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Carriage At Cost. We have always charged for packing and delivery at cost - the cost of carriage plus a small sum for the packing box. Our site calculates this charge from the weight of the order and adds it to your bill. It is quite sophisticated, but may not always be accurate. If you do not like the look of the shipping alternatives offered do not hesitate to abandon your on-line order and enquire by phone or e-mail.
In any event we shall refund any amount which is substantially in excess of the true cost.

Choices At A Glance
Mainland Britain

Second Class Royal Mail's "expect it when you see it" service. Not insured; not tracked.
First Class Royal Mail "next day" service. Not insured; not tracked.
Orders sent by Royal Mail are at customers' own risk.
Offshore Britain : Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight and other islands not accessible by road bridge.
As Mainland for Royal Mail; there is no economic courier service to these areas; for orders where only City Link is offered please contact us before placing your order.
Airmail only is offered - surface mail is not significantly cheaper.
Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Americas
International Economy (the new name for Surface mail): averages about 7 weeks, but can take up to 10 weeks.
Airmail : can be expected within a week.
We recommend airmail for more valuable orders. Orders sent by international economy are at customers' own risk.

More information
United Kingdom

Our site cannot accept a consignment over 10kg. Naturally we are happy to take the order but it will have to be placed by phone or e-mail, or as two separate orders.
For heavy or valuable consignments please ring or e-mail first and we'll advise on the best service to use.
The weight limit on a parcel of printed papers is 5kg (or 2kg in Canada and Colombia); at present our site cannot accept an order which will exceed this weight. If this happens you get a message saying "Your order has exceeded the shipping tables defined by the supplier" - try removing some of the books. The average book weighs about half a kilo, but larger volumes can be well over a kilo. Alternatively e-mail us and we'll advise the most economical method of shipping.

We aim to send out most small orders within 24 hours and larger parcels within 7 days, but if your order coincides with the issue of one of our paper catalogues please allow up to 21 days.
Important note: The customary method of dispatch is by mail direct to the buyer. Any request to mail books to a third party (for example, as a gift or to a shipping agent for onward transmission) will be accepted only on condition that Robert Humm & Co will not be responsible for any loss or damage in any stage of transit, nor will be involved in any investigation into such loss or damage.
Under no circumstances will goods paid for by credit card be mailed to any person other than the card holder.
All orders are sent at buyers' risk unless the appropriate insurance is requested and paid for. Many of the delivery services we use now carry built-in insurance. If in doubt, please ask.
Small items of high value are sent by Special Delivery which we have found to be the most efficient and reliable of all the Royal Mail services. This service cannot be requested on-line - you'll have to phone or e-mail to arrange it.


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