : South Ref: A3788  

Stonehouse to Westerleigh and branches.
Very large, 266 pages, period colour album with introductory essays to each chapter, maps, glazed boards. ** More wonderful colour photos from the late 1950s to mid-1970s. This volume covers the Bristol & Gloucester line between Stonehouse and Westerleigh in four sections, plus the Dursley Branch, the Sharpness branch, Sharpness Docks and Railway and the Thornbury branch.

Price: 30.00

British Railway History In Colour. Volume 8 : Warwickshire Western Region Lines Part 1. Ref: A3806  

Fenny Compton To Snow Hill.
Very large, 304 pages, period colour album with introductory essays to each chapter, maps, glazed boards. ** More wonderful colour photos from the 1950s to 1970s. This volume covers BR Western Region in Warwickshire in three sections: Fenny Compton to Warwick, Budbrook to Solihull and Solihull to Snow Hill.
Where, you might ask, are volumes 5, 6 and 7? Have we missed them? No, it is just that Volume 8 has got ahead of the rest; the publishers have promised us Volume 5 (Gloucester To Swindon And Branches) in summer 2021.

Price: 30.00

British Railways : The First 25 Years. Volume 10 Mid-Wales And The Cambrian Coast. Ref: A3782  

including the Central Wales Line and the Vale of Rheidol and Welshpool & Llanfair narrow gauge lines.
Allan & Murray.
Very large, 208 pages, album with area maps and notes, detailed captions, glazed boards. **The lengthy title and subtitle say it all. I need only add that there is a great range of locations and motive power and that all the shots - one or two to a page - are first-rate crisp black & white images.

Price: 22.50

British Railways : The First 25 Years. Volume 11 North Wales, Chester And The Wirral. Ref: A3833  

Allan & Murray.
Very large, 208 pages, album with area maps and notes, detailed captions, glazed boards. **Volume 11 of this notable series keeps up the standard of sharp clear photos, two to a page and showing an excellent variety of locations, locomotives and other motive power, all expounded with well researched captions.

Price: 22.50

The Broad Gauge Engines Of The Great Western Railway Part 2. Ref: A3761  

Very large, 144 pages, illustrated with good reproductions of contemporary locomotive drawings, other drawings, contemporary photographs and illustrations, appendices, glazed boards. **Part 2 gives an account of the Fire Fly, Sun, Leo and Hercules classes - engines which achieved new levels of performance and reliability - standards previously unattainable not only on the Great Western but on any other railway in the kingdom.

Price: 22.50

Brush Diesel & Electric Locomotives 1980-2020. Ref: A3809  

Very large, 184 pages, photo illustrations (mostly colour), extensive lists, glazed boards. **The story of Brush locomotives built since 1980, including rebuilding, re-engineering and renovation of other locomotives.

Price: 24.50

A Celebration Of LMS Coronation Pacifics. Ref: A3774  

Very large landscape, 128 page album, glazed boards. **The first of a new series of albums depicting some of the best-loved steam classes. This pioneer volume has crisp black and white photos, one to a page, making a fine start to the project.

Price: 25.95

A Celebration Of Gresley A1 And A3 Pacifics. Ref: A3812  

Very large landscape, 144 page album, glazed boards. **The second of this new series of albums depicting some of the best-loved steam classes. Fine black and white photos of A1s and A3s at work, one to a page, keep up the standard set by the Coronation volume.

Price: 25.95

A Celebration Of BR Standard Pacifics. Ref: A3834  

Britannias, Clans and Duke Of Gloucester.
Very large landscape, 144 page album, glazed boards. **The third of this new series of albums depicting some of the best-loved steam classes. Fine black and white photos of BR Standard 4-6-2s, one to a page, in chronological order starting with the batches of each class as built. The emphasis is on the engines in service and all engines are illustrated at least once (71000 is x 6).

Price: 27.95

Chesterfield To Rotherham (Northern Lines). Ref: A3823  

Via Sheffield.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Derby - Ilkeston - Nottingham. (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3779  

From Egginton Junction.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Doncaster To Hull (Northern Lines). Ref: A3820  

and Gilberdyke to Selby.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

F W Webb's Three-Cylinder Compounds. Ref: A3804  

Very large, 268 pages including 8 pages of colour plates, many photo illustrations, scale locomotive and engineering drawings, appendices, hard back. **Many years research into the LNW archives has gone into this history of the development of Webb's compound engines, which records engineering improvements and day to day performance and endeavours to counter the "ill-informed myths and sheer nonsense" that dogged these remarkable locomotives.

