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Essays, fiction, humour, tickets, collecting, rail travel, walking. Also includes other transport subjects and industrial history.

200 Years Of The Lancaster Canal. Ref: MS3681  

An illustrated history.
Large, 168 pages, nice map, photo illustrations (much in colour), bibliography, hard back. ** The canal ran between Wigan and Kendal, via Preston and Lancaster; only in this century has it been connected to the national canal network. This is a new history of the canal, generously and interestingly illustrated.
Price: 25.00

A Day Above Lincolnshire. Ref: MS2476  

Nowell & Nowell.
Very large, square, 128 page album, glazed boards. ** Magnificent photographs taken from a hot air balloon. Handsome production, excellent value.
Price: 14.99

Archaeology Of Railways. Ref: MS0563  

Medium, 192 pages. Hard back.
Price: 19.99

Armoured Trains. Ref: MS3550  

An illustrated encyclopedia 1825-2016.
Very large, squarish format, 527 pages, photos, author's clear drawings (in HO scale), comtemporary drawings and other illustrations, some colour, hard back. **This is a translation of Les Trains Blinds, originally published in 1989. The work has been revised, expanded and brought up to date for the English edition. The introduction outlines the history of the armoured train (with illustrations including some of imaginatively sabotaged track). It proceeds to cover in detail, country by country, the huge range of fighting equipment that rode the rails over nearly two centuries.
Price: 50.00

Ayrshire's Forgotten Railways. Ref: MS3158  

A walker's guide. ORW1.
Medium, 200 pages, photos, maps, soft back. *Oakwood are now branching out into walkers' guides : this is the first. There are notes about access, terrain and facilities for each walk, but no individual maps - the maps are of the railway networks of different parts of the county. So you might get lost, but at least you will be well-informed as there is a substantial amount of local railway history given for each walk. The photos are predominantly of past scenes although some recent views are included.
Price: 15.95

Barry Railway Steamers. Ref: MS2011  

Medium, 224 pages, illustrated with photos and some drawings, dock plans and dock track layouts, very large folding page of scale boat drawings, soft back.
Price: 14.95

Bradshaw's Descriptive Railway Hand-Book Of Great Britain And Ireland. Ref: MS3339  

Special Collector's Edition
Small, 452 pages, plus 8 double-page maps in a final section, heavy paper, silk headband and marker ribbon, leather-covered hard back without jacket. **The title above is that given on the title page; the cover bears the title Bradshaw's Hand Book 1. 2. 3. 4.
This is the de luxe reprint of the actual book used on Michael Portillo's BBC TV programme containing four issues of Bradshaw's Descriptive Railway Handbook, bound especially for the series. Together the four parts of the book cover Great Britain plus all of Ireland and describe the main features and historic buildings of the principal towns. Here, then, is a reprint of Mr Portillo's own Bradshaw. It contains the indexes and descriptive text and most of the illustrations. The advertisements, all but one, are omitted. Eight of the town maps are included: Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Hull, Glasgow and Edinburgh. A high quality and very handsome production. The publishers describe the binding as leather, and it certainly resembles leather in every way except price and smell.
The book does not, of course, contain any time tables.
Price: 25.00

Bridgescapes. Ref: MS3608  

A personal journey through history celebrating Scotland's bridge-building heritage.
Large landscape, 184 pages, colour and mono photos, some line drawings, maps, bibliography, hard back. **This is not a railway book, but is likely to be of interest to many of our customers. It is a chronological survey of bridges and bridgebuilding in Scotland, beautifully illustrated with photographs by Lewis Matheson. Sketch maps show the sites of bridges in each chapter, grid references are also given. The text gives historical and technical background, and is - as the subtitle acknowledges - written from a personal point of view. It is a handsome production, and a snip at £18.
Price: 18.00

The Bridport Railway. Ref: MS3392  

Jackson & Tattershall.
Medium, 224 pages, photos, maps, station layouts, line drawings, hard back. **Essentially a second edition of The Bridport Branch, OPC, 1976. Last copy, old stock, jacket spine faded.
Price: 19.95

British Rail Architecture 1948-97. Ref: MS3625  

Very large, 239 pages, many photo illustrations, mono and colour, glossary, extensive bibliography, glazed boards. **In a worthy successor to his memorable British Rail Designed David Lawrence studies the progress and changing requirements of station architecture under the nationalised railway. The illustrations are generously provided from a range of sources - publicity material, contemporary illustrations and recent photographs.
Price: 35.00

British Rail Designed 1948-97. Ref: MS3553  

Very large, 272 pages, many photo illustrations, some colour, glossary, colour glossary (colour patches), bibliography, glazed boards. **Across the board history of British Railway design : architecture, locomotives, publicity, carriage interiors, staff uniforms, corporate identity et cetera. Well laid out, beautifully illustrated and fascinating. Really fascinating.
Price: 35.00

