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Trams & Buses

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Trams and Buses

Includes industrial as well as passenger tramways, and any light railway calling itself a tramway, such as Wisbech and Upwell. See also the Narrow Gauge and Industrial section.

Bibliography Of British And Irish Tramways. Ref: TB2574  

Croft & Gordon.
Very large, 482 pages, soft back. **The latest version of Croft's bibliography, now in a single huge volume. Apart from bringing the listing of books and articles up-to-date the work now includes Gordon's listings of legislation, arbitration and accident reports. A magnificent tour de force.
Price: 35.00

Blackpool Trams. Ref: TB3142  

The first half century 1885 - 1932.
Abell & McLoughlin.
Medium, 224 pages, illustrated with photos and maps, diagrams, depot site plans, hard back. **History, strong on car details.
Price: 18.95

Branch Lines North Of Grimsby. Ref: TB3581  

Including Immingham.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, time table extracts, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, glazed boards. **An area rich in transport interest. The map and diagram of the Immingham dock railways is of a staggering complexity. There is also a section on the Grimsby and Immingham Electric Light Railway, the local tram operation.
Price: 18.95

Burton And Ashby Light Railways 1906 - 1927. Ref: TB1399  

On old picture postcards.
Bown, M
Medium, 36 pages, album, soft back. *"Featuring scenes at Burton, Newhall, Swadlincote, Bretby, Woodville, Winshill, Church Gresley, and Ashby."
Price: 3.50

Directory Of British Tramways. Ref: TB0553  

Large, 248 pages. Hard back. LAST COPY.
Price: 24.99

Douglas Horse Tramway. Ref: TB0299  

Very large, 96 pages, soft back.
Price: 14.50

Final Journey. Ref: TB3856  

The untold story of funeral trains.
Large, 304 pages, well illustrated with photographs, some recent colour, gazetteer, extensive bibliography, endnotes, index, soft back. **This is an unexpected aspect of railway history - the London Necropolis Company's railway is well known but the general use of railways (and trams) to carry coffins has not been much studied. While we remember the funeral trains of royalty and of VIPs like Sir Winston Churchill it may not be realised that ordinary people also made their last journeys by train, the service only ceasing in the 1980s; indeed ceremonial funeral transport still continues on heritage railway. This is a wide-ranging study of the social and operating aspects of funeral trains and includes a section on rolling stock and equipment.
Price: 20.00

Glasgow's Trams. Ref: TB1248  

The twilight years.
Anderson, P.
Very large, 52 pages, soft back.
Out of print, last copy.
Price: 7.95

The Hendre Ddu Tramway. Ref: TB3908  

'Blue stones and green trees'.
Very large, 224 pages, illustrated with documents, maps and images from contemporary sources and photographs old and recent, glazed boards. ** History of an obscure narrow gauge railway built to carry slate to the Mawddwy Railway and of associated tramways and forestry in the neighbourhood. Each quarry is covered in detail and timber operations are described and there are chapters on rolling stock, permanent way and operating methods. Interesting photos and excellent clear maps add to the information.
Price: 35.00

Steel Wheels And Rubber Tyres. Volume One. Ref: TB1626  

Transport around Oldham in the 1930s; locomotives at Gorton in the 1940s; Leeds trams in the 1950s.
Hilditch, G.
Medium, 168 pages, photo illustrations, maps. Soft back. *How one uninformed schoolboy tried to attain his early and overriding ambition to see his name in gold leaf on the side of a municipal tramcar, against those almost magic words "General Manager". RS10.
Price: 12.95

Steel Wheels And Rubber Tyres. Volume Two. Ref: TB1778  

A General Manager's journey: Manchester, Plymouth, Great Yarmouth, Halifax.
Hilditch, G.
Medium, 184 pages, photo illustrations, maps. Soft back. *How one uninformed schoolboy tried to attain his early and overriding ambition to see his name in gold leaf on the side of a municipal tramcar, against those almost magic words "General Manager". RS11.
Price: 12.95

History Of The British Steam Tram. Volume 1. Ref: TB1791  

Gladwin, D.
Very large, 176 pages, many photos, line drawings and diagrams, glazed boards. **This is the first of an unspecified number of volumes i*>[seven, perhaps]
Price: 40.00

