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Locos & Rolling Stock: Authors A - L

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+ The Locomotive Magazine Volume 32, 1926. Ref: S8011  

Locomotive Publishing Co.
Large quarto, 407 pages + selection of advertising pages, countless photo and line illustrations, some on folding plates or sepia plates, comprehensive index, dark green silk cloth, a fine copy. **The premier monthly magazine of locomotive history and technology published 1896-1959.

Price: 40.00

Great Western Railway Engines, Names, Numbers, Types And Classes. (1940 to preservation). Ref: S4955  

GWR Magazine, 1929.
Small octavo, 64 pages, photo illustrations, light card covers, VG+. **Name/number lists with photos, dimensions etc. Introductory article on naming of locomotives.

Price: 20.00

The Coronation Scot Ref: S7483  

Railway Gazette, 1937 offprint.
Folio, 16 pages + a very large fold-out engineering drawing of the locomotive, photo illustrations, two line drawings, light card covers, VG.

Price: 16.00

The Locomotive Magazine Souvenir No 27 : Some Locomotives Built By The Yorkshire Engine Company Ltd. Ref: S7663  

The Locomotive Publishing Co, nd: c1925.
Quarto, 36 pages, large photo of a locomotive tipped into each with brief technical details, heavy paper over-size covers punched and secured with blue cord, coloured photo (Met Rly 0-6-4T no 94) tipped onto front cover, occasional spotting, some wear to cover edges and short tear at head of spine, otherwise cover VG, contents VG+.

Price: 25.00

The Locomotive Magazine Volume 36, 1930. Ref: S7928  

Locomotive Publishing Co.
Large quarto, 432 pages, countless photographs and line drawings, some on folding plates or sepia plates, comprehensive index. Dark green silk cloth, a fine copy. **The premier monthly magazine of locomotive history and technology published 1896-1959.

Price: 40.00

The Locomotive Magazine Volume X January - December 1904. Ref: S6736  


The Locomotive Publishing Co, 1904
Quarto, 220 pages, art paper, drawings, photos etc, 3 out of 5 plates present, index and title page loosely inserted, red limp cloth binding, some edge wear, spine faded, contents VG. **Working copy.

Price: 12.00

The Locomotive Railway Carriage And Wagon Review Volume XIII January - December 1907. Ref: S5428  

The Locomotive Publishing Co, 1907
Quarto, 226 pages, 3 of 3 coloured illustrations, some art paper, drawings, photos etc, no souvenirs, original decorated (a pacific) green cloth boards, VG+ a lovely bright volume.

Price: 45.00

The Locomotive Railway Carriage And Wagon Review Volume XV January - December 1909. Ref: S4983  

The Locomotive Publishing Co, 1909
Quarto, 238 pages, 3 of 3 coloured plates, art paper, drawings, photos etc, no souvenirs, original decorated (a 4-4-2T) green cloth boards, VG+ a lovely bright volume.

Price: 45.00

Fowler & Stanier Locomotives Of The LMS. A brief descriptive illustrated souvenir of types. Ref: S6253  

Aldrich, C L.
Published by the author, 1947.
Small octavo, 71 pages, photos, technical details, lists etc, card covers. VG. **"Langloco series" item 4.

Price: 5.00

The ABC Of British Locomotives Part 3 [London Midland Region] 1948. Ref: S2835  

Allan, Ian.
IA, 1948.
Small format, 68 pages, cover red, yellow, 46100 in target. Clean bright copy with a few light pencil underlinings. Correct to 31st August.

Price: 15.00

The ABC Of British Railways Locomotives Part 2 [Southern Region] 1949. Ref: S4561  

Allan, Ian.
IA, 1949.
Small format, 56 pages, 1949, correct to 31/10/48, green, yellow, black cover, 30861 and 10000 in target, very fine.

Price: 22.00

The ABC Of LMS Locomotives April 1946. Ref: S2887  

Allan, Ian.
IA, 1946, 6th edition.
Small format, 64 pages, cover blue, red, white, 6110. Few pencil markings, typed list of new engines pasted to one of the blank leaves at back, ink additions on same page, bright copy.

Price: 16.00

The Churchward 2-6-0s. Great Western's most widely used tender engine. Ref: S7832  

Andrews, D.
Line One, 1985.
Large octavo, 144 pages, illustrated with photos and some drawings, loco lists with completion/withdrawal dates, first and final allocations and other information, jacket, near fine. **In-depth class history.

Price: 18.00

Diesel Profiles: Alco DL451. The New South Wales 45 and South Australian Railways 600 Classes. Ref: S6247  

Attenborough, P.
Matraville, NSW, 1998: Eveleigh.
Folio, 176 pages, well illustrated and a detailed class history, laminated boards, fine. **High short-hood Co-Co road switchers.

Price: 22.00

A Century Plus Of Locomotives. New South Wales Railways 1955 - 1965. Ref: S7432  

Australian Railway Historical Society.
Sydney, 1965 : ARHS, 2nd edition.
Quarto, 144 pages, photo illustrations, lists, jacket worn, book otherwise VG. **The second, updated, edition of A Century Of Locomotives, published by the NSW Railways Department ten years previously. This is a survey of all classes of locomotives on the system giving a brief history of each class and basic mechanical statistics.

Price: 18.00

Metro-Cammell. 150 years of craftmanship. Ref: S6571  

Beddoes, K & Wheeler, C & S.
Runpast, 1999.
Large quarto, 112 pages, photo illustrations, bibliography, jacket, fine. **Manufacturers primarily of rolling stock, but some motive power and other vehicles. The book concentrates on railway products, including those of companies taken over, such as the Leeds Forge Co, but there are chapters on military vehicles and buses.

