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Railcars In Australia With Particular Reference To The Budd Rail Diesel Car. Ref: S7240  

MacFarlane, I B.
Excerpt from the Proceedings of the Institution of Locomotive Engineers, 1962.
Octavo, 58 pages, photos, diagrams, disbound and stapled into serviceable card covers with paper backstrip, VG+.

Price: 10.00

Diesels On The Regions. Southern Region. Ref: S7318  

Marsden, C J.
OPC, 1984.
Large quarto, 96 page album of diesels on the Southern Region, maps, jacket, fine.

Price: 16.00

A History Of Railway Locomotives Down To The End Of The Year 1831. Ref: S7836  

Marshall, D.
Locomotive Publishing Company, 1953.
Folio, 272 pages, diagrams, photos and drawings, cloth, no jacket, a VG copy. **Twenty-one chapters on the work of early British engineers (mostly one per chapter), and three more general chapters on work in Europe and America.

Price: 150.00

Wainwright And His Locomotives. Ref: S7321  

Marx, K.
Ian Allan, 1985.
Small quarto, 112 pages, many photo illustrations, some drawings, jacket, near fine. **Largely pictorial: biographical chapter is followed by note on locomotive design, extensive loco lists and an album of loco photographs.

Price: 12.00

Locomotives I Have Known together with Further Locomotives I Have Known. Ref: S7482  


Maskelyne, J N.
Percival Marshall 1959-62.
2 volumes landscape folio, 131 pages + 71 pages, numerous finely executed scale elevations of pre-1923 locomotives with accompanying descriptions, jackets, some surface wear to jacket of volume two, otherwise a fine set.

Price: 48.00

The Locomotives Of The London, Brighton & South Coast Railway, 1903-1923. Ref: S5869  

Maskelyne, J N.
Locomotive Publishing Co, 1928.
Small octavo, 156 pages + frontispiece and 8 other photo plates (four coloured), line drawings, stiff card covers, terrier drawing on front board, near fine.

Price: 30.00

The NZR Garratt Story. Ref: S6815  

McClare, E J.
Wellington, 1978: NZRLS.
Quarto, 100 pages, photo illustrations, diagrams, edge wear to jacket, otherwise near fine. **Not common. In his foreword, the CME of NZ Railways comments: The Garratts were introduced with high hopes of revolutionising train handling on the centre section of the Main Trunk, but they were an over-ambitious design and could not be used to full capacity because they were incompatible with rolling stock drawgear strength, operating conditions and track terrain. They tested the patience of enginemen and the ingenuity of the engineers trying to improve their performance.

Price: 24.00

The Locomotive Up To Date. Ref: S3132  

McShane, C.
Chicago: Griffin & Winters, 1900.
Octavo, 711 pages + advertisements, photos, drawings, diagrams, charts, recent dark blue cloth, near fine. **In-depth study of the American locomotive of the time: design, construction, mechanical details, operation, maintenance etc etc.

Price: 45.00

Neubau Und Rekonstruktions-Dampflokomotiven Der DR Nach 1945. Ref: S5870  


Meereis, W.
Wuppertal, 1975: Eisenbahn-Kurier.
Octavo, 310 pages, 261 photo illustrations, locomotive diagrams and tables, laminated boards worn at head of spine, but generally VG.

Price: 22.00

The Railroad Passenger Car. An illustrated history of the first hundred years. Ref: S7494  

Mencken, A.
Baltimore, 1957 : John Hopkins.
Square quarto, 209 pages with photos, contemporary illustrations and diagrams in the text, jacket marked but generally VG. **The development of the passenger coach in the USA. Not common.

Price: 22.00

Midland Railway Of England. Express Bogie Passenger Locomotive And Tender. Exposition Universelle, Paris 1900. Ref: S7322  


Midland Railway.
Octavo, essentially a 12-page booklet, but the centre four leaves unfold to a single large sheet, photo illustrations, map, textured red card covers with gilt lettering and crest, neat and unyellowed tape repair to split in folding page, externally fine. **Nice item produced for the Paris Exposition, of the Johnson single 4-2-2 #2601 Princess Of Wales. There are photos of the locomotive from several angles, and of various Derby shops, and a map showing the Midland Railway from Penzance to Aberdeen, Dublin to Lowestoft. The inner face of the folding page has a large drawing of locomotive and tender, technical details and performance statistics.