Brookwood Necropolis Railway. Ref: MS2193  

LP 143.
Medium, 192 pages, illustrated with photos, rolling stock drawings, track plans and maps; folding plan of cemetary. Soft back. **Fourth edition, revised and enlarged. A work of considerable interest, both from the railway and the socialogical points of view. As well as his exhaustive history of the cemetary and its railway the author provides much incidental information on funereal transport in general.
Price: 12.95

Brotherhoods, Engineers For Power, Transport & Weapons. Ref: MS3714  

Medium, 312 pages, photo and other illustrations, appendices, bibliography, soft back. **A history of the varied fortunes of an engineering family and their company, which after 150 years is still a respected manufacturer of engineering products. The work was originally published by David & Charles in 1965 as Brotherhoods, Engineers. The author has since updated and enlarged the book. A notable inclusion is the 50 pages of Rowland Brotherhood's history of his own life (1812-1883) written in 1881, an interesting and remarkable document.
Price: 26.00

Burntisland: Fife's Railway Port. Ref: MS1205  

Medium, 192 pages, maps, drawings, plans, soft back.
Price: 12.95

Burry Port & Gwendreath Valley Railway. Vol 1 Canals. Ref: MS1204  

And its antecedent canals. OL116A.
Medium, 184 pages, photos, maps, soft back.
Price: 12.95

Caley To The Coast. Ref: MS3141  

Or, Rothesay by Wemyss Bay. OL119.
Medium, 320 pages, illustrated with photos, sketches by the author and maps; chronology, bibliography; hard back. **Glasgow to Wemyss Bay railway, and the connecting steamer services.
Price: 25.00

Caradon & Looe. Ref: MS1422  

The canal, railways and mines.
Messenger, M.
Very large, 168 pages, illustrated with maps and photographs, soft back. **The definitive history of the Liskeard & Looe Union Canal, the Liskeard & Caradon Railway and the Liskeard & Looe Railway, now fully revised.
Price: 16.00

Cliff Railways Of The British Isles. Ref: MS0801  

Turner, K.
Medium, 176 pages, photos, some line drawings, soft back. Out of print, one copy left.
Price: 11.95

Cohen's. Ref: MS3654  

A Northamptonshire railway graveyard.
Very large, 128 pages, pictorial, much period colour, lists, glazed boards. **This is mainly an album of steam and diesel locomotives and units in the course of or awaiting dismantling at the Cransley yard. There are also photos of buses, carriages and LT stock which were scrapped here. Fascinating pictures, and to avoid it being too depressing some views of the victims at work in happier days are interspersed. Other nice additions are a history of the firm and of the ironworks which preceded Cohens at the site, and a short chapter on Northamptonshire iron ore railways./nWe have so often passed this site in the angle of the A43 and the A14 and had no idea of its former glory, still less that it was once rail connected.
Price: 25.00

Companion To British Road Haulage History. Ref: MS1603  

Armstrong, J and others.
Medium, 446 pages + 96 pages of photo illustrations, of which 32 are in colour, glazed boards. **Over 600 articles, arranged alphabetically, on the history of road freight transport in Britain in the twentieth century. It covers businesses - hauliers, lorry builders and others - economic, legal, administrative, technical and social aspects, from the very beginning of the motor vehicle era, through the slow transition from horse-drawn transport, to modern heavy lorries.
Price: 29.95

Great Western Railway Road Vehicles. Ref: MS0700  

Famous Fleets volume 4.
Aldridge & Earnshaw.
Medium square, 48 pages, pictorial. Soft back.
Price: 6.50

Final Journey. Ref: MS3856  

The untold story of funeral trains.
Large, 304 pages, well illustrated with photographs, some recent colour, gazetteer, extensive bibliography, endnotes, index, soft back. **This is an unexpected aspect of railway history - the London Necropolis Company's railway is well known but the general use of railways (and trams) to carry coffins has not been much studied. While we remember the funeral trains of royalty and of VIPs like Sir Winston Churchill it may not be realised that ordinary people also made their last journeys by train, the service only ceasing in the 1980s; indeed ceremonial funeral transport still continues on heritage railway. This is a wide-ranging study of the social and operating aspects of funeral trains and includes a section on rolling stock and equipment.
Price: 20.00

Forty Shades Of Steam. Ref: MS2208  

The story of the RPSI.
Cassells & Friel.
Large, 160 pages, photo illustrations, mostly colour, map. Soft back. **The Railway Preservation Society Of Ireland was founded in 1964 and continues to run terrific steam trips. An interesting read, with some evocative photos. Out of print - last copy.
Price: 14.99

Gazetteer Of The Coal Mines Of South Wales & Monmouthshire From 1854. Ref: MS3632  

