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Regional Railways : Scotland

Online Catalogue |  New Books |  Regional Railways : Scotland

Alnwick & Cornhill Railway. Ref: SC2435  

Also known as the Alnwick & Coldstream.
Addyman & Mallon.
Very large, 112 pages, map, photos, station track layouts and drawings of buildings, soft back. **Detailed history of this long lost line.

Price: 12.95

Ayrshire's Forgotten Railways. Ref: SC3158  

A walker's guide. ORW1.
Medium, 200 pages, photos, maps, soft back. *Oakwood are now branching out into walkers' guides : this is the first. There are notes about access, terrain and facilities for each walk, but no individual maps - the maps are of the railway networks of different parts of the county. So you might get lost, but at least you will be well-informed as there is a substantial amount of local railway history given for each walk. The photos are predominantly of past scenes although some recent views are included.

Price: 15.95

Berwick To Drem (Scottish Main Lines). Ref: SC3542  

Including the Eyemouth and North Berwick branches.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, approximately 96 pages, album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Berwick To St Boswells (Country Railway Routes). Ref: SC3547  

Via Kelso. Including the Jedburgh branch.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

The Black Isle Railway. Ref: SC3194  

The Muir of Ord to Fortrose branch.
Medium, 112 pages, maps, photo illustrations, structure drawings, soft back. **Nice line history. An original touch is to feature in three short photos-only chapters, the visits of three photographers to the branch. These are H Casserley (1928), J Stevenson (1948) and W A C Smith (1959)

Price: 8.50

Blair Atholl's Railway. Ref: SC3305  

Medium, 112 pages, station plans, photo illustrations, employee lists, soft back. **How the railway came to Blair Atholl and its influence on the neighbourhood. Its shed housed the engines which banked the trains over Drumochter Pass, the highest main line in Britain.

Price: 9.50

BR Steam In Scotland. Ref: SC3191  

Very large, 320 pages black & white album of steam locomotives during the BR period in Scotland. Map endpapers, glazed boards.

Price: 25.00

Branch Lines Of Strathearn. Ref: SC3284  

Tourists, tatties and trains.
Very large, 296 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. **Perthshire. A substantial and thorough study of the branch lines of the district from the opening of the Crieff Junction Railway in 1856 to the closure of the last section of line in 1967. One branch served the Gleneagles Hotel and a chapter is devoted to the history of this, one of the grandest of all railway hotels.

Price: 30.00

British Small Mines (North). Ref: SC0665  

Large, 112 pages with 142 photos and site plans. Hard back. **Studies of 28 representative drift mines working a variety of minerals in northern England and southern Scotland.

Price: 18.00

Burntisland: Fife's Railway Port. Ref: SC1205  

Medium, 192 pages, maps, drawings, plans, soft back.

Price: 12.95

The Cairn Valley Light Railway. Ref: SC3138  

Moniaive to Dumfries. LP217
Medium, 96 pages, photos, structure drawings, map, soft back.

Price: 8.95

The Caledonian Railway 'Jumbos'. Ref: SC3127  

The 18in x 26in 0-6-0s.
Very large, 192 pages, many photographs, drawings and diagrams, some colour, map, tabulated record card data, glazed boards. ** An exhaustive class study.

Price: 22.50

Caley To The Coast. Ref: SC3141  

Or, Rothesay by Wemyss Bay. OL119.
Medium, 320 pages, illustrated with photos, sketches by the author and maps; chronology, bibliography; hard back. **Glasgow to Wemyss Bay railway, and the connecting steamer services.

Price: 25.00

Carlisle To Hawick (Scottish Main Lines). Ref: SC2906  

The Waverley Route.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, 96-page album, large-scale maps, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

The Cathcart Circle. Ref: SC2843  

Very large, 160 pages, many photo illustrations (some colour), maps, track diagrams, glazed boards. **Full line history of this eight-mile railway from Glasgow Central to Glasgow Central. First published in 1980, this expanded second edition is a considerably larger book.