History Of The British Steam Tram. Volume 2. Ref: TB2228  

Gladwin, D.
Very large, 256 pages, many photos, line drawings and diagrams, glazed boards. **This is the second of an unspecified number of volumes i*>[seven, perhaps]
Price: 40.00

History Of The British Steam Tram. Volume 3. Ref: TB2397  

Gladwin, D.
Very large, 240 pages, many photos, line drawings and diagrams, maps, glazed boards. **This is the third of an unspecified number of volumes i*>[seven, perhaps]
Price: 45.00

History Of The British Steam Tram. Volume 4. Ref: TB2575  

Gladwin, D.
Very large, 256 pages, photos, line drawings and diagrams, maps, glazed boards. **This is the fourth of an unspecified number of volumes i*>[seven, perhaps]
Price: 45.00

History Of The British Steam Tram. Volume 6. Ref: TB2608  

Gladwin, D.
Very large, 256 pages, photos, line drawings and diagrams, maps, glazed boards. **This is the sixth and apparently penultimate volume of a deeply researched and fascinating account of steam trams in Britain. Volume 1 looked at the general history and infrastructure of steam trams and tramways, Volume 2 examined the history of tram systems in towns A-B, Volume 3 covered towns C-L; Volume 4 proceeds from M to S; Volume 5, takes the English systems to W, continues to Scotland, Wales and experimental systems; this volume, volume 6, covers Ireland, further systems in England, boiler explosions and other matters. The final volume will be of photographs.
Price: 45.00

Horse Trams Of The British Isles. Ref: TB1874  

Medium, 104 pages, illustrated with photos and scale drawings of vehicles. Soft back.
Price: 8.95

Isle Of Portland Railway Volume 3. Ref: TB0939  

Railway associated and other bus services.
Medium, 224 pages, soft back.
Price: 13.95

Kingston-upon-Hull. Images Of A Rich Transport Heritage. Ref: TB3506  

Road - rail - water.
Large, 112 page album, soft back. **A fine assemblage of photos - mostly taken by the author in the 1950s and 1960s - of buses, trains and ships.
Price: 15.99

The Lee Moor Tramway. Ref: TB0578  

A pictorial record.
Medium square, 96 pages. Hard back. **Over 130 previously unpublished photos of this ideosyncratic railway. The line served the Lee Moor clay works and was built in 1859 with horse-drawn sections linked by cable-worked inclines. Steam traction was introduced in 1899 and both its locos are preserved. The line's two remarkable features were its 4' 6" gauge (for it was built as a branch of the 1823 Plymouth & Dartmoor Railway) and its level crossing with the GWR main line at Laira. Being the older line it had priority over main line traffic until 1960.
Out of print but we still have a few copies.
Price: 16.00

Light Railway Railcar In Western Europe. Ref: TB2198  

From inception to maturity.
Large, 310 pages, photos (some colour), maps, car drawings, hard back. *Excellent history, useful appendices, essential reference.
Price: 29.95

Light Railways Explored. Ref: TB1210  

A photographic diary 1931 - 38.
Simpson, J E.
Medium, 106 pages, pictorial. **In his school and university holidays the author visited 24 non-grouped light railways in England and Wales, exploring and photographing. This fascinating book is the fruit of time well spent.
Price: 10.00

Liverpool & Manchester Railway Atlas. Ref: TB3808  

Very large, 186 map pages + unpaginated (c50 pages) station and site index, glazed boards. A new atlas by the master of the indispensible London and Birmingham & West Midlands atlases. This one covers an area bounded by the Irish Sea and the Pennines north from Buxton as far as Fleetwood and provides the same detailed mapping to be found in the earlier atlases. The detail embraces tracks and platforms and overall provides a diagrammatic representation of the area's railway history. All maps give current and past track detail with dates, and the index gives opening and closure dates and other details. As well as the railway network the atlas maps the many past and present tramway systems of the area.
Price: 30.00

The Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway. Ref: TB3144  

Turner, K.
Medium, 160 pages, photos, maps, fleet lists, soft back. **2nd edition. The only real tramway I ever travelled on, before the present tram revival that is. I found it spectacularly un-bus-like, partly because of the open top, but more because, after leaving the town conventionally on the road it would suddenly veer off into a field setting a cross-country course to Llandudno.
Price: 11.95

