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Overview of Our Stock

We stock new and out of print books about any sort of railway - British railways old and new, overseas railways, industrial railways, tramroads, interurbans, underground railways, narrow gauge railways, miniature railways and model railways.

The mainstay of our regular stock is railway company histories, line and local histories, locomotive development and engineering histories, and the ever-popular photographic compilations of all descriptions. There are also biographies and memoirs of railwaymen, studies of operation and train running and of other railway basics such as rolling stock, civil and mechanical engineering and architecture. We have works on railway law and economics and a smattering of fiction and poetry.
In addition to all this we have an enormous stock of railway periodicals - bound and in unbound sets: see the Magazine And Journals page. We also stock public and working timetables, both British and foreign.
Our holdings are now beyond counting but probably add up to over 30,000 volumes. We are often asked if we have a catalogue of it all, or whether it is all "on the computer". The answer to both questions is a heartfelt No! We aim to sell them faster than we could list them. We buy them, sort them, put them on the shelves and leave the rest to our customers. However what we do have is:
our online catalogues which you will find on this site. The listing of New Books is fairly comprehensive but the Secondhand Showcase is just that, about 500 - 600 books chosen as a taster of what we have in the shop; and our famous printed catalogues listing rarities, antiquities and the cream of our railway stock.


We carry a stock of thousands of postcards and postcard-format photographs. These are mainly of locomotives and moving trains because that was what interested most photographers in steam days. However we also have station views, signalboxes, carriages and wagons, modern traction, heritage railways et cetera.
We do not offer a postal service for photographs - they are available only callers to the shop. You are most welcome to come and browse the stock but please understand that we cannot search for individual requirements or send photos out on approval.

Aviation and Maritime
We have a small stock of out of print books on aviation, naval and merchant shipping. These include coastal shipping, docks and harbours.

Road Transport
We have a small stock of buses, trams, commercial steam, internal combustion road transport, agricultural traction and machinery. We do not stock private motoring or motorcycling.
Aviation, Maritime, Road Transport
Inland Waterways
We have a small stock of out of print works on river and canal transport.

Industrial History
We have a medium stock of out of print books on engineering, industry and commerce
Inland Waterways, Industrial History, London

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