Price: 30.00

From Hereford To Three Cocks Junction. Ref: A3832  

The Hereford, Hay and Brecon Branch. OL 166.
Medium, 104 pages, photo illustrations, maps, station plans, signalling diagrams, good bibliography, soft back. **Nicely done line history, thorough yet commendably consise.

Price: 13.95

Great Northern Outpost. Volume 3. Ref: A3803  

Faded glory. The Bradford, Queensbury, Halifax, Thornton & Keighley lines.
Large landscape, 112 page colour album, map, soft back. **Haunting period colour pictures, mostly one to a page, of freight and passenger operations by British Railways, infrastructure and landscape.

Price: 19.95

The History And Development Of Railway Signalling In The British Isles. Volume 5. Ref: A3837  

Train detection and control.
Pinkstone & Peart.
Very large, 176 pages, photo illustrations and diagrams, several appendices including abbreviations, glossary, biographical notes, bibliography etc, hard back: *Another excellent work in this magisterial series, everything you could wish to know about track circuits, axle counters, ATC, AWS and other means of detecting trains and warning their crews of danger.

Price: 30.00

Horwich Locomotive Works Re-Visited. Ref: A3825  

Very large, 192-page album, glazed boards. **This is an update of the author's earlier work Horwich Locomotive Works which is now out of print. It is a terrific photographic history of the Works.

Price: 20.00

The Hull & Barnsley Railway Volume 1. Ref: A3816  

Formation and the early years.
Very large, 230 pages, generously illustrated with photos, contemporarary illustrations, double page line map, glazed boards. ** Conceived to carry coal from the south Yorkshire collieries to the port of Hull the company had a rough and at times dramatic start before settling down to a settled, indeed profitable, existence. As well as the history up to 1899 this volume has chapters on the Alexandra Dock, the company's passenger stations, the locomotives and the rolling stock.

Price: 25.00

The Hull & Barnsley Railway Volume 2. Ref: A3817  

Expansion, pride, prosperity, eclipse.
Very large, 318 pages, generously illustrated with photos, contemporarary illustrations, double page line map, glazed boards. ** Volume 2 of this history chronicles the fortunes of the railway into the twentieth century : amalgamation with the NER and the grouping. There are also chapters on Springhead Works, major sheds, the Denaby and Wath branches, signalling and accidents, King George Dock and Neptune St depot in Hull. Some terrific images in both volumes.

Price: 35.00

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of County Durham Part 2. Ref: A3829  

The fluorspar industry, contractors, dealers and preservation.
Medium, 280 pages, illustrated with photos (some colour), 21 pages of coloured maps and plans, glazed boards. **Comprehensive account of Durham's industrial railways and locomotives, together with the history of the sites which they served. i> Parts 1 and 2 now out of print.
Price: 35.00

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of The Northumberland Coalfield. Ref: A3802  

Waywell & Holroyde.
Medium, 390 pages, maps and site plans (colour), photo illustrations (some colour), hardback. **A survey of locomotive worked mines in Northumberland, divided into (1) private coal companies where locomotives were used, (2) NCB and (3) private small mines. Brief histories and descriptions of the mines are followed by locomotive lists and - usually - photos and site and area plans. The book is thoroughly indexed by locomotives, owners and locations. Essential reference for exploring the area.

Price: 30.00

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of Leicestershire & South Derbyshire. Ref: A3814  

Reprint of the 2006 edition.
Etherington & Bendall.
Medium, 169 pages + 7 pages of maps (some colour), glazed boards. **Descriptions of a variety of industrial railways and the industries they served in Leicestershire and Derbyshire south of the Trent. The railways associated with mineral extraction feature prominently: in the west and in S Derbyshire it was coal; in the east it was ironstone; in the central area, granite and stone. A general distribution of light engineering, public utilities and a locomotive builder complete the picture.

Price: 29.95

Internal Combustion Traction. Ref: A3759  

A compilation.
Very large, 80 pages, photo illustrations and drawings, soft back. **A collection of archive articles recording some of the better and lesser known developments of applying internal combustion motors to railway traction. In no way a definitive or critical history of this form of motive power, the compiler offers the selection - arranged chonologically - as a good read and provides a good bibliography for those who want to pursue the subject in greater depth. Robert's article on Fairbanks-Morse opposed piston diesel engines is included amid a feast of topics from R H N Hardy's recollections of the coming of diesels on BR to weird steam/diesel and jet-propelled locomotives.