Price: 40.00

Pullman. The Pullman Car Company - its services, cars and traditions. Ref: S7703  

Morel, J.
D&C, 1983.
Octavo, 224 pages, photo illustrations, stock lists, list of preserved cars, jacket slightly faded on spine, otherwise a fine copy.

Price: 16.00

Der Dampfbetrieb Der Schweizerischen Eisenbahnen 1847-1966. Ref: S6761  

Moser, A.
Basel, 1967: Birkhauser, 3rd edn.
Large quarto, 426 pages, 412 illustrations, 26 tables, German text, grey cloth, VG+. **The standard reference work on all Swiss steam locomotives.

Price: 42.00

Dampflokomotiven In Mittel Und Osteuropa. Ref: S7433  


Navé, H.
Stuttgart, 1977 : Franckh'sche.
Landscape large quarto, about 120 pages, b/w photo album, 195 illustrations, map endpapers, German text, hardback, no jacket, VG. **Excellent photos of mainly working contemporary steam right across middle and eastern Europe, including the Balkans, Greece, Turkey and USSR, with narrative captions. Includes some narrow gauge.

Price: 22.00

+ Buchli-Oldtimer Der Schweiz. Electrolokomotiven mit legendärer Technik. Ref: S7874  

Nef, W.
Munich, 2003 : Geramond.
Octavo, 143 pages, photos (some colour), drawings, diagrams, tabulated statistics, bibliography, German text, glazed boards, fine. **Development and deployment of classic electric traction in Switzerland : Ae 3/6; Ae 4/7; Ae 8/14 and related types. Includes a modelling section.

Price: 15.00

+ The Gresley Pacifics. Omnibus edition combining parts 1 & 2. Ref: S7856  

Nock, O S.
Guild, 1985.
Quarto, each 284 pages, photo illustrations and technical drawings, performance tables, slight damage and fading to jacket, book fine. **Standard reference: one of the highly respected Locomotive Monograph series.

Price: 16.00

Great Western 'Saint' Class 4-6-0. Ref: S7609  

Nock, O S.
PSL, 1983.
Large octavo, 119 pages, photo illustrations, jacket, VG. **Classic Locomotives series. Describes in detail the inception, design, development and service record of this locomotive which the author suggests must be very nearly without rivals for longevity and capacity for maximum output in relation to nominal tractive powers.

Price: 18.00

The Caledonian Dunalastairs. Ref: S7648  

Nock, O S.
D&C Locomotive Monographs series, 1968.
Quarto, 159 pages, photos, drawings, tables, jacket worn, but book is near fine. **One of the highly regarded Locomotive Monographs series: class history with masses of information about development and performance, some allocation information as well as all the engineering data.

Price: 20.00

The Great Western Stars Castles & Kings. Ref: S7470  

Nock, O S.
D&C, 1967, 1970.
Quarto, 2 volumes, each 160 pages with many illustrations, jackets; the jacket to Volume 1 is worn, and a corner is slightly bumped, it only rates VG; Volume 2 is near fine. **In the Locomotive Monograph series. Part 1 : 1906 - 1930; Part 2 : 1930 - 1965.

Price: 30.00

The Locomotives Of Sir Nigel Gresley. Ref: S6818  

Nock, O S.
PSL, 1991, 2nd edition enlarged.
Large octavo, 208 pages, 37 pages of plates, portrait frontispiece, photo illustrations, performance tables, jacket, near fine. **The original edition of 1945 was Ossie's first book; he must have been gratified to get O V Bulleid to write the Foreward. Bulleid described the book as instructive and enjoyable; further comment would surely be superfluous.

Price: 16.00

The Midland Compounds. Ref: S7388  


Nock, O S.
D&C, 1964.
Quarto, 160 pages, lots of photos, drawings of engineering details, tabular material, coloured frontispiece, jacket bright but worn at top edge, book near fine. **One of the excellent D&C Locomotive Monograph series.

Price: 24.00

The Royal Scots And Patriots Of The LMS. Ref: S5462  

Nock, O S.
D&C, 1978.
Small quarto, 96 pages, photos, detailed drawings, graphs, locomotive lists, performance tables, jacket, spine faded otherwise fine. **Locomotive monograph series, packed with information not easily obtainable elsewhere.