Includes a searcheable CD of colliery information.
Very large, 192 pages including 21 pages of maps and 122 pages of photos illustrations, bibliography, appendices, cd in rear pocket, glazed boards. ** The gazetteer itself, which provides a great deal of historical and other information about each mine, is on the cd which accompanies this book. The books contains maps of the area showing mines and their railways together with a large collection of handsome and interesting photos showing the mines and railways in their setting.
Price: 30.00

Goodbye To Victoria The Last Queen Empress. Ref: MS3149  

The story of Queen Victoria's funeral train.
Medium, 96 pages, photos, drawings from contemporary news coverage, soft back.
Price: 8.95

Harwich Ferries. Ref: MS3842  

Parkeston Quay under railway ownership. New revised edition.
Brown, S.
Very large, 292 pages, well illustrated with photos, plans etc, some colour, alphabetical fleet list with statistics and brief history of each ship, soft back. **A very detailed history of the port of Harwich, and particularly Parkeston Quay, eventually the most versatile of British ports. At no other port was there such a variety of passenger ferries, freight and container ships, train ferries and car boats. The book takes the story to 1990.
Price: 22.95

A History Of The Metropolitan Railway & Metroland. Ref: MS3624  

Very large, 160 pages, generously illustrated with photos, maps, adverts etc, exhaustive bibliography, glazed boards. **There have been previous histories of the Met, and of Metroland. I think this is the first to chronicle both these ambitious and groundbreaking undertakings in the light of each other.
Price: 30.00

Toy Story. Life And Times Of Frank Hornby. Ref: MS1166  

Medium, 288 pages, hard back.
Price: 17.99

Illustrated History Of The Port Of Goole And Its Railways. Ref: MS3466  

Fell, M.G.
Very large, 120 pages, photo illustrations, some colour, dock plans, track layout, soft back. **The author was Port Manager at Goole and Hull between 1998 and 2003. As with his book on King's Lynn, he does not claim this as a definitive history but an informative and graphic portrayal of the port from its inception until the present day, including its railway connections past and present. The port thrives, and this record of it does it ample justice.
We were privileged to be shown over the port by the author, an unforgettable experience, the fascination intensified by the sight of more timber than one could have imagined possible.
Price: 16.95

Illustrated History Of The Port Of Hull And Its Railways. Ref: MS3626  

Fell, M.G.
Very large, 168 pages, photo and other illustrations, some colour, dock plans, track layout, soft back. **The author was Port Manager/Director at Hull until 2003. This history completes the trilogy begun with his books on Goole and King's Lynn. Again it is not intended as a definitive history, rather a description of Hull's docks and riverside installations and of the railways that connected them to the national network. It does, in fact, offer a considerable body of historical information, and is a lively portrait of the workings of an important port.
Price: 22.95

Isle Of Wight Here We Come. Ref: MS3163  

The story of the Southern Railway's Isle Of Wight ships during the war 1939-1945. X58.
Medium, 80 pages, illustrated with photos, boat plans and drawings and a plan of Portsmouth harbour, soft back. Out of print, one copy left.
Price: 6.95

Kingston-upon-Hull. Images Of A Rich Transport Heritage. Ref: MS3506  

Road - rail - water.
Large, 112 page album, soft back. **A fine assemblage of photos - mostly taken by the author in the 1950s and 1960s - of buses, trains and ships.
Price: 15.99

L T C Rolt: A Bibliography. Ref: MS0835  

Rogerson/Maxim/Rolt ed Baldwin.
Medium, 55 pages, illustrated. Card covers. **Lists all books and periodical contributions.
Price: 6.00

Limestone Industries Of The Yorkshire Dales. Ref: MS1407  

Johnson, D.
Medium, 192 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), diagrams of kilns etc. Soft back. **A wide-ranging history of the industry in the area.
Price: 16.99

The Little Eaton Gangway And Derby Canal. Ref: MS3826  

LP71, third edition.
Medium, 80 pages, illustrated with photos and maps, bibliography, soft back. 3rd edition, revised. **Canal and early plateway bringing coal from Denby to Derby.
Price: 13.95

LMS Central Division Miscellany. Part One 1921-1930. Ref: MS3693  

A portrait of the L&Y's lines and property in the LMS period.
Very large, 115 page photo album, glazed boards. **After the LMS took over it might have seemed that the old L&Y remained unchanged, but it did change, probably much as it would have done if left to itself. This series of photos, the first of a planned series, illustrates the start of that process, particularly with regard to locomotives and rolling stock.
Price: 15.00

The London, Tilbury And Southend Railway. Volume 6 The Gravesend Ferry. Ref: MS3602  

