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… will be Saturday 29 August. Quite sad really, to be closing here after all these years, but that’s progress – we can’t move if we don’t shut first. We’ve packed up everything we can find in the stock rooms, and now it’s time to start on the shop area itself. So Saturday will be quite a momentous day for us. Call in and say goodbye to the old place – it’s now or never.

Meanwhile the good news is that Robert keeps finding books he’d forgotten he had – some very interesting items have come to light to enliven at least the next two catalogues.

We shall continue to run the web site sales while we are closed – at least the Showcase and Bargain Basement, which I hope to be able to move, and re-shelve quite quickly, along with the essential computer; these two sections will have to be offline while this happens, but I’m hoping it will only be a brief hiatus. The new stock presents a bigger problem, as there is a great deal more of it – it may have to be offline for a while.

To contact us during the move use the usual contact details from the web site. Our lease at Station House continues, so we shall receive post sent here, and the e-mail and phone numbers will not change even when we move. The only difficulty may be reaching us by phone in the interim, as we have no phone at all at the new premises yet; if there is no one at Station House when you ring we suggest you send us an e-mail to ask us to phone you back.

We haven’t a date yet for opening at the new shop; we have a lot of hard work ahead of us packing the remaining stock; organising the removal and installation of the remaining shop fittings and arranging the stock on the shelves. October remains possible, as does November, December … be sure, however that we’ll keep you posted of progress and when the opening date is fixed we’ll let you know here, on the web site and in our regular magazine adverts.

6 thoughts on “Our last day open at Station House

  1. Robert

    Have passed your new shop in the car and each time you seem to have more books in the room through the window. Please let me know when you have a date to reopen.
    I am still interested in copies 1 to 64 of Steam Days which you believed you had when I last spoke to you just before you closed at Station House.
    I also have for binding Steam Days 65 -76 1995, Brill 2014-15 Vol 24. Plus the first six 2015 issues of Vol 161 of Railway Magazine.

    I hope you are well

    Robin Skinner

    • Well spotted Robin, yes Robert’s making excellent progress. We have now moved all the shelves to the new shop and are busy installing them and filling them. This work is going on the rear of the shop, beyond the area you can see from the road.

    • Not yet, Richard. We are now just waiting for a carpet fitter and the final furniture move (tables, chairs and other stuff that goes on the carpet, so can’t be moved in advance). Opening is now edging towards the end of January; it seems about as attainable as the end of the rainbow.

  2. Happy New Year! Well hopefully you will be opening very soon. When I know when you’re open and have your new address I’ll be down! All the best with it all.

    • Thank you Dwayne, and best wishes for 2016 to you also.
      We hope that the carpet and removal firms will be back at work this week so that we can finalise dates with them; and if so we have every chance of opening during January. After so many set-backs we have to keep our fingers well crossed, but we are looking forward to seeing you and many of our other good customers in the near future.

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