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Main Railway Catalogues

We issue printed catalogues of rare, antiquarian, out-of-print and interesting modern books once or twice a year. These are not basic or simple stock lists and comprise only a small (but very superior) selection of our railway books. They are written with erudition, and not a little wit, for the serious book collector.

Each catalogue consists of at least 50 pages or 1,000 entries but are usually larger.
The stock listed in our printed catalogues is not listed on-line.

If you would like to receive them, please complete the subscription form. You can also purchase a subscription or single copy of the next issue through our online catalogue.

A subscription buys four main catalogues of rare, old and out-of-print books on railways and related subjects. Subscribers are also sent any intervening stock clearance or minor catalogues on railway subjects (see below) and their copies are mailed in advance of those to non-subscribers.

All subscribers' catalogues are mailed 1st class inland or air mail abroad.

Railway Stock Clearance

Despite our selective attitude to buying we inevitably acquire stuff which we want to dispose of quickly. Some volumes are rather too well used or faulty or are public library copies and some are worthy books of which we have just too many copies; there will be no Gift Books ("Great Steam Engines Of The World" and similar), these go to charity. We list these accumulations in free "cheap lists" once every year or two; they are very popular


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