Price: 22.50

The Dingwall & Skye Railway. Ref: SC3473  

A pictorial record of the line to the Kyle of Lochalsh.
Very large, 160 pages, illustrated with photos (some colour), structure drawings, and large and small scale maps, glazed boards. **Well illustrated history of a remote and beautiful railway.

Price: 27.95

Directors, Dilemmas And Debt. Ref: SC3255  

The Great North Of Scotland and Highland Railways in the mid-nineteenth century.
Very large, 124 pages, maps, some photos, extensive bibliography, soft back.

Price: 12.50

Dundee And Newtyle Railway Including The Alyth And Blairgowrie Branches. Ref: SC0103  

Ferguson, N.
Medium, 242 pages + 64 pages photos, maps. Hard back.

Price: 19.50

Edinburgh St Margaret's. Ref: SC3351  

The story of the 'other' Edinburgh depot of the North British Railway 1845-1967.
Very large, 320 pages, many photo illustrations, diagrams, maps, glazed boards. ** The largest, if not the most famous, running shed in Scotland was built by the NBR in 1845. It was mainly associated with the movement of coal and general freight, and was described as a dark smokey hole filled with Reid's Relics. This thorough history of the depot includes a fund of anecdote and information from the former staff.

Price: 30.00

Edinburgh Suburban And South Side Junction Railway. Ref: SC2200  

Medium, 320 pages, gererously illustrated with photos, map, sections of large scale OS maps, track diagrams, drawings of structures and rolling stock, hard back. **This short but important railway was conceived as a freight bypass to relieve congestion on city centre lines; for a long time it also carried passenger traffic. This ceased in 1962 and so far plans to resume it have come to nothing. Nevertheless the line continues in its original function as an avoiding route.

Price: 25.00

Edinburgh Waverley. Ref: SC3132  

A novel railway station.
Glen, A.
Very large, 144 pages, map and plan extracts, many photos, much colour, hard back. **A history of the station including a detailed study of the recent refurbishment.

Price: 18.50

The Fall Of The Tay Bridge. Ref: SC3513  

Fully revised new edition.
Medium, 170 pages, illustrated with photos, diagrams and drawings, bibliography, notes and sources, soft back. **An academic engineering study of the causes of the collapse of this infamous structure. The author recounts the background, describes the construction and analyses the principal theories - which divide the cause between the train and the storm - and arrives at what Prof Paxton considers "the last word on the subject". Eminently readable and convincing.

Price: 10.99

From Connemara To Cock O' The North. Ref: SC2949  

Railway journeys in Ireland and Scotland, 1920-1950.
Large, 144 pages, photo illustrations, maps, soft back. **The railway scene in the second quarter of the 20th century: Howth, Bray, Mullingar in early GSR days; Edinburgh and lines therefrom in the early 1930s; GNR(I) in the mid 1930s; Irish railways in general during the war; finally Belfast and lines therefrom in the late 1940s. Out of print - last copy.

Price: 11.99

Galashiels To Edinburgh (Scottish Main Lines). Ref: SC3211  

Including the Lauder and Dalkeith branches. The Waverley Route.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, approximately 96 pages, album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

The Glasgow & South Western Railway. Ref: SC3306  

A history.
Very large, 252 pages, maps, photo illustrations, chronology, bibliography, notes and sources, glazed boards. **A comprehensive history of the railways of south west Scotland, drawing on original sources and fully referenced, with clear purpose-drawn maps and site plans. The G&SWR played a vital role in the development of ironworks, coal mining, ferry-ports, fishing harbours, agriculture and holiday resorts, but was continually frustrated in its striving for monopoly in the area. Another entirely readable history by David Ross who has already chronicled the Highland, Caledonian and North British Railways and has made himself a niche as the historian of Scottish railways.

Price: 30.00

Glasgow's Trams. Ref: SC1248  

The twilight years.
Anderson, P.
Very large, 52 pages, soft back.

