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This section applies only to off-line orders. On-line orders can only be charged to a Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card.

UK customers. Payment with order, please, except libraries and other bodies of official standing. Pay by:

Cheque made payable to Robert Humm & Co. When ordering without prior confirmation please use an open limited cheque: leave the amount unwritten (in both words and figures) but endorse the cheque 'not to exceed £XXX' - the maximum amount you wish to spend.

Any Mastercard or Visa credit card. Please quote your card number, expiry date and security code (the last three digits on the signature strip) and also card billing address if it is different from the delivery address.

Visa, Maestro or Switch debit cards. Procedure as above but for Maestro and Switch please also quote the issue number and/or commencement date of your card - we cannot process your order without this extra information.

Maestro and Switch not accepted on orders under £8.

Overseas customers. Unless paying by credit card please await our confirmation that the books required are still available. Accepted forms of payment: cheque, money order or bank draft in sterling on a UK bank; Giro transfer to our account 59-558-8905; any Mastercard or Visa credit card - please quote your card number and expiry date.

Cheques in currency other than sterling are not accepted, nor is a personal cheque in sterling drawn on an account transacted on a currency other than sterling.
All transaction charges to be met by the purchaser so that the full invoice amount is received by us.

It is now possible to pay online for items not listed on the web site. This can be arranged through the Special Order page. If you have an order to pay for and prefer not to telephone your card details let us know and we'll enter it on the Special Order page.
Neither the customer nor the books will be identified on the page, except by a reference number, which we shall e-mail to the customer. The customer then orders his special order through the checkout in the normal way; his card will be debited for the cost of the books and for postage as agreed beforehand ; no further amount will added for delivery at the checkout.


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