A history of the company and line.
Very large, 78 pages, illustrated with photos, large scale maps, structure drawings and diagrams, soft back. **The history of the LTSR at Tilbury, its various stations, docks and maritime services. Excellent and detailed local history. This history of the ancient ferry between Tilbury and the Gravesend confines itself to the period from the 1850s when it was owned by the railway company. The development, piers, ships and operation are all covered in depth and generously illustrated with some remarkable photos.
Price: 11.95

Manifold Valley Railway. Ref: MS3169  

An anthology.
Medium, 63 pages, illustrated with sketches by the author, soft back.
Price: 5.95

Mechanical Horses. Ref: MS2743  

Medium, 96 pages, photo illustrations, some period colour, soft back. **The introduction of articulation into the road haulage industry. The most common form of articulation up to the 1970s was the automatic coupling designed by O D North of Scammells in the early 1930s, particularly used by the railway companies for their road haulage vehicles.
Price: 13.95

The Melton To Oakham Canal. Ref: MS3436  

Medium, 127 pages, map endpapers, photos illustrations in text, notes and sources, glazed boards. **This history was first published in 1968 as The Oakham Canal. This is the second, revised edition of 1984, of which we have a small stock. Our copies are new in the sense that they are not pre-owned, but they no longer sparkle and a slight yellowing of the pages is discernable.
Price: 11.00

Modelling Further Aspects Of The Coal Industry. Ref: MS2242  

Johnson, R.
Very large, 96 pages, illustrated mainly with photographs, hard back. **Follow-up to the author's Modelling Aspects Of The Coal Industry, this too is mainly an album of colliery railway views, and also includes photos of models and some advertisements
Price: 19.99

Myths & Legends Of Stamford In Lincolnshire. Ref: MS1578  

Smith, M.
Medium, 128 pages, illustrated in the antique taste by the author, soft back. **This is the book we sell to non-railway-minded train travellers: as (almost) the only non-transport book we stock it saves them the hassle of decision-making. It is a good choice: a collection of Stamford's myths, legends, miracles, customs and curious characters written and drawn by a truly talented local man and handsomely produced in antiquarian style by an off-beat local publisher. A book Stamford can be proud of.
Price: 7.95

The Ocean Coal Company And "The Barry". Ref: MS3877  

David Davies's extraordinary South Wales enterprises.
Very large, 272 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. **The "finest seams of coal in the world" were exploited by David Davies' Ocean Coal Co collieries in Rhondda Fawr and adjacent valleys; Davies was also "arch promoter" of the Barry Railway which transported the coal to the docks and became Great Britain's greatest shipper of coal. Closely researched and related in detail here is another engrossing history of South Wales rail and mining enterprise.
This work stands with the author's Peerless Powell Duffryn (W3015) and The Tredegar Company (W3566) as a chronicle of the "Big Three" South Wales coal undertakings.
Price: 35.00

The Peak Forest Tramway. Ref: MS3819  

Including the Peak Forest Canal. LP38.
Medium, 80 pages, illustrated with photos and maps, very detailed chronology, soft back. 4th revised edition. **The canal and tramway were built in the late C18 - early C19 to bring limestone from the peak district to Manchester, a fascinating operation.
Price: 13.95

Peerless Powell Duffryn. Ref: MS3015  

Of the South Wales coalfield.
Very large, 240 pages, many photo and other illustrations, colliery site plans, bibliography, glazed boards. ** The first full history of Powell Duffryn, Britain's foremost coal company.
Price: 24.99

Pick Of Stamford. Ref: MS1507  

A history of the Pick Motor Company.
Key, M.
Large, 128 pages, illustrated with photos, drawings and reproductions of the firm's trade catalogues. Glazed boards. ** Published in 1994; we have just two copies of this left. It's new in the sense that it's not secondhand, but it's a trifle faded on the cover. It's a history of a local manufacturer of motor cars 1900-25, and is full of local as well as motoring interest.
Price: 14.95

The Piers, Tramways And Railways At Ryde. Ref: MS3170  

Maycock, R J & Silsbury, R.
Medium, 176 pages, illustrated with photos, maps, street plans, signal diagrams, stock lists of tramway and ferry vessels, bibliography, hard back. **Useful all-inclusive local transport history.
Price: 16.95

Poster To Poster. Volume 1 Scotland. Ref: MS2645  

Railway journeys in art.
Very large landscape, 236 pages, colour images, discursive text, poster database in county order, bibliography, hardback. **First of a planned series of seven volumes intended to catalogue British railway posters throughout the twentieth century, and based largely on the magnificent collection of the NRM.
Price: 35.00

Poster To Poster. Volume 4 The Eastern Counties. Ref: MS2867  

Railway journeys in art.
Very large landscape, 256 pages, colour images, discursive text, poster database in county order, bibliography, hardback. **Fourth of a planned series of seven volumes intended to catalogue British railway posters throughout the twentieth century, and based largely on the magnificent collection of the NRM. Last copy.
Price: 35.00