Price: 7.95

Glencorse Branch. Ref: SC0461  

Medium, 176 pages. Soft back.

Price: 10.95

The Great North Of Scotland Railway. Ref: SC3423  

A new history.
Very large, 256 pages, maps, photo illustrations, chronology, bibliography, notes and sources, glazed boards. **The "Great North" was the railway of Scotland's north east until 1923. The company was set up in 1845 to join Aberdeen and Inverness, but the first stretch of line did not open until 1854. After the 1870s it became one of the most efficient and innovotive regional railway systems in Britain. This comprehensive history of the company explores its contribution to the development of Aberdeen and its hinterland.

Price: 30.00

Haddington, Macmerry And Gifford Branch Lines. Ref: SC1332  

Medium, 248 pages, photos, maps, some drawings. Hard back. *Line history.

Price: 18.50

Hawick To Galashiels (Scottish Main Lines). Ref: SC3541  

The Waverley Route. Including the Selkirk branch.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, 96 pages, album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards. **The Waverley route as it was. Includes a few illustrations of the start of work on the new line.

Price: 18.95

Haymarket Motive Power Depot, Edinburgh. Ref: SC2863  

A history of the depot, its work and locomotives, 1842-2010.
Very large, 208 pages, photo illustrations, site plan, glazed boards. ** Built in 1842 as an engine shed for the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway, Haymarket has served the railways that radiate from Edinburgh ever since. It is now the main DMU depot for Scotland. This is a full history of the depot, the motive power and the staff based there, including an analysis of the accidents in which they have been involved.

Price: 24.99

Hexham To Hawick (Country Railway Routes). Ref: SC2907  

The border counties railway.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, 96-page album, large-scale maps, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Highland Railway. Ref: SC1228  

Medium, 222 pages, line and photo illustrations (some colour), soft back.

Price: 9.95

Highland Railway. Ref: SC2776  

Very large, 208 pages, map, photo illustrations, chronology, bibliography, notes and sources, hard back. **The Highland railway extended from Perth to Wick and from Keith to the Kyle Of Lochalsh and was one of the most individual of the British railway companies. This is the second edition of the most comprehensive book ever written about the Highland. It is rich in detail and based on records from public and private archives.

Price: 30.00

A History Of The East Coast Main Line. Ref: SC3582  

Jones, R.
Large, 240 pages, photo illustrations, some colour, diagrammatic map, soft back. ** Takes the history of the line from the end of the coaching era to the present, it covers route and locomotive history and includes a chapter on the National Railway Museum. The book is generously and imaginatively illustrated - there are three photos of Stamford alone, despite not being on the route (they are of coaching inns). A good read.

Price: 25.00

History Of The Railways Of The Scottish Highlands Vol.2 The Highland Railway. Ref: SC0033  

Vallance, H A (revised Lambert).
Medium, 210 pages, illustrated (some colour). 5th edition. Soft back.

Price: 9.95

Inverness And Nairn Railway. Ref: SC2199  

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the opening of the first part of the Highland railway.
Medium, 50 pages, photo illustrations, maps, card covers.

Price: 4.95

Iron Rails And Whisky Trails. Ref: SC3072  

Very large, 184 pages, photo illustrations, large scale OS maps, site plans, 16 pages of the author's water colour illustrations, glazed boards. **A slightly whimsical title for a history of the Scottish distilling industry concentrating on the role the railways played in its development over one hundred years. An interesting and rewarding subject.

Price: 19.95

Kerr's Miniature Railway. Ref: SC3126  

Scotland's oldest small-scale line.
Little, L.
Medium, 46 pages, maps, photo illustrations, soft back. **It's at Arbroath.

Price: 6.95

Leven & East Of Fife Railway. Ref: SC3119  

OL 157.
Hajducki, Jodeluk & Simpson.
Medium, 320 pages, photos, maps, soft back. *Substantial line history.

