Our old shop at Station House really looks blitzed now that the counter has gone.

 2456 Stn Hse Counter area

2454 Counter


But here it is, neatly adapted and installed in our new shop at the old Black Horse. All we need are some beer pumps and racks of sparkling glasses.

We are now ready to have the phone system moved; this is scheduled for 15 December – please note that this will not be a good day to phone us. But if all goes well you’ll be able to reach us at the new premises using our old number – 01780 766266 – from the 16 December. There’ll usually be someone around, but if there is no reply try later or send us an e-mail.

2452 R and Counter

Here’s the Guvnor tidying up after the installation. As you can tell from the background, we’ve already got most of the shelves moved and installed, and much of the stock unpacked and arranged. There’s a little more tidying and arranging – for example finishing off the cut end nearest the camera – and then we’ll be ready for the carpet fitter.

So when shall we open? Sadly it doesn’t really look like being before Christmas, and probably not till the new year. Watch this space!

7 thoughts on “Countermove

    • Thanks Joel, we hope you have a good Christmas too.
      We are really hoping to be able to open in early January. We’ve fixed a date but are keeping it to ourselves as there is still scope for unexpected set-backs. As soon as we have everything under control we’ll announce the date here.

    • Yes! We have a date.
      Our carpet is now laid, and looks magnificent, so we have just two outstanding jobs before we can open. These two are the transfer of the card terminal line and the final heavy removal of shop equipment which we cannot shift ourselves. Both are booked for early February, so we are able to commit ourselves to
      Friday 12 February

      • Hello again, that is fantastic news! What is the new address please? Also is your phone line sorted, I believe you said it will be the same number? Cheers!

        • Thanks Dwayne. It’s been a long long time getting it all together.
          We’ve already had a few disappointed people trying to get into the new shop – the carpet fitter had to turn three away in one morning. So we’re not advertising the address yet. We’ll put it up on the web site just a day or two beforehand.
          Yes, the main phone is sorted, and working fine on all extensions. The number is the old one, 01780 766266. It’s just the card terminal that still needs a line.

      • As you were!
        It looks as though there will still be quite a bit to tidy up after the removal men have left, and we are changing our opening to
        Monday 15 February.
        We are going public with the new address too – it is 59 Scotgate, Stamford PE9 2YQ but please don’t turn up before the 15th.

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