Price: 14.00

Some Views in the workshops and a few examples of the locomotives built therein by Pecket & Sons Ltd, Atlas Locomotive Works, St George, Bristol. Ref: S6382  

Peckett & Sons Ltd.
Bristol, nd probably late 1920s.
Oblong octavo, 78 pages with views of the works and the various shops, and examples of locomotives built. Embossed blue card covers (4-4-0T), VG+. *An attractive trade publication; 20 locomotives are shown, with brief details. No corner of the works has escaped the photographer, not even the back yard.

Price: 60.00

Porter Steam Locomotives. Light and heavy. Ref: S2208  

Porter, H K & Co.
13th edition locomotive catalogue, undated but about 1925 - 1928*.
Large quarto, 152 pages in the usual style with photos and specifications, and much other information besides. Card covers, two tape repairs at foot and head of spine, otherwise a clean and respectable copy. Very scarce. **H K Porter of Pittsburgh built mainly the smaller types of locomotives for short line, narrow gauge and industrial use in the USA and for export. They claimed to have capacity for locomotives up to 190 tons but there is little practical evidence of that in this catalogue. European catalogues tended to be bald statements of recent deliveries but this catalogue has a vast amount of additional information to help the customer choose the right locomotive. *11th edition was 1915 and they seem to have appeared at about 6-7 year intervals.

Price: 200.00

Industrial Locomotives Of West Glamorgan. Ref: S7089  

Potts, M & Green, G W.
IRS, 1996.
Octavo, 260 pages + 32 pages of photo plates, maps, lists, glazed boards, VG+. ** Usual IRS style of listings.

Price: 16.00

Stanier 4-6-0s At Work. Ref: S7462  

Powell, A.J.
1983, Ian Allan.
Large quarto, 144 pages, photos, diagrams and tables, jacket, near fine copy. **The story of Stanier's 4-6-0 designs - Royal Scots, Jubilees and Black Fives - their early development and modification and their performance over 30 years.

Price: 18.00

Stanier Pacifics At Work. Ref: S7210  

Powell, A.J.
Ian Allan, 1986.
Large quarto, 144 pages, photos, tables, some detailed diagrams of locomotive components and other drawings, jacket, near fine copy.

Price: 24.00

Steam Locomotives Of The Ulster Transport Authority. Volume 1. Ref: S7001  

Pue, R J A.
Cuan Press, 1997.
Large landscape quarto, 255 pages, many large photo illustrations, dimensions and details, no narrative, laminated card covers, near fine. **We have never encountered Volume 2.

Price: 24.00

Recent Locomotives. Illustrations with descriptions and specifications and details, of recent American and European locomotives, reprinted from the Railroad Gazette. Ref: S3990  

Railroad Gazette, The.
NY, 1886; reprinted Novato, Ca, 1972: Gregg.
Large folio, 112 pages + 525 figures on plates, some folding. Cloth, one leaf detached, otherwise VG+. **Handsome reprint of the second, enlarged, edition of this fine publication. Excellent drawings of locomotives and their details, many are British. Includes an explanatory chapter on the newfangled compound locomotives.

Price: 50.00

Locomotives Of The LNER - a complete set of 11 volumes. Ref: S6825  

RCTS (ed E V Fry).
RCTS, 1977.
Uniform small quarto, a complete set of 11 volumes published in 19 separate parts, each a book in its own right. Approximately 5000 pages, detailed text, countless photo illustrations, tables and number lists; familiar green card covers as issued, a near fine set. ** A classic detailed locomotive history; includes background, principal dimension, constructional detail, allocation and work, liveries, numbering and renumbering, building and withdrawal dates. Volumes as follows:
Part 1: Preliminary Survey. 1963. 126 pages , coloured frontispiece.
Part 2A: Tender Engines - Classes A1 To A10. 1973. 231 pages, coloured frontispiece
Part 2B: Tender Engines - Classes B1 To B19. 1975. 180 pages.
Part 3A: Tender Engines - Classes C1 To C11. 1979. 148 pages.
Part 3B: Tender Engines - Classes D1 To D12. 1980. 108 pages.
Part 3C: Tender Engines - Classes D13 To D24. 1981. 118 pages.
Part 4 Tender Engines - Classes D25 To E7. 1968. 157 pages, coloured frontispiece.
Part 5: Tender Engines - Classes J1 To J37. 1966. 230 pages.
Part 6A: Tender Engines - Classes J38 To K5. 1982. 170 pages.
Part 6B: Tender Engines - Classes O1 To P2. 1983. 196 pages.
Part 6C: Tender Engines - Classes Q1 To Y10. 1984. 166 pages.
Part 7: Tank Engines - Classes A5 To H2. 1964. 118 pages.
Part 8A: Tank Engines - Classes J50 To J70. 1970. 102 pages.
Part 8B: Tank Engines - Classes J71 To J94. 1971. 94 pages.
Part 9A: Tank Engines - Classes L1 To N19. 1977. 170 pages.
Part 9B: Tank Engines - Classes Q1 To Z5. 1977. 116 pages.
Part 10A: Departmental Stock, Locomotive Sheds, Boiler And Tender Numbering 1988. 140 pages.
Part 10B: Railcars And Electric Stock. 1990. 150 pages.
Part 11: Supplementary Information. 2008, 2nd impression. 98 pages.
In all volumes except Part 11 the pages of photo plates are extra to the pagination. Some volumes have folding pages of statistical tables; Part 1 has a folding system map. All volumes have frontispieces; those in Parts 1, 2A and 4 are coloured.