Price: 19.95

An Illustrated History Of LNER Wagons Volume Three LNER Scottish Area. Ref: SC2706  

Ex-NB and ex-GNS wagons absorbed by the LNER.
Very large, 186 pages, many photo and line illustrations, hard back. **Comprehensive information. Third of a four-volume work: still to come is the one on LNER standard designs.

Price: 33.95

The North British Railway. Ref: SC3285  

A history.
Very large, 288 pages, maps, photo illustrations, chronology, bibliography, notes and sources, glazed boards. **The first continuous chronological account of the company, from its pre-history, its incorporation as a joint stock company (eventually Scotland's biggest), to its assimilation into the LNER, and of its important role in the unevenly expanding economic life of Scotland in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The author has already produced thorough histories of the Highland and Caledonian Railways and this eminently readable book is a worthy successor.

Price: 30.00

The Paisley & Barrhead District Railway. Ref: SC3479  

Very large, 120 pages, many photo illustrations, maps, signalling diagrams, soft back. **History of a short railway eventually completed by the Caledonian in 1905, just in time to be pipped by a new tramway. The line struggled to make ends meet as a goods railway until the 1960s but the seven passenger stations originally provided never opened.

Price: 15.00

Peebles Railways. Ref: SC2026  

Medium, 240 pages, photo illustrations, maps, soft back. **The Edinburgh & Peebles Railway ran from Peebles via Penicuik to a junction with the NBR at Eskbank, just southwest of Dalkeith. Construction began in 1853; it was finally closed in 1952. Very detailed local history.

Price: 15.95

Perth And Dunkeld Railway. Ref: SC2139  

Marking the 150th anniversary of the opening of the first part of the railway from Perth to Inverness.
Fenwick & Sinclair.
Medium, 44 pages, photo illustrations, maps, card covers. **An 1840s-50s development which later became part of the main line to Inverness.

Price: 4.95

Pioneers Of The Highland Tracks. Ref: SC3039  

William & Murdoch Paterson. A biography of two railway engineers.
Large, 80 pages, map, photo illustrations, soft back. **Murdoch Paterson was responsible for the planning of the line from Aviemore to Inverness, with some difficult engineering and two large viaducts; he also designed the Dingwall to Kyle line. William Murdoch, older and less well-known, was assistant and then partner of Joseph Mitchell, of the Highland Railway.

Price: 9.90

The Port Road. Ref: SC3571  

The railway from Dumfries to Stranraer and Portpatrick and the branches to Kirkcudbright and Whithorn.
Very large, 320 pages, photo illustrations, maps, track plans, scale structure, rolling stock and locomotive drawings (some colour), glazed boards. ** "The jointest of all joint railways, this line, built through largely barren uplands to link the shortest sea route to Ireland with the main railway network, was owned by the MR, LNWR, G&SWR and the Caledonian. Here is an in-depth study of the line and its history, with a fund of useful information for historians and modellers alike.

Price: 30.00

Poster To Poster. Volume 1 Scotland. Ref: SC2645  

Railway journeys in art.
Very large landscape, 236 pages, colour images, discursive text, poster database in county order, bibliography, hardback. **First of a planned series of seven volumes intended to catalogue British railway posters throughout the twentieth century, and based largely on the magnificent collection of the NRM.

Price: 35.00

Rails To Alford. Ref: SC2140  

The story of the railway from Kintore to Alford, one of Aberdeenshire's many branch lines.
Jones, K G.
Medium, 56 pages, photo illustrations, maps, soft back. **Produced by the Great North Of Scotland Railway Society.

Price: 4.95

Rails To Banff, Macduff And Oldmeldrum. Ref: SC3366  

Three Great North of Scotland Railway branch lines.
Medium, 80 pages, photo illustrations, coloured area map, signalling diagrams, large scale OS map extracts of station areas, soft back. **A trio, as they say in restaurantese, of good line histories.

Price: 8.50

Rails To Turnberry And The Heads Of Ayr. Ref: SC3394  

The Maidens & Dunure Light Railway and the Butlin's branch. OL155.
McConnell & Rankin.
Medium, 304 pages, photo illustrations, maps, soft back. **Substantial line history.