Monorails Of The 19th Century. Ref: TB2859  

Very large, 288 pages, well illustrated with photographs, contemporary illustrations, vehicle drawings, and maps, glazed boards. ** The monorail was conceived in the 1820s when conventional two-rail lines were still a recent idea. Here is its history up to the construction of the successful Wuppertal Schwebebahn at end of the 19th century. There is a history and a full technical description of each system. Many of the designs were eccentric and few were commercially successful but this energetic period of industrial growth encouraged novelty.
Price: 24.99

Monorails Of The Early 20th Century. Ref: TB3503  

Very large, 208 pages, copiously illustrated with photographs, contemporary illustrations, diagrams, vehicle drawings, and maps, glazed boards. ** This volume follows on from Monorails Of The 19th Century (CE2859) and continues the history of monorails from 1900 to just after the second world war. Among others it provides a detailed history and explanation of the gyroscopic monorails by Brennan, Scherl and Schilovsky and the Bennie Railplane. Monorails built outside the UK are included, notably the American Magnesium Co line in the Death Valley desert in the 1920s. There are also updates to the 19th Century volume including the Schwebebahn and the reborn Listowel and Ballybunion Railway.
Price: 25.00

Motor Rail Ltd. Ref: TB3474  

Simplex Motor Rail & Tramcar Co Ltd Bedford - England.
Very large, 152 pages, photo illustrations, glazed boards. ** History of the Bedford locomotive builders and light engineers, formed in 1884 to build tramcars for Karachi. The author's company, Alan Keef Ltd, bought the business in 1987. This readable account covers the full history and product ranges of the company together with individual histories of some of its extant locomotives.
Price: 22.50

North London Trams. Ref: TB3487  

The Metropolitan Electric Tramways Company in Middlesex and the north London suburbs.
Harley, R J.
Large square format, 160 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. **Thorough and well illustrated history of the MET, covering routes, vehicles and operation. Out of print, last copy.
Price: 19.95

The Peak Forest Tramway. Ref: TB3819  

Including the Peak Forest Canal. LP38.
Medium, 80 pages, illustrated with photos and maps, very detailed chronology, soft back. 4th revised edition. **The canal and tramway were built in the late C18 - early C19 to bring limestone from the peak district to Manchester, a fascinating operation.
Price: 13.95

The Piers, Tramways And Railways At Ryde. Ref: TB3170  

Maycock, R J & Silsbury, R.
Medium, 176 pages, illustrated with photos, maps, street plans, signal diagrams, stock lists of tramway and ferry vessels, bibliography, hard back. **Useful all-inclusive local transport history.
Price: 16.95

Rails Around Belfast. Ref: TB1845  

An Irish Railway pictorial.
Crockhart, A & Patience, J.
Very large, 80 page album, photos, soft back. **Includes a tram section. OUT OF PRINT - LAST COPY
Price: 13.99

The Railways Of North East Lincolnshire A celebration of the days of steam. Part Three. Ref: TB3801  

More than railways (docks, shipping and trams).
Very large, 120 pages, pictorial : maps, plans, many photos; tram stock list, appendices, brief bibliography, softback. **The docks at Grimsby, Immingham, Sutton on Sea and New Holland and the trams at Immingham. Fascinating photos of docks,shipping and trams.
A fourth part, provisionally titled Comforts And Fish, is also planned.
Price: 18.95

Redlake Tramway & China Clay Works. Ref: TB1299  

The story of a Dartmoor railway.
Medium square, 84 pages, photo illustrations, maps, some loco drawings, soft back. **New edition.
Price: 8.00

Rye And Camber Tramway. Ref: TB0024  

A Centenary History.
Cooksley, L A.
Very large, 160 pages, illustrated with photos, tables, line drawings and maps. Hard back. **A 3ft gauge railway in Sussex, built to carry golfers from Rye to the links at Camber.
Price: 17.95

The Rye And Camber Tramway. Ref: TB1565  

Judge, C.
Medium, 64 pages, many photos, plans, maps. Soft back. **History of a long lost 3ft gauge railway built to serve the fishing industry and, conveniently, the local golf course. It carried its last passengers in 1939, was pretty well worked to death in the second world war, and has the dubious distinction of being possibly the first public railway in Britain to convert from steam to petrol traction.
Price: 5.95