Poster To Poster. Volume 5 London And The South East. Ref: MS2968  

Railway journeys in art.
Very large landscape, 256 pages, colour images, discursive text, poster database in county order, bibliography, hardback. **Fifth of a planned series of seven volumes intended to catalogue British railway posters throughout the twentieth century, and based largely on the magnificent collection of the NRM.
Price: 38.00

Poster To Poster. Volume 7 The Glorious South-West. Ref: MS3250  

Railway journeys in art.
Very large landscape, 264 pages, colour images, discursive text, poster database in county order, bibliography, hardback. **Seventh and last volume of a fine series cataloguing British railway posters throughout the twentieth century, and based largely on the magnificent collection of the NRM. Cornwall, Devonshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, the Channel Islands and the Scillies.
Price: 39.00

Radio Caroline. Ref: MS3609  

The pirate years. Revised and updated edition.
Humphries, R C.
Medium, 208 pages, some photo illustrations mostly the ships rather than personalities). Soft back. ** X77. "Pirate stations came and went but one name outlasted all the others: Radio Caroline, Britain's first and last offshore radio station. She survived storms, drifting, piracy, rebellion and the loss of her beloved ship, the Mi Amigo. This is her story and the story of the events which shaped popular music radio as we know it today."
Price: 18.95

Rails Across The Sea / Sporen over de Zee. Ref: MS3841  

The Harwich - Zeebrugge train ferry story / Het verhaal van het treinveer Harwich - Zeebrugge.
Very large, 80 pages, English and Flemish text, copiously illustrated with photos, maps and plans, soft back. ** "A long overdue history of the train ferry service between Harwich and Zeebrugge, its precursers and its legacy." The author was the BR Rolling Stock Inspector at Zeebrugge, so there is plenty of inside information and a fine collection of fascinating photos.
Price: 14.95

Rails To Turnberry And The Heads Of Ayr. Ref: MS3394  

The Maidens & Dunure Light Railway and the Butlin's branch. OL155.
McConnell & Rankin.
Medium, 304 pages, photo illustrations, maps, soft back. **Substantial line history.
Price: 19.95

The Railway Gazette Special War Transportation Number. Ref: MS3185  

Very large, 160 pages, illustrated with photos and drawings, soft back. **This is a reprint of the Railway Gazette Special Issue of 21 September 1920. The Gazette's current editor writes that it : "provides a fascinating insight into the work of the British Government's Directorate of Movement and Railways, bringing together 'the first connected account' of the role of railways and water transport during the Great War of 1914-18. It remains one of the few comprehensive studies of the colossal transport efforts that supported the British military campaign, both on the Western front and in other theatres of war." The hardback edition is now out of print.
Price: 14.95

Railway Guns. Ref: MS3552  

British and German guns at war.
Large, 121 pages, many photos, diagrams, maps, bibliography, hard back. ** Railway guns were developed as a means of transporting massive long-range guns overland during the first world war. This books covers the guns, the locomotives that hauled them, the locations and targets and what it was like when firing took place.
Price: 19.99

The Railways Of North East Lincolnshire A celebration of the days of steam. Part Three. Ref: MS3801  

More than railways (docks, shipping and trams).
Very large, 120 pages, pictorial : maps, plans, many photos; tram stock list, appendices, brief bibliography, softback. **The docks at Grimsby, Immingham, Sutton on Sea and New Holland and the trams at Immingham. Fascinating photos of docks,shipping and trams.
A fourth part, provisionally titled Comforts And Fish, is also planned.
Price: 18.95

Railways, Ports and Resorts Of Morecambe Bay. Ref: MS3760  

Including the Ulverston Canal.
Medium, 64 pages, photos and illustrations from contemporary sources, some modern colour, bibliography, soft back. **Railways transformed Morecambe Bay, creating the industrial town of Barrow, the resorts of Grange-over-Sands and Morecambe and culminating in the new deepwater port at Heysham. The author also chronicles the forgotten ports of Milnthorpe, Greenodd and Ulverston (with its ship canal) and the Leven, Kent and Bela viaducts. Some super double-page photos.
Price: 10.00

The Rise And Fall Of King Coal. Ref: MS3892  

Mines - miners - mining - the full story. A tribute to mark the end of one of Britain's greatest industries.
Very large, 256 pages, generously illustrated with much in colour : photos, diagrams, map, glossary of mining terms, index, glazed boards. **The history of coal from its origins in prehistoric swamps via primitive mediaeval workings to the increasingly intensive extraction of coal from the industrial revolution onwards into the 20th century. All aspects of extraction are covered including (from a very incomplete summary of the contents list) seams and coalfaces themselves, underground transport, ventilation, headstocks and shafts, above-ground operations: washeries, spoil heaps, surface railways, opencast and drift mines, disasters, mining communities, strikes and closures. As may be seen this is a complex and fascinating story, compellingly told and rich in detail - a book to be warmly recommended.
Price: 29.99