Price: 230.00

Locomotives Of The Great Western Railway. Part Ten Absorbed Engines 1921-1947. Ref: S5831  

RCTS, 1966.
Octavo, 280 pages + approximately 156 pages of photo and line illustrations, a coloured frontispiece and four pages of maps of Welsh and M&SWJct lines. Card covers, VG+.

Price: 30.00

Locomotives Of The LNER. Part 2B: Tender Engines - Classes B1 To B19. Ref: S7391  

RCTS, 1975.
Small quarto, 180 pages, photos, drawings, statistical tables. Card covers, VG+.

Price: 17.00

Locomotives Of The LNER. Part 3B: Tender Engines - Classes D1 To D12. Ref: S7068  

RCTS, 1980.
Small quarto, 108 pages + frontispiece and 47 other photo plates, loco lists, other statistical tables. Card covers, fine.

Price: 18.00

Crewe Locomotive Works And Its Men. Ref: S7723  

Reed, B.
D&C, 1985.
Large octavo, 256 pages, photo illustrations on plates, line diagrams, jacket, fine. **The most detailed history of any British locomotive works.

Price: 18.00

Great Western Railway Gas Turbines. A myth exposed. Ref: S7705  

Robertson, K.
Alan Sutton,1989.
Small quarto, 213 pages, photos and line illustrations, tables, jacket, fine. ** The full story of the gas turbine locomotives, the build-up to their operation and the results they achieved in service, as well as the delays and problems they encountered. The gas turbine was seen as a potentially more advanced form of traction than diesel or electic, promising more power for the same financial outlay. "Perhaps the ultimate example of the independent attitude of the GWR".

Price: 16.00

LMS Locomotives. Ref: S6771  

Robinson, E E.
Egham: Robinson, 1934-5.
Three octavo booklets, 10; 18 and 13 pages, lists, some photos, card covers, VG+. **The booklets are:
The Claughton And Baby Scot Classes (Class Book No 1);
The Standard 3-cyl 4-4-0 Compound Passenger Class (Class Book No 2) and
The L&NWR 4-cylinder 4-4-0 Compound Passenger Engines & The 2-cylinder "Renown" Class Simples (Handbook No W1).
Each booklet contains class notes and comprehensive lists, giving LMS and pre-1923 numbers, names and dates. Class Book No 2 contains a note about the projected series, listing the two others catalogued here, but no more.

Price: 14.00

Locomotoras Garratt De Espana Y Del Mundo. Ref: S6764  

Rowe, D T, & Alvarez, M.
Barcelona, 2000: MAF.
Large landscape quarto, 176 pages. The first 66 pages are a chronology, tabulated details by manufacturer, using company, etc with b/w illustrations; the rest of book is a colour photo album. Spanish text. Fine. **Useful book with lists not readily obtainable elsewhere.

Price: 28.00

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway And Its Locomotives. Ref: S7668  

Rush, R W.
1949, Railway World, Ltd.
Large quarto, 154 pages, 99 side elevation drawings of locomotives and a folding map of the system, rebound in brown cloth, light pencil annotations throughout, otherwise a fine copy. **The history of the company is restricted to the first twenty pages. The rest is a detailed locomotive history with lists, building dates, etc. With Mason's books (L&Y In C20, etc) this is all there is on the subject.
The pencil notes - largely corrections - appear knowledgeable and might be considered a benefit rather than otherwise. Unfortunately we have no record of the previous owner.