Selsey Tramway Volume One. Ref: TB2273  

Very large, 188 pages, many photo illustrations, large scale maps showing track layouts, hard back. **This volume covers the full history of Colonel Stephens' impecunious tramway from opening in 1897 to closure in 1935. Volume two (qv) describes the route - Chichester to Selsey Beach -, steam locomotives, railmotors and rolling stock.
Price: 31.95

Selsey Tramway Volume Two. Ref: TB2274  

Very large, 145 pages, many photo illustrations, large scale maps showing track layouts, drawings of structures and rolling stock, hard back. **This volume describes the route of Colonel Stephens' impecunious tramway - Chichester to Selsey Beach -, steam locomotives, railmotors and rolling stock. Volume One (qv) covers the full history from opening in 1897 to closure in 1935.
Price: 29.95

Slot Machines. Ref: TB3555  

The history of cable-hauled street tramways in the British Isles.
Large, 66 pages, photo illustrations, some drawings, maps and plans from contemporary sources, soft back. **There have been eight cable-hauled street tramways in the British Isles, two in London, and one each in Edinburgh, Birmingham, Douglas, Matlock, Swansea and Llandudno. This book gives a history and describes the working of each. Most operated from the 1880s or 1890s to the early years of the twentieth century and have long been closed. The Great Orme Railway at Llandudno, however, continues to run and is eminently worth a visit both from its scenic and its operational interest. This is the book to read before you go.
Price: 25.00

Sussex Narrow Gauge. Ref: TB0988  

Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96 pages, album: photos, numerous maps. Glazed boards. **Includes industrial sites, Rye & Camber tramway, Volks Electric Railway, amazing historic collection at Amberley, Rye harbour line.
Price: 18.95

Tortillards Of Artois. Ref: TB2504  

The metre gauge railways and tramways of the western Pas-de-Calais. X90.
Farebrother & Farebrother.
Medium, 335 pages, photos, maps, track plan, scale drawings of locomotives, station gazetteer, soft back. Out of print, one copy left.
Price: 19.95

Trams Across The Wear. Ref: TB3355  

Remembering Sunderland's electric trams.
Very large, 160 pages, photo album with fleet list and maps, glazed boards.
Price: 35.00

Trams And Buses Of Poole. Ref: TB3390  

Roberts & Jackson.
Medium, 208 pages, stock lists, soft back.
Price: 13.95

The Tramways Of Lytham St Annes. Ref: TB3152  

Abell, Garnham & McLoughlin.
Medium, 128 pages, illustrated with photos and maps, diagrams, depot site plans, soft back. **System history.
Price: 8.95

Twilight Years Of The Glasgow Trams. Ref: TB0295  

Very large, 144 pages, colour album, soft back.
Price: 25.00

The Wantage Tramway. Ref: TB3576  

Very large, 94 pages, pictorial with many photos, maps, scale drawings, chronology, soft back. **The classic history of the well-loved Wantage Tramway was by S Pearce-Higgins and is long out of print. In 1981 Nicholas de Courtais produced a book he describes as a pictorial complement to the classic work; this is the second, enlarged, edition of de Courtais' book, incorporating fresh information and photographs.
Price: 18.95

Yeadon's Register Of LNER Locomotives. Vol 48: Classes J64, J65, J66, J67, J68, J69, J70 & J92. Ref: TB2688  

The Great Eastern 0-6-0Ts.
Very large, many photos, 110 pages, hard back. **This monumental study records the history of each engine from building to disposal, including renumberings, repairs, allocations etc. As well as the GE tank engines there are the J92 crane engines and the Wisbech & Upwell tram engines (J70).
Note that Volume 47B has not yet been published, see note to 47A.
Price: 34.99

Early Years Of The Motor Rail & Tram Car Company 1913-1931. Ref: TB2552  

Large, 116 pages, photos, drawings, hard back. *Manufacturers of some of Britain's most successful small petrol and diesel locomotives. This deeply researched history studies the progress of the company up to ists name change (to Motor Rail Ltd) in 1931. During the first decade of this period the production of tramcars was as important as that of petrol locomotives. Useful appendices, essential reference.
Price: 22.95

Electric Railway Dictionary. Ref: TB2708  

Definitions and illustrations of the parts and equipment of electric railway cars and trucks.
Very large, 63 (dictionary) + 292 (illustrations) + 54 (advertisements) pages, hard back without jacket. ** Reprint of exceedingly scarce American publication whose contents need no further description than the subtitle provides. The original was published by the Electric Railway Journal in 1911; this reprint, limited to 125 copies, is a handsome production in black cloth with silver titling on spine and front board.
Price: 45.00

