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New Books

About 1400 books in print. We have sorted them by subject to help your search, many of the books will appear in more than one section.
The majority of these books are kept in stock at our shop but may be temporarily out of stock, some are only available to order. Some may have gone out of print without our knowledge - we are unable to guarantee availability: If timing is critical or any book is essential to your order please let us know.
In order to sell a book online we need to know its weight so the delivery charge can be calculated. We have therefore undertaken a programme of weighing our entire stock of new books. Until a book has been found and weighed it cannot be ordered on-line and so will be listed without an Order button. In each section the books available on-line are listed first. The find-and-weigh process is complete, so it is likely that the books we have not found, and thus have no Order button, are no longer in print. It's worth checking with us though. Meanwhile we are cross-checking our listings with publisher's lists wherever possible, and removing those we find to be out of print. Another long process.
Updated 4 June 2022.

Out Of Print Showcase

The Showcase is a small selection from our stock of out-of-print books: just 700 books chosen to give an idea of the range of our stock. In total we have 20,000 - 30,000 second hand, rare and old volumes on our shelves. The little selection here is arranged rather roughly by subject, and then sorted by author. It can be browsed by section or searched using the search box at the top of this page; if you don't see what you are looking for please phone or e-mail us to ask.
Last update 8 April 2020.


The Gallery is a mini-section to display images of a few of our most attractive-looking books. It's still under development, which means that some of the larger pictures leave much to be desired. Better ones will appear soon, I hope..

Bargain Basement

Here is a collection of old dogs at low prices. Some are in the last stages of disintegration but many have nothing worse wrong with them than that they've lost their dust jackets or are frightfully common.
Please read the descriptions carefully because there are no refunds for these, unless we've described them as Very Good or Fine and they fail to meet this description.
Listed alphabetically, by author; the books marked + are the latest additions.
Updated 5 June 2020.

Magazines and Journals

Bound runs of railway magazines and journals.

Printed Catalogues

Subscribe to our printed catalogues or send for a single copy. Our last railway catalogue was Catalogue 110, a few copies remain, available on request while stock lasts. Catalogue 111 will be out later this year or early 2023.

These catalogues have been issued regularly since 1974 and contain a larger amount of top quality material than is available from any other single source.

Gift Vouchers

You can order a gift voucher for any value over £10.00 : vouchers for £10, £20, £30, £40 and £50 can be bought on line, any other amount can be ordered by phone or e-mail.
The voucher will come in a card with an envelope and can be redeemed in person or by mail order in payment or part payment for anything offered in our shop.
First class postage (UK) or airmail will be added as appropriate to the cost of your Gift Voucher.


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