Price: 19.95

The Railway Infrastructure Of Scotland. Ref: SC3384  

Very large, 120 page album, softback. **A diverse selection of photographs of stations, signalboxes, engine sheds and other railway structures, arranged by pre-grouping company area; the captions are augmented by brief chapter introductory notes on the companies and their building styles, and by a short description of each line covered.

Price: 16.95

Railways Of Dundee. Ref: SC0165  

Marshall, P.
Medium, 192 pages, many photos, maps, plans. Hard back. **History of the railways in and around Dundee, paying particular attention to the early years and including proposals for railways which were never built.

Price: 15.50

Railways Of Upper Strathearn. Ref: SC1938  

Crieff-Balquhidder. LP225.
Medium, 160 pages, illustrated with photos and maps. Soft back.

Price: 11.95

Scottish Central Railway. Ref: SC0469  

Perth To Stirling.
Medium, 248 pages. Hard back.

Price: 19.95

Scottish Colliery Pugs In The Seventies. Ref: SC1572  

Roberton, W.
Very large, 48 page album, soft back. **This book, although published over 20 years ago, is still a "new" copy, As it has been on our shelves for a couple of decades it has naturally developed what is known in the trade as "shelf wear" to the cover. It is still offered at the original price, inflation and shelf wear balancing each other out.

Price: 4.95

Scottish Railways 1923-2016. Ref: SC3607  

A history.
Very large, 256 pages, maps, photo illustrations, chronology, notes and sources, glazed boards. **A survey of how the Scottish system - legacy of the final five companies - has fared and functioned under a succession of government-imposed ownerships. The book is a natural sequel to the author's histories of the Scottish pre-grouping companies.

Price: 40.00

Scottish Shale Oil Industry & Mineral Railway Lines. Ref: SC3051  

Very large, 232 pages, photo illustrations, maps, plans, loco lists, glazed boards. ** This enterprise, from beginnings in 1851 expanded into an extensive oil producing and refining industry which held its own against imported oil until the 1960s. An unsuspected and fascinating industry.

Price: 25.00

Signalling The Caledonian Railway. Ref: SC3350  

Very large, 328 pages, many photo illustrations, diagrams, maps, glazed boards. ** Surely the most comprehensive of company signalling studies. The author describes the block system and the controlling of single lines under the Caledonian; he explains the working of points, signals, level crossings, and the management of a signal box; he examines the organisation of signalling operations. There are chapters on early signalling developments and on modelling, and there are copious appendices on a wide range of topics. The book is crammed with useful and fascinating detail and warmly recommended.

Price: 30.00

The Speyside Line. Ref: SC3204  

A history and guide to the railway from Craigellachie to Boat of Garten.
Jackson & Fenwick.
Medium, 80 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), maps, track layouts, soft back. **Third, revised, edition.

Price: 7.95

St Andrews Railway. Ref: SC2584  

Hajducki, Jodeluk & Simpson
Medium, 248 pages, photos, maps, signalling diagrams. Soft back. *Line history. Out of print, one copy left.

Price: 16.95

St Boswells To Berwick. (Country Railway Routes). Ref: SC3362  

Via Duns. The Berwickshire Railway.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, approximately 96 pages, album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: 18.95

Through Scotland With The Caledonian Railway. Ref: SC2778  

Very large, 208 pages, map, pictorial, hard back. **A handsome pictorial history of the Caley.

Price: 30.00

Trainspots Northern Scotland. Ref: SC3038  

The guide to railway photographic locations.
Medium, 161 pages, illustrated in colour with photographs and OS map extracts, soft back. **Suggests sites around Northern Scotland giving precise instructions for access by private and public transport, direction of sunlight, the sorts of trains passing, and local amenities.

Price: 13.95

Travellers Joy. History of the Morayshire Railway. Ref: SC1247  

Very large, 196 pages, soft back. **Last copy.