Price: 12.50

Irish Narrow Gauge Album. Ref: A3813  

Very large, 224 pages, pictorial: photos, area maps, glazed boards. **Not just a photo album, but also an anthology of writing on the various (and they were) Irish narrow gauge railways, with an erudite historical introduction by the compiler. J I C Boyd, George Behrend and of course the compiler's father, Patrick Whitehouse, are among the authors included.

Price: 25.00

The Lancashire Derbyshire And East Coast Railway. Volume 3. Ref: A3780  

A LD&ECR miscellany, the Mansfield Railway and Mid-Notts Joint Railway connections.
Medium, 192 pages, generously illustrated with photos, some colour, maps and plans, addenda to Volumes 1 and 2, bibliography, soft back. **The third and final volume of this history returns to the beginnings of the plans for the line and studies two of the connecting lines.

Price: 20.00

Liverpool & Manchester Railway Atlas. Ref: A3808  

Very large, 186 map pages + unpaginated (c50 pages) station and site index, glazed boards. A new atlas by the master of the indispensible London and Birmingham & West Midlands atlases. This one covers an area bounded by the Irish Sea and the Pennines north from Buxton as far as Fleetwood and provides the same detailed mapping to be found in the earlier atlases. The detail embraces tracks and platforms and overall provides a diagrammatic representation of the area's railway history. All maps give current and past track detail with dates, and the index gives opening and closure dates and other details. As well as the railway network the atlas maps the many past and present tramway systems of the area.

Price: 30.00

Locomotives Of The Great Southern & Western Railway. Ref: A3835  

Clements, McMahon & O'Rourke.
Very large, 284 pages, illustrated with photos and locomotive drawings, loco lists, tabulated data, glazed boards. **The GS&WR grew to be the largest independent company in Ireland, with a complex motive power story. This impressive book catalogues every locomotive that was operated by the company, providing dimensional details, drawings and photograph and analysing the patterns of construction, rebuilding and renewal. The locomotive stock of the companies taken over by the GS&WR 1866 - 1901 are also included.

Price: 35.00

Locomotives Of The Isle Of Wight Railways. Ref: A3838  

Very large, 160 pages, many photos: colour throughout, glazed boards. **The author worked as an on-train technician for Network Rail between 2002 and 2012. He took his camera wherever he went and recorded the trains, the equipment and the people - this lucid description of the work involved is therefore singularly well illustrated.

Price: 25.00

Locomotives Of The Liverpool And Manchester Railway. Ref: A3828  

Large, 291 pages, illustrated with contemporary drawings and prints, some modern diagrams and photographs, tabulated loco details, bibliography, end notes, hard back. **A scholarly history of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway's fleet of engines, compiled from archival sources and supplemented by the author's experience of operating replica early locomotives. As well as the development of the locomotives, including some interesting technological dead ends, the study includes the locomotive men, the sheds and workshops and the rolling stock. An indispensible book - without doubt it will be a classic for years to come.

Price: 30.00

The London, Tilbury And Southend Railway. Volume 8. Ref: A3790  

A history of the company and line: 1963-1975.
Very large, 80 pages, illustrated with photos, maps, signalling diagrams, soft back. ** The final volume of this epic series. Although 1975 is given as the final date in the title some aspects of the history are taken to the 1980s and histories of individual locations continue into the 21st century. The volume includes a feature on the Ripple Lane yards and, most welcome, a full index to the series.

Price: 11.95

Main Line To The South. The Southern Railway Route Between Basingstoke, Winchester, Eastleigh & Southampton - Part One. Ref: A3781  

Basingstoke to St Cross.
Nicholas, J & Reeve, G.
Very large, 296 pages, copiously illustrated: photos, signalling diagrams, station track plans, glazed boards. **Part one of a line history in the classic style. There are to be two further parts covering the complexities of Eastleigh and Southampton respectively.

Price: 34.95

Manchester To Bacup (Northern Lines). Ref: A3776  

Including Bury and the East Lancashire Railway.
Heavyside & Mitchell.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

The Melbourne Military Railway Part Two. Ref: A3799  

and the Derby to Ashby branch; 1939 to closure.
Very large, 310 pages, photo illustrations, maps, junction diagrams, site plans, statistical and other appendices, glazed boards. ** During WW2 the War Department leased most of the branch from Derby to Ashby de la Zouch to provide a training ground for army railwaymen. The first volume covered the history of the Ashby Canal Railway and the Midland / LMS line up to 1939; this second part describes the operation of the line under the War Department in fascinating detail.