An Illustrated History Of The Severn & Wye Railway Volume 5. Ref: MS3815  

Very large, 205 pages, illustrated with photos, large scale maps, site plans, junction and other diagrams, glazed boards. **Fifth volume of a projected six-volume work looks at all the facets of the harbour at Lydney, where most of the Forest of Dean coal was transhipped into small coasting vessels for shipment to Bristol, the west country and Ireland.
Volume 6 is to cover the Severn Bridge Railway and Sharpness Docks.
Price: 25.00

Shakespeare's Avon. Ref: MS3130  

Medium, 152 pages, illustrated with photos and maps. Soft back.
Price: 8.95

Stamford On Old Picture Postcards. Ref: MS1139  

Medium, 36 pages, soft back. *"A selection of picture postcards featuring scenes from the last century, with informative captions."
Price: 3.95

Stamford's Industrial Past. Ref: MS3858  

An untold story.
Very large, 172 pages, photo, maps and other illustrations, soft back. **Here's a book which clearly should be on every bookshelf in Stamford, but it will please anyone interested in industrial history. Anyone who supposed Stamford was just a pretty face of Georgian buildings will be surprised to learn of its heavy engineering industry. Other industries included plastic, textiles, brewing and printing. The book also covers the various transport and public services in the town (the photo of Stamford railway station dates back to when our shop was there). The photos and maps are well chosen and full of interest. Also it is terrifically good value for a substantial book.
Price: 14.95

The Stephenson Locomotive Society. Ref: MS3532  

A centenary celebration 1909-2009.
Hennessey, Fell & Lewis, eds.
Medium, 86 pages, illustrated with photographs and locomotive drawings soft back. **Charming miscellany including a history of the Society's founding and early development, and articles about notable members. Also lots of locomotives.
Price: 3.00

Sunrise On The Southbound Sleeper. Ref: MS3010  

The new Telegraph book of great railway journeys.
Kerr (ed).
Medium, 336 pages, hard back. **A delightful anthology of railway travel articles.
Price: 20.00

Supporting The British Expeditionary Force. Ref: MS2969  

The Royal Engineer railway units in France 1939-1940.
Very large, 96 pages, illustrated with photos and some drawings, map, lists, glazed boards. ** An account of the use of railways to support the BEF in France 1939 - 40 up to the evacuation at Dunkirk, and a chronicle of the fate of the abandoned engines during the remainder of the war and their eventual return to Britain.
Price: 19.95

Tales From The Fast Trains. Ref: MS2898  

Europe at 186 mph.
Octavo, 315 pages, map, soft back. ** "Tired of airport security queues, delays ... Tom Chesshyre embarks on a series of high-speed adventures across the continent on its fast trains instead. He discovers the hidden delights of mysterious Luxembourg, super-trendy Rotterdam, much-maligned Frankfurt and lovely lakeside Lausanne, via a pop concert in Lille".
Price: 8.99

Train Ferries Of Europe. Ref: MS3831  

Very large, 288 pages, well illustrated with photos, maps, ship diagrams, train deck plans etc, glazed boards. **Not before time the compelling history of the train ferry is brought up to date. This welcome volume encompasses, with technical and operational detail, the story of more than 100 train ferries in Europe; a history going back to 1850, when the first train ferry crossed the Firth of Forth (and remnants of it may still be seen).
A companion volume covers train ferries beyond Europe.
Price: 35.00

Train Ferries Of The Americas, Asia & Africa. Ref: MS3830  

Very large, 192 pages, well illustrated with photos, maps, ship diagrams, train deck plans etc, glazed boards. **First point to note here is that Australasia is included, despite the title. The book encompasses, with technical and operational detail, the story of more than 300 train ferries outside Europe; a history going back over the last 170 years - and it is a fascinating one which has all but disappeared.
A companion volume covers the train ferries of Europe.
Price: 25.00

The Tredegar Company Ref: MS3566  

One of the South Wales Coalfield's 'Big Three'.
Very large, 208 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. ** The Tredegar Company earned its wealth from iron and coal. This detailed history of the concern and its industries from early nineteenth century beginnings to NCB ownership is a sequel to the author's Peerless Powell Duffryn (W3015).
Price: 25.00

F W Webb 1836 - 1906. Ref: MS3031  

A bibliography.
Very large, 90 pages + 8 pages of colour plates, other photo illustrations, chronology, index, soft back. **An intensively researched bibliography of the great locomotive engineer's written works, and of works about him. Much biographical material is included.
Price: 15.00

Wellington Foundry, Lincoln. Ref: MS0580  

William Foster, Lincoln.
Very large, 192 pages. Hard back.
Possibly out of print, in which case this is the last copy.
Price: 30.00