Price: 9.99

Vanished Railways Of West Lothian. Ref: SC3539  

Very large, 256 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. ** West Lothian (Linlithgowshire) was rich in minerals - oil-bearing shale, coal, limestone, fireclay and iron ore. By the early 1900s the county was criss-crossed by four main railway lines and a myriad of branch lines serving these industries, which of course also had their own network of private standard and narrow gauge railways. With three first-rate books on Scottish railway history under his belt* Harry Knox comes up with a detailed and absorbing study of the railways of one of Scotland's smallest counties.
*Scottish Shale Oil Industry & Mineral Railway Lines (SC3051) and the two Edinburgh MPD histories : Haymarket Motive Power Depot, (SC2863) and St Margaret's (SC3351).

Price: 25.00

The Waverley Route. Ref: SC3409  

Its heritage and revival.
Glen, A.
Very large, 144 pages, lavishly illustrated with map and plan extracts, many photos, much in colour, paper back. **A history of the line from Edinburgh to Carlisle, and of the building of its new incarnation from Edinburgh to Tweedbank, between Galashiels and Melrose.

Price: 18.50

Wemyss Private Railway. Ref: SC0466  

Medium, 272 pages, pictorial, photos, tables, line drawings and maps. Hard back. **The definitive history of Fife's most extensive industrial railway, built by the Wemyss estate to carry coal traffic. The development of Fife's collieries and ports is also covered in some detail.

Price: 22.95

William Pickersgill And The Caledonian Railway '956' Class Locomotives. Ref: SC3428  

An objective assessment.
Very large, 168 pages, many photo illustrations, drawings, diagrams, glazed boards. ** The 956 class of four locomotives was designed to work 425 ton passenger express trains between Glasgow and Carlisle or Aberdeen. The locomotives were out-shopped in 1921. They had three cylinders and a novel 2:1 derived motion for the centre cylinder. Unaccountably a number of recognised technical imperatives were neglected, initial tests were disappointing and the locomotives withdrawn at an early date. This book analyses the failings, their probably causes and the potential modifications which could have been implemented.
It was a handsome, powerful-looking 4-6-0; making one to work properly would be a worthwhile project for the new-build steam contingent.

Price: 25.00

Wonderful Waverley. Ref: SC0994  

Edinburgh in the glory days.
Anderson, P.
Very large, 76 pages, pictorial, glazed boards.

Price: 12.95

Anstruther & St Andrews Railway. Ref: SC2583  

Hajducki, Jodeluk & Simpson
Medium, 248 pages, photos, maps, some architectural drawings. Soft back. *Line history.

Price: 15.95

Arbroath And Forfar Railway. Ref: SC0743  

Medium, 240 pages. Soft back.

Price: 14.95

Battle For The North. Ref: SC2253  

The Tay and Forth bridges and the 19th-century railway wars.
Medium, 390 pages, maps, some photo and other illustrations, hard back. **A study of the Caledonian and North British rivalry which also offers new conclusions about the Tay Bridge disaster. Substantial, highly readable and excellent value.

Price: 20.00

Thomas Bouch. Ref: SC2425  

The builder of the Tay Bridge.
Medium, 192 pages, photo and other illustrations, soft back. **Bouch was a maverick among engineers and became famous when he developed roll-on/roll-off wagon ferries for the Edinburgh & Northern Railway to cross the Forth and Tay, but it was his later Tay Bridge and his remarkable design for a Forth Bridge that brought him a knighthood.

Price: 17.99

BR Diesel Traction In Scotland. Ref: SC2777  

Very large, 308 pages black & white album of dmus, railbuses and diesel locomotives during the BR period in Scotland. Map endpapers, glazed boards.

Price: 25.00

Caledonian Railway Livery. Ref: SC2606  

The true line elegance and style.
Very large, 328 pages, lavishly illustrated with photographs and other material, some colour, glazed boards. ** A major study, which includes a brief company history, short biographies of the locomotive superintendents, a list of locomotive build orders, notes on the adoption of Westinghouse brakes and an index of wagon photographs.