Price: 25.00

Narrow Gauge In The Former Yugoslavia. Ref: A3805  

Narrow Gauge Album No 5.
Medium, square format, 119 page colour album, glazed boards. **21st century narrow gauge steam in the Balkans. The earliest photos here date from 2005, when there were still steam locomotives operating in coal extraction sites - the last working steam in Europe. This provides many of the excellent photos in the album; there are also pictures of static preserved locos and of the lovely Šargan 8 line, now a tourist railway.
Author's profits from the sale of this book are donated to help support the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway during the Covid 19 crisis.

Price: 19.95

North Eastern Railway Engine Sheds. Ref: A3791  

Addyman (ed).
Very large, 216 pages, maps, photos, yard and shed plans and track layouts, drawings of structures, some illustrations coloured, bibliography, glazed boards. **A comprehensive site by site descriptive survey of NER sheds is preceded by notes on turntables, coaling, water supply, working conditions et cetera. Invaluable reference.

Price: 24.95

Northamptonshire Narrow Gauge Railways In The 1960s. Ref: A3824  

Very large, 96-page album with introduction and detailed captions, some period colour, map, soft back. **Mostly industrial railways, and what a wide variety there were in Northants. A fascinating survey.

Price: 24.95

Nottingham To Mansfield. (Midland Main Lines). Ref: A3821  

The Midland & Great Northern Railway routes to today.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards. **The late and much-missed Vic Mitchell's final work.

Price: 18.95

The Peak Forest Tramway. Ref: A3819  

Including the Peak Forest Canal. LP38.
Medium, 80 pages, illustrated with photos and maps, very detailed chronology, soft back. 4th revised edition. **The canal and tramway were built in the late C18 - early C19 to bring limestone from the peak district to Manchester, a fascinating operation.

Price: 13.95

Rail Atlas Of Great Britain And Ireland. 15th Edition. Ref: A3764  

Large, 152 pages (118 pages of coloured maps plus intro and gazetteer), glazed boards. **Latest edition of the indispensible Baker atlas. Improvements in this edition include a new 24-page London section in massive detail, nevertheless it remains at the 2015 price.

Price: 20.00

The Railway Its Builders Didn't Want. Ref: A3798  

The Sleaford to Bourne branch of the Great Northern Railway.
Medium, 52 pages, many photo illustrations, soft back. **The line was conceived as a ploy to counter a Great Eastern incursion into their territory; statutory powers were granted but when the Great Northern and the GE came to an arrangement for a different route Parliament refused GN permission to abandon the railway. It was eventually opened in 1872 and closed in 1965. A detailed local history, well illustrated with interesting photographs.

Price: 7.95

Railway Memories No 31. Retford, Worksop & Sherwood Forest. Ref: A3836  

Large, 112 pages, pictorial, map, station layouts, soft back. **A collection of steam-era black and white photos from the Dukeries.

Price: 16.99

The Railways Of Manchester. Ref: A3840  

The evolution and development of the city's railways.
Very large, 272 pages, photo illustrations (much in colour), maps, glazed boards. **A thorough examination of the railways, trains, tramways, stations, depots and railway builders of the region over two centuries, including many industrial and narrow gauge lines. A tour de force, with some fine photographs, essential reference and very readable. Should be on everyone's bookshelves.

Price: 40.00

The Railways Of North East Lincolnshire A celebration of the days of steam. Part Three. Ref: A3801  

More than railways (docks, shipping and trams).
Very large, 120 pages, pictorial : maps, plans, many photos; tram stock list, appendices, brief bibliography, softback. **The docks at Grimsby, Immingham, Sutton on Sea and New Holland and the trams at Immingham. Fascinating photos of docks,shipping and trams.A fourth part, provisionally titled Comforts And Fish, is also planned.

Price: 18.95

Railways, Ports and Resorts Of Morecambe Bay. Ref: A3760  

Including the Ulverston Canal.
Medium, 64 pages, photos and illustrations from contemporary sources, some modern colour, bibliography, soft back. **Railways transformed Morecambe Bay, creating the industrial town of Barrow, the resorts of Grange-over-Sands and Morecambe and culminating in the new deepwater port at Heysham. The author also chronicles the forgotten ports of Milnthorpe, Greenodd and Ulverston (with its ship canal) and the Leven, Kent and Bela viaducts. Some super double-page photos.