West Shropshire Mining Fields. Ref: MS2211  

Medium, 128 pages, pictorial with many interesting period photographs. Soft back. **Primarily about the mines and includes views of the mineral railways.
Price: 10.99

Weymouth To The Channel Islands. Ref: MS0800  

A Great Western Railway shipping history. X76.
Jackson, B L.
Medium, 208 pages, photos, maps, line drawings, soft back.
Price: 13.95

A, B, C And M. Ref: MS2350  

Road numbering revealed.
Emmerson & Bancroft.
Medium, 94 pages, photos, maps, soft back. ** "Who devised Britain's road numbering scheme and what was its purpose? When were roads first numbered? Are there anomalies and why are so many road numbers never shown on maps and signs? These and many other fascinating topics are discussed in this book together with something about the history of the highways, byways and motorways of Great Britain and the Irish Republic."
Price: 7.95

British Fire Engines Of The 50s And 60s. Ref: MS0701  

Famous Fleets volume 3.
Medium square, 52 pages, pictorial. Soft back.
Price: 6.50

British Railways Illustrated Annual Number 13. Ref: MS1888  

Hawkins (ed).
Very large with glazed boards, 96 pages, many photos. **Articles include Diesels for LNER, Melrose, Barking, Caley, Holyhead.
Not normally kept in stock but can be ordered in, please phone or e-mail.
Price: 14.95

Conside Trilogy. Ref: MS2917  

A story of iron and coal in north west Durham and the railways that linked them to the outside world.
Very large, 191 pages, illustrated with photos (some colour); diagrams, map, soft back. **A book packed with information on these industries in and around Consett. There are also chapters on docks and shipping and on local interests in the Spanish steel industry.
Price: 12.95

Crane Makers Of Carlisle. Ref: MS1847  

The Cowans Sheldon Story.
Earnshaw, A.
Medium square, 72 pages, photo illustrations, soft back. *A nice little history.
Price: 9.95

Ferry Services Of The London, Brighton & South Coast Railway. Ref: MS0472  

Jordan, S.
Medium, 112 pages. Soft back. LAST COPY
Price: 8.95

Garrett Wagons Part 1. Pioneers & Overtypes. Ref: MS1519  

Whitehead, R W.
Very large, 142 pages, photo illustrations, some line drawings, stock lists. Glazed boards.
Price: 18.00

Garrett Wagons Part 3. Electrics & Motors. Ref: MS1520  

Whitehead, R W.
Very large, 144 pages, photo illustrations, some line drawings, stock lists. Glazed boards.
Price: 18.00

Horton's Guide To Britain's Railways In Feature Films. Ref: MS2618  

Updated second edition
Medium, 192 pages + xvi pages of photo plates, soft back. ** "This A-Z guide lists nearly 1000 feature films that have British railway content, and gives details of where the sequences were filmed, whether on the contemporary railway or more recently using the facilities of preserved lines." Includes trams, London underground and Irish scenes; extra information for many films, including pointing up howlers and continuity errors.
Price: 17.99

Last Call For The Dining Car. Ref: MS2704  

The Telegraph book of great railway journeys.
Kerr (ed).
Medium, 338 pages, hard back. ** A super anthology of railway travel articles and snippets from the Telegraph archives: we recommend the piece in which Boris Johnson reviles Network Rail; also the articles about the first television programme received on a moving train (1933) and the journey from Wick to Vladivostok and.. but alas I have other books to catalogue. A smartly produced volume.
Price: 18.99

Lightning Force. Ref: MS2113  

RAF units 1960-1988. A photographic appreciation of the English Electric Lightning.
Square quarto, 112 page colour album, soft back. **We do not normally stock new books on aviation, this one has snuck in under the radar.
Price: 19.95

LMS Railway Road Vehicles. Ref: MS1379  

Famous Fleets volume 6.
Earnshaw & Aldridge.
Medium square, 48 pages, pictorial. Soft back.
Price: 6.50

Locomotive Headboards. Ref: MS2438  

The complete story.
Large, 294 pages, pictorial: photos (some colour) and drawings, hard back. **The first headboards for trains were introduced by the NBR in 1912, the last by Virgin in 1996; however the practice was only common nationally for about 15 years of that period. This comprehensive history covers all named trains running with headboards and explores the minutiae of design, materials, shapes and styles.
Price: 25.00

The Minehead Branch 1848-1971. Ref: MS2882  

The history of the West Somerset and Minehead railway companies.
Very large, 392 pages, well illustrated with photographs and contemporary illustrations, structure drawings, site plans and maps, hard back. ** Second edition of this exhaustive line history which includes operation, detailed line descriptions, and an original and interesting extra - an alphabetical list of employees.
Price: 24.99