Price: 30.00

'Halls', 'Granges', & 'Manors' At Work. Ref: S7569  

Rutherford, M.
1985, Ian Allan.
Quarto, 128 pages, many photos, drawings and diagrams, lists, tables, jacket, fine. **One of the At Work series on on the major steam and diesel classes, well illustrated and authoritative.

Price: 18.00

Locomotives. Extrait du catalogue général 1910 - No 4. Ref: S6731  

SA Saint-Léonard (machines & outils), Liége (Belgique).
Liége, 1910.
Folio, 30 pages, photo illustrations with main dimensions below, French/English/German/Italian/Spanish glossary of locomotive terms, otherwise French text, paper wrappers, VG+. **A range of muscular-looking tank and tender locomotives and some tram engines.

Price: 50.00

B&O Power. Steam, diesel and electric locomotives of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 1829-1964. Ref: S7656  

Sagle, L & Staufer, A.
Remsen Corners, OH, 1964 : Staufer Publications.
Large quarto, 351 pages, hundreds of photo illustrations, detailed rosters, jacket, VG.

Price: 40.00

Fahrzeugeportrait Reihe 310. Ref: S5810  

Schropfer, H.
Stuttgart, 2001: Transpress.
Large octavo, 126 pages, colour and b/w illustrations, tables, drawings, German text, laminated boards, fine. **Class portrait of the Golsdorf Austrian 2-6-4 express locomotives.

Price: 20.00

Die Lokomotiven Der Republik Österreich. Ref: S7490  

Slezak, J.O.
Vienna, 1970, Verlag J O Slezak, first edition.
Octavo, 208 pages, 151 photo illustrations, 130 locomotive drawings, tables, German text, glazed boards, near fine. ** Standard reference for all Austrian motive power since 1918.

Price: 15.00

Classic Steam Locomotives Of New Zealand; Classic Railcars, Electric & Diesel Locomotives Of New Zealand. Ref: S7095  

Stott, B & Heath, E.
Wellington, 1993 : Grantham House.
2 volumes large quarto landscape, each volume 64 pages of double page coloured drawings of side elevations of locomotives, with accompanying brief descriptions, jackets, a little fading at spines, otherwise near fine.

Price: 35.00

+ The Development Of The Locomotive. A popular history 1803 - 1896. Ref: S7857  

Stretton, C E.
Bracken, 1989, facsimile reprint of 1896 edition (5th).
Octavo, 252 pages, the original was illustrated with photos, clear line drawings and some nice lithos, all reproduced here by offset with varying success (line drawings are best, photos are grey), jacket, near fine. **Stretton's classic locomotive history began, logically enough, with Trevithick's pioneering experiments and chronicled the progress of British and American locomotive engineers up to the high-speed engines of the 1890s.

Price: 16.00

+ Report On Rail-Roads And Locomotive Engines. Addressed to the Chairman of the commitee of the Liverpool and Manchester projected rail-road. Ref: S7866  

Sylvester, C.
E&W, 1970 reprint of 1825 edition.
Octavo, 39 pages, black buckram with title on front, coloured endpapers and blocked in real gold (it says), jacket, near fine. **The L&M Railway Co was founded in 1823 and already in 1825 was considering the use of steam power on the line. Sylvester, an eminent engineer, studied the working of steam locomotives in the collieries of the north east and concluded that the high-pressure locomotive was the most economical form of power. "A most intriguing report" says O S Nock who wrote the jacket blurb.

Price: 8.00

HMRS Livery Register No 3. LSWR and Southern. Ref: S6867  

Tavender, L.
HMRS, 1970.
Small quarto, 76 pages, photos, diagrams, colour patches, card covers, VG.

Price: 10.00

Ruston & Hornsby Locomotives. Ref: S7373  

Tonks, E S.
IRS, 1974.
Large octavo, 92 pages, photo illustrations, site plan, loco lists by class, card covers, VG+.

Price: 12.00

Locomotives. W G Bagnall Ltd, Castle Engine Works, Stafford. Ref: S4310  

W G Bagnalls Ltd.
Undated but probably c1955.
Locomotive catalogue. Quarto, 56 pages, well illustrated and with four large folding engineering drawings of an 0-6-0 tank engine. Pictorial card covers and spiral binding. A little wear to covers, but contents VG. **Almost all steam, including some fireless designs, but also one 08 type diesel shunter.

