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We have in stock some thirty thousand railway books, timetables and bound periodicals. Many are neatly ranged on the shop shelves, others will be in current catalogues; the rest is our vast, mostly unsorted, back stock. We can locate most books pretty quickly but some might take a day or two. If you are trying to find a particular book just let us know and if we have it in stock we'll quote you the price. If you tell us where you live we'll quote you the postage cost, too.

For books we haven't got in stock we operate a simple system. We make a note of your name and address and of the book. We keep an eye open for the book and when we find it we e-mail or write to you, quoting price and postage, to see if you still want it.

For our system to work we need the author's name and the correct title of the book. It can't cope with requests like "anything about the Great Western Railway" or "a little green book by a man with a funny name". And, we regret, we can't help with ephemera such as timetable amendment sheets, leaflets or handbills.

If you want to read up a particular subject but don't know what books there may be about it, the best thing is to ring up and discuss it - one phone call can save half a dozen e-mails. If you're interested in a subject and have already collected almost everything about it please let us know what you already have before asking what we can offer; here, too, a telephone discussion is always more fruitful than writing.

To contact us just send us an e-mail to books@roberthumm.co.uk. Please include the following details :
  • Your name

  • Optionally, your postal address

  • Optionally, your phone number

  • Book title

  • Author

  • Optionally, the publisher

  • Approximate year of publication if known

  • Edition, if this is important to you

  • Condition : we do not stock books in poor condition, and will not normally offer a book without a jacket if it ought to have one. However if pristine condition, or a jacket on a pre-war book is important to you please let us know.

We will respond to requests at once if a copy is in stock. Otherwise we will keep your request on file and contact you when we have a copy on offer. Please let us know if you no longer require the book requested.
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