Price: 30.00

Crewe Remembered. Ref: SC2044  

Baker, A C.
Very large, 96 pages, many photo illustrations, works site plans. Soft back. **Essays on aspects of Crewe and its locomotives: Life at Crewe North; Points & Signals; Crewe - Perth working. Author spent the first 12 years of his working life at Crewe North shed.

Price: 12.95

Glasgow Railway Memories. Ref: SC1022  

Smith, W A C & Anderson, P.
Very large, 52 pages, lavishly illustrated with photos, soft back. **"Not just a close-up of Glasgow trains but a look at life in the city from wartime to the end of steam in 1967".

Price: 7.95

Great North Of Scotland Railway Locomotives. Ref: SC2483  

The steam locomotives of North-East Scotland's own railway described and illustrated.
Very large, 91 pages, many photos, scale drawings, tabulated data, loco lists, glazed boards. **In addition to locomotive chapters includes liveries, Inverurie Works, performance, proposed locomotives.

Price: 19.95

Highland Railway Liveries. Ref: SC0152  

Dathan na Gaidhealtachd.
Geddes, H & Bellass, E.
Large, 108 pages, many photos, line drawings, 4 pages colour. Hard back. **Concentrates on the pre-grouping phase and contains supplementary data for the subsequent period.

Price: 19.95

History Of The Railways Of The Scottish Highlands Vol.5 The Skye Railway. Ref: SC0188  

Thomas, J (revised Farrington).
Medium, 181 pages, illustrated (some colour), revised and extended edition. Soft back.

Price: 7.99

Iron Road. Ref: SC2369  

The railway in Scotland.
Ransom, P J G.
Large, 334 pages, photo and other illustrations, some colour, hard back. **This is the first, single-volume, overall history of Scottish railways since, when? Ackworth in 1890? Maybe not, but it is certainly long overdue. It is a large volume, handsomely produced, comprehensive, authoritative and at £30 offers true Scottish value.

Price: 30.00

Monkland & Kirkintilloch. Ref: SC1282  

And associated railways.
Martin, D.
Very large, 164 pages, folding map, some photo illustrations, soft back.

Price: 12.00

Past And Present No 9. South East Scotland. Ref: SC0886  

Sanders & Hodgins.
Medium, 128 pages, soft back. **Matching pairs of "old" (mainly 50s and 60s) scenes contrasted with the present day view.

Price: 15.99

Past And Present No 19. South West Scotland. Ref: SC0892  

Sanders & Hodgins.
Medium, 144 pages, soft back. **Matching pairs of "old" (mainly 50s and 60s) scenes contrasted with the present day view.

Price: 16.99

Past And Present No 31. North West Scotland. Ref: SC0903  

Sanders & Hodgins.
Medium, 160 pages, soft back. **Matching pairs of "old" (mainly 50s and 60s) scenes contrasted with the present day view.

Price: 18.99

Railways Of Scotland. Ref: SC1887  

In the latter days of steam.
Large landscape, 94 page album, hard back.

Price: 19.99

Skye Railway Ref: SC1224  

The history of the railways of the Scottish highlands - vol 5.
Thomas, J
Medium, 181 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), soft back.

Price: 7.99

Steam In The Scottish Landscape. Ref: SC2679  

Large square, 112 page colour album, glazed boards. **A fine collection of period colour from north of the border.

Price: 19.95

Steamers Of The Clyde. Ref: SC1638  

Deayton, A.
Medium, 128 page album with many interesting period photographs. Soft back. **The first NB Clyde steamer service ran in 1866 and after an inauspicious beginning grew to a large operation, of which the well-known and loved Waverley is the last survivor.

Price: 12.99

West Highland Railway Ref: SC1226  

History of the railways of the Scottish highlands vol 1.
Thomas, J
Medium, 192 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), soft back.

Price: 12.99

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