Municpal Refuse Collection Vehicles. Ref: MS0703  

Nostalgia Road No 1.
Medium square, 48 pages, pictorial, soft back.
Price: 6.50

Official Railway Postcard Book. Ref: MS0191  

Very large, 400 pages, soft back.
Price: 15.50

Quarries Of England And Wales. Ref: MS0709  

Historic photographic scenes.
Medium square, 120 pages. Hard back.
Limited stock, to order only.
Price: 25.00

Rail & Road Transport On The Isle Of Portland. Ref: MS1133  

A pictorial survey.
Medium, 160 pages,soft back.
Price: 11.95

Railway Ships And Packet Ports. Ref: MS2361  

Very large, 136 pages, many photo illustrations, map,. Hard back. **Backed by many years' research into British small passenger ships, this is a fascinating study of railway shipping - cargo and passenger, on sea and lake - and includes a chapter on railway harbours. Handsome production, too.
Price: 18.00

Railways And Rural Life. Ref: MS2395  

S W A Newton and the Great Central Railway.
Boyd-Hope & Sargent.
Large landscape, 215 pages, album with 8 page introduction, hard back. **This book re-treads the ground classically covered by L T C Rolt in The Making Of A Railway, where Newton's pictures of the construction of the Great Central London Extension were first published. Many of the photographs appear in both books and Rolt's work appears in the list of sources consulted, it is regrettable that the authors were unable to recall the correct spelling of his name. However, during his GC travels, Newton also photographed scenes of day to day life in the surrounding towns and countryside and it is for these many extra pictures, full of interesting detail, that one might prefer this book to Rolt's.
Price: 17.99

Rhondda Collieries. Ref: MS1948  

Medium, 128 pages, pictorial with many interesting period photographs. Soft back.
Price: 9.99

South For Sunshine. Ref: MS0232  

Southern Railway Publicity And Posters 1923 - 1947.
Hillman & Cole.
Large square, 64 pages, colour album, soft back. **From a golden age of graphic design.
Price: 7.95

South Kesteven. Ref: MS1922  

On old picture postcards.
Medium, 36 pages, album, soft back. *"A selection of picture postcards featuring scenes in Bourne, Grantham, Stamford and surrounding villages during the last century, with informative captions."
Price: 3.50

South Yorkshire Collieries. Ref: MS1544  

Goodchild, J.
Medium, 128 page album with many interesting period photographs. Soft back.
Price: 10.99

St Nicholas Works. Ref: MS0581  

A history of Charles Burrell & Sons Ltd 1803 - 1928.
Very large, 304 pages. Hard back.
Price: 30.00

Stamford Pubs And Breweries. Ref: MS2246  

Smith, M.
Large, 328 pages, many photo and other illustrations, soft back. **A lovely book by the author of Stamford Myths And Legends, it is a catalogue of all pubs, alehouses, inns and breweries known of in Stamford, with dates, details of ownership, beers sold, and a good deal of fascinating historical anecdote. Well written, handsomely produced.
Price: 23.95

Steamers Of The Clyde. Ref: MS1638  

Deayton, A.
Medium, 128 page album with many interesting period photographs. Soft back. **The first NB Clyde steamer service ran in 1866 and after an inauspicious beginning grew to a large operation, of which the well-known and loved Waverley is the last survivor.
Price: 12.99

Steam's Silver Lining. Ref: MS1072  

Cassells, J.
Medium, 76 pages, photos, map. Soft back. **A silver jubilee celebration of the trains of the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland 1964 - 1989.
Price: 4.95

Story Of Queen's Engineering Works, Bedford. Ref: MS1514  

Lane, M R.
Very large, 160 pages, illustrated. Hard back. **History of W. H. Allen Sons & Co Ltd.
Price: 28.00

Transport In Britain 1750 - 2000. Ref: MS1197  

From canal lock to gridlock.
Bagwell & Lyth.
Medium, 272 pages, hard back.
Price: 25.00

Travelling Around The Isle Of Wight. Ref: MS1309  

On old picture postcards.
Medium, 36 pages, album. Soft back. *"A selection of picture postcards featuring rail and road transport during the last century, with informative captions."
Price: 3.50

West Yorkshire Coalfield. Ref: MS1893  

Goodchild, J.
Medium, 128 page album with many interesting period photographs. Soft back.
Price: 11.99

What's In A Name? Part 1 - LNER. Ref: MS2619  

The origins, meanings and significance of steam locomotive names in the British Railways era.
Medium, 295 pages, soft back. **Geography, history, literature, sport - there is a complete education in this compendium of knowledge. Owners of this book, and their families, will need to look no further for details of the products of counties served by the LNER, nor for the plots of the Waverley novels. An ideal present for a compiler of pub quizzes. Note that although the title refers to the LNER the locomotive numbers given are the BR ones.
Price: 15.50

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