Price: 10.00

The Ramsey North Branch. Ref: A3772  

Medium, 176 pages, photos, area map, locomotive and rolling stock drawings, track and signalling diagrams, time table extracts, tabulated bridge and crossing data, bibliography, soft back. **Comprehensive line history for Ramsey's link to the East Coast Main Line, which opened in 1863 and finally closed to freight 110 years later.

Price: 17.95

The Rishworth Branch. Ref: A3827  

LP 174.
Medium, 80 pages, photos, maps, soft back. **History of the Lancashire & Yorkshire branch from Sowerby Bridge reprinted.

Price: 13.95

An Illustrated History Of The Severn & Wye Railway Volume 5. Ref: A3815  

Very large, 204 pages, illustrated with photos, large scale maps, diagrams, hard back. **Fifth volume of a projected six-volume work, this is a study of Lydney Docks and its railways, in great detail; the final volume is to cover the Severn Bridge Railway and Sharpness Docks (6).

Price: 25.00

Southern Nouveau. Ref: A3785  

And the lineside.
Reeve & Tibble.
Very large, 392 pages, copiously illustrated with photos and drawings, glazed boards. **Classic study back in print The Southern Railway inherited an incongruous set of buildings and other structures from its three consitituents and unsurprisingly decided to rationalise its house style. All replacements and new work, from signal boxes to fencing would be done using standard components produced by the company in reinforced and pre-stressed concrete. These were manufactured at the special concrete works at Exmouth Junction which provided not only components for larger structures but entire footbridges and huts. A wealth of illustration shows these buildings in great detail. Fascinating background for all interested in railway architecture and essential reference for modellers.

Price: 29.95

Steam On The Sirhowy Tramroad And Its Neighbours. Ref: A3771  

Very large, 176 pages, illustrated with photos, diagrams, drawings and images from contemporary sources including original engine builders drawings, stock lists, extensive bibliography, glazed boards. **When opened (1804) the Sirhowy Tramroad, built to carry iron and coal from Tredegar to Newport, was the longest railway anywhere in the world and originated the largest system of plateways that ever existed. Some eighty steam locomotives served this system, including many of unusual design and construction. This impressive volume studies the various locomotives in depth with excellently illustrations and also gives a good background history of the lines and provides a section on the operation of the tramroads.

Price: 25.00

The Stratford-upon-Avon And Midland Junction Railway. Ref: A3818  

A pictorial survey. PS12.
Very large, 96 page album section, photos, maps, soft back. **A detailed photographic record of the lines and structures, some post closure, some with working trains, made by the late Stephen Thompson in 1961, presented with historical notes, details of component companies and a locomotive list. Some excellent photos here.

Price: 20.00

T E Williams The Lost Colour Collection Volume 3. Ref: A3758  

Very large landscape 124 page colour album, glazed boards. **More terrific colour shots of steam at work in on the Western Region and elsewhere. One to a page, as before. Excellent highly informed captions by the photogapher's two sons.

Price: 25.95

The Taunton To Barnstaple Line. Volume 3 Locomotives, Operations & Recollections. Ref: A3784  

A history of the Devon & Somerset Railway.
Very large, 250 pages, photo illustrations, map, time table extracts, locomotive lists and allocations, appendices including locomotive rosters, coach workings and passenger countings, glazed boards. ** A broad gauge line, operated initially by the Bristol & Exeter Railway. This volume studies the operation of the line throughout its existence and the people who ran and who used the railway.

Price: 25.00

The Little Eaton Gangway And Derby Canal. Ref: A3826  

LP71, third edition.
Medium, 80 pages, illustrated with photos and maps, bibliography, soft back. 3rd edition, revised. **Canal and early plateway bringing coal from Denby to Derby.

Price: 13.95

Train Ferries Of Europe. Ref: A3831  

Very large, 288 pages, well illustrated with photos, maps, ship diagrams, train deck plans etc, glazed boards. **Not before time the compelling history of the train ferry is brought up to date. This welcome volume encompasses, with technical and operational detail, the story of more than 100 train ferries in Europe; a history going back to 1850, when the first train ferry crossed the Firth of Forth (and remnants of it may still be seen).
A companion volume covers train ferries beyond Europe.

Price: 35.00

Train Ferries Of The Americas, Asia & Africa. Ref: A3830  

Very large, 192 pages, well illustrated with photos, maps, ship diagrams, train deck plans etc, glazed boards. **First point to note here is that Australasia is included, despite the title. The book encompasses, with technical and operational detail, the story of more than 300 train ferries outside Europe; a history going back over the last 170 years - and it is a fascinating one which has all but disappeared.
A companion volume covers the train ferries of Europe.

Price: 25.00

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