Freight On Street Tramways In The British Isles. Ref: TB2333  

Large, 66 pages, photo illustrations, soft back. **Although from the outset street tramways were seen as passenger transport most undertakings provided themselves with statutory powers to carry goods. Often these powers remained unused but quite a number of systems offered a parcels service. There was naturally quite a lot of transport of materials for the undertakings themselves, (ballast, water, and, in London, even tickets), the carriage of agricultural produce by the Upwell and Wantage tramways is well known, but a surprising number of systems carried other goods, even mineral traffic. There are some riveting photos here.
Price: 12.00

History Of The British Steam Tram. Volume 5. Ref: TB2595  

Gladwin, D.
Very large, 256 pages, photos, line drawings and diagrams, maps, glazed boards. **This is the fifth of an unspecified number of volumes i*>[seven, perhaps]
Price: 45.00

History Of The Steam Tram. Ref: TB0654  

Medium, 74 pages, hard back. **Reprint: the complete paper, together with discussion, delivered to the Institution of Locomotive Engineers in 1937.
Price: 12.00

Iron Roads To The Broads & Fens. Ref: TB2031  

A guide to the scenic railways of Norfolk and the adjoining counties.
Very large, landscape, 64 pages, illustrated with maps and photographs, colour throughout, handsomely produced, soft back. **So many of our books are historical it is refreshing to have one bang up to date - this is an enthusiastic rallying call to explore the railways of northern East Anglia. The system is divided into manageable sections each with a map, a description of the route, (this does include some history, the author is a traditionalist) and a gazetteer of the places along the way, with lists of accommodation, pubs, restaurants, shops, walks, boatyards, and bus, taxi and cycle hire details for onward travel. All this for just £4.99? There are no ads, but the commercial sponsors get a couple of pages at the end. Sadly the adjoining counties don't include Lincolnshire - it would be good to see more of this sort of guide.
Price: 4.99

Leeds Transport Volume Four 1953 - 1974. Ref: TB2337  

Soper, J.
Very large, 440 pages, photo illustrations, some colour, some diagrams, stock lists. **Buses and trams.
Price: 35.00

Leeds Transport Volume Three 1932 - 1953. Ref: TB0861  

Soper, J.
Very large, 440 pages, photo illustrations, some colour, some diagrams and route maps. **Buses and trams.
Price: 35.00

Main Line To Metro. Ref: TB1087  

Train and tram on the Great Western route Birmingham Snow Hill - Wolverhampton.
Boynton, J.
Very large, 112 pages, many photos including 2 8-page colour sections. Soft back. **A useful and interesting history from the line's inception in the mid nineteenth century to the modern use of the trackbed for the Midland Metro.
Price: 11.95

Moving Metropolis. Ref: TB0853  

A history of London's transport since 1800.
Large, 400 pages, colour illustrations, soft back.
Price: 19.95

Street Railways: Their Construction, Operation And Maintenance. Ref: TB2074  

A practical handbook for street railway men.
Fairchild, C B.
Very large, 486 pages (incl 44 pages of advertisements), many line drawings and diagrams, smart blue cloth hard back, not supplied with jacket. **Reprint of the very scarce original which was published in New York, 1892; the author was editor of the Street Railway Journal. There are chapters on electric, cable and horse traction and steam, air and gas motors. There is information about inclined planes, rack systems, elevated roads and track construction. There is an enormous and detailed section on car building (the author was quite fervent about lettering and decoration on the car sides). Also a load of stuff about operation and management.
Price: 40.00

Through Streets Broad & Narrow. Ref: TB1516  

A history of Dublin trams.
Corcoran, M.
Very large, 160 pages, some photo illustrations. Glazed boards.
Price: 19.99

Travelling Around The Isle Of Wight. Ref: TB1309  

On old picture postcards.
Medium, 36 pages, album. Soft back. *"A selection of picture postcards featuring rail and road transport during the last century, with informative captions."
Price: 3.50

Wantage Tramway. Ref: TB1175  

Pearce Higgins.
Medium, 158 pages, hard back. *Reprint of 1958 edition.
Price: 28.00

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