Price: 48.00

The Deltic Years. From prototype to preservation. Ref: S5742  


Watson, H W.
PSL, 1989.
Quarto, 192 pages + 16 page colour section, b/w photos in text, jacket, near fine. **An annual survey from 1961 to 1981.

Price: 18.00

Sulzer Diesel Locomotives Of British Rail. Ref: S6050  

Webb, B.
D&C, 1978.
Large octavo, 96 pages, illustrated with photos and drawings, stock lists, jacket , near fine. **One of the respected D&C Locomotive Monograph/Studies series.

Price: 16.00

La Locomotive A Surchauffe. Ref: S7611  

Weber, A.
1931, Brussels : Buggenhoudt.
Large octavo, 448 pages, 276 illustrations and text diagrams, some on folding plates, tables, French text, cloth, fine copy, scarce. **Published under the auspices of the Haine St Pierre locomotive building company. Technical study of contemporary steam locomotive development.

Price: 30.00

Articulated Locomotives. Ref: S6682  


Weiner, L.
Milwaukee, Wi, 1970: Kalmbach reprint of the original 1930 London (Constable) edition.
Octavo, 628 pages, 213 photo illustrations and diagrams, 112 or more tables, near fine copy in slightly worn jacket. *Original contents with a new intro by Robert Lemassena; remains a standard work on the subject.

Price: 55.00

Die Baureihe 94. Ref: S7654  

Wenzel, H.
Solingen, 1973 : Eisenbahn-Kurier .
Octavo, 246 pages, 218 photos, tables, diagrams, German text, light card covers, near fine. ** Class of large 0-10-0T; 128 pages of class history and technical details are followed by a large album section.

Price: 15.00

The Power Of The Black Fives. Ref: S7069  

Whiteley, J S & Morrison, G W.
OPC, 1988.
Large quarto album, 144 pages, dust jacket, fine. **The very last engines to be withdrawn in 1968.

Price: 19.00

BR Steam Locomotives from nationalisation to modernisation. Ref: S5470  

Williams, A & Percival, D.
Ian Allan,
Four volumes, octavo, 79 + 64 + 72 + 80 pages + photo plates, jackets, VG set.
Part 1: Ex-GWR locomotives 1-9799, also ex-War Department and BR Standard locomotives 70000-92250;
Part 2: Ex-SR locomotives 1-2699, C1-40, 21C1-170, W1-34, BR 30001-36001, W1-36;
Part 3: Ex-LMS locomotives 1-28622, BR 40001-58937;
Part 4: Ex-LNER locomotives 1-10000 (BR 60001-69999.
**A complete list of all steam locomotives owned and operated by British Railways since nationalisation, set out in abc style, with class details, numbers, etc.

Price: 65.00

Locomotives For Heavy Industry. Ref: S6898  


Wordsworth, C.
Excpt Proc Inst Locomotive Engineers, 1955.
Octavo, 63 pages, 19 photos, disbound and stapled into serviceable card covers with paper backstrip, VG+. **Study of motive power at the Port Talbot steel works.

Price: 12.00

Locomotive Dictionary. Definitions and illustrations of American locomotives, their parts and equipment, together with typical illustrations of machine tools and devices used in their maintenance and repair. Ref: S3732  

Wright & Mitchell.
New York: Simmons-Boardman, 1916, 4th Edition.
Large quarto, 991 pages, 2565 photo illustrations and drawings. Title page and first few leaves slightly darkened, contents otherwise clean and tightly bound. New binding in heavy millboard, black cloth with bands and gilt on the spine closely replicating the publisher's style. A very good copy of a scarce early edition. **The bible of the American locomotive industry, first published in 1906. The book is on a monumental scale and covers all aspects of steam engine design, construction and maintenance. All original editions before 1940 are scarce in the UK, and this is the first 1916 copy that we have been able to offer.

Price: 350.00

Locomotive Valves And Valve Gears. With a special treatise on valve setting. Ref: S7838  

Yoder, J H & Wharen, G B.
1993 Camden reprint of 1921 New York corrected edition.
Octavo, 272 pages, 274 photo illustrations and drawings in text, maroon cloth without jacket, fine. ** "An explanation of the construction and action of the plain slide valve, the piston valve and the gears which operate them, as applied to locomotives." Mainly American practice but of universal application.

Price: 20.00

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