Price: 19.00

Recent Locomotives Of The London Midland & Scottish Railway. Ref: S7576  

Bell, W J.
Virtue, nd (1930s).
Folio, 35 pages, illustrated with photographs and diagrams, cloth, VG. **The locomotives described are Stanier's Princesses, Jubilees, Standard Class 5s, 2-6-2 passenger tank engines, two and three cylinder 2-6-4 tank engines, 2-8-0 8Fs and the rebuilt Royal Scots. These descriptions are followed by notes on valve gear and mechanical lubrication.

Price: 14.00

The A7 Era. The technical, pictorial and evolutionary history of the Victorian Railways' S Class diesel-electric locomotive. Ref: S6335  

Bermingham, P.
Ferntree Gully, Victoria, 1995: Horsepower.
Large quarto, 180 pages, well illustrated in colour and b/w, jacket, as new. **Detailed history of the Victoria Railways S Class Co-Co, a variant of the EMD F9 streamline model. A must for diesel fans.

Price: 22.00

Locomotives By Beyer Peacock. Ref: S6430  

Beyer Peacock & Co.
Landscape quarto, 64 pages with photo illustrations and specifications. Thin card covers, stylish illustration, VG. **Covers all types of non-articulated locomotives. Short section of works photos. A desirable item.

Price: 55.00

A Treatise On The Steam Engine. In its various applications to mines, mills, steam navigation, railways and agriculture....and practical instructions for the manufacture and management of every species of engine in actual use. Ref: S3351  

Bourne, J.
1862, Longman Green, 6th edition.
Large quarto, 495 pages, 37 large plates of technical drawings (some folding) and 546 drawings and diagrams in the text. Publisher's original brown cloth with blindstamped decorated cloth, some fading on spine, some straining on inner front joint. a very good copy for its age.

Price: 300.00

The Drummond Greyhounds Of The LSWR. Ref: S6653  

Bradley, D L.
D&C Locomotive Studies series, 1977.
Large octavo, 96 pages, photos, drawings, tables, jacket, near fine. **One of the highly regarded David & Charles series, better known as the Locomotive Monographs. Essential reference.

Price: 15.00

Industrial Locomotives Of North Wales. Ref: S7939  

Bradley, V J.
Industrial Railway Society 1992.
Medium octavo, 501 pages + 20 pages photo plates, location maps. Laminated soft covers, fine copy. **One of the Industrial Locomotive Handbooks - the standard reference series, in progress in this format since 1976. All industrial sites past and present between Anglesey, Tywyn and Ellesmere. Comprehensive locomotive listings.

Price: 19.00

The Steam Locomotives Of Yugoslavia. Ref: S6175  


Bratè, T.
Vienna, 1971: Slezak.
Large octavo, 196 pages, 263 photo illustrations (a few in period colour), 43 locomotive drawings, map, tables, English text, glazed boards, VG+. ** Volume 17/E of the International Annals Of Locomotive History.

Price: 20.00

Dampflokomotiven In Frankreich. Staats-, Privat- und Werkbahnen in den Jarhren 1960-1975. Ref: S7497  

Broncard, Y.
Stuttgart, 1977 : Franckh.
Large quarto, 192 pages, a largely pictorial survey of French steam motive power, laminated boards, one corner bumped otherwise a fine copy. **German language edition of 'Last Steam Locomotives Of France.' 321 photos and six system maps.

Price: 17.00

Steam To Silver. An illustrated history of London Transport surface railway rolling stock. Ref: S2873  

Bruce, J G.
London Transport, 1975.
Small landscape quarto, 168 pages, photo illustrations and line diagrams, jacket, ex IA library but VG. **Development of LT surface stock from the days of independent companies; with a note on electric braking.

Price: 12.00

The Steam Engine, Its History And Mechanism. Being descriptions and illustrations of the stationary, locomotive, and marine engine. Ref: S3396  

Burn, R S.
Ward Lock, undated, c1865, 7th edn.
Octavo, 142 pages, 133 text diagrams, engraved frontispiece. Publisher's cloth, blindstamped decoration and gilt locomotive device. Faded on spine, contents clean and tight, a much better copy than most others seen. Ottley 2955 lists only the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 8th editions.

Price: 50.00

+ Britain's Railway Liveries 1825-1948. Ref: S8006  

Carter, E F.
Harold Starke, 1980, 3rd edition.
Octavo, 350 pages, drawings and b/w photos in text, 8 colour plates, paint colour chart, jacket faded on spine, otherwise VG+. **Survey arranged chronologically by pre-grouping companies, followed by post-grouping liveries.

Price: 19.00

Locomotive Cavalcade. Ref: S7202  

Casserley, H C.
Berkhamsted, 1952, published by the author.
Octavo, 216 pages, coloured frontispiece and two coloured plates, many photo illustrations, lists, jacket chipped and neatly repaired with clear tape, front board slightly bowed, book otherwise near fine. ** "A comprehensive review year by year of the changes in steam locomotive development and design which have taken place on the railways of the British Isles between the years 1920 and 1951."

Price: 20.00

Russian & Soviet Steam Locomotives. Volume 3 : Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives In Russia And The Soviet Union. Ref: S7868  

Chester, K
Trackside, 2003
Quarto, 112 pages, many photo illustrations, locomotive drawings, maps, lists, card covers, near fine. ** A brief but fascinating study of aspects of an enormous subject. The introduction gives a good general history of narrow gauge in Russia and subsequent chapters look at Imperial Russian Army field railways, peat railways, pioneer railways, Orenstein & Koppel reparation locomotives and the Beloretzk Railway in the Urals.

Price: 15.00

Industrial Locomotives Of Western France. Ref: S5747  

Clingan, K.
IRS, 1997.
Octavo, 192 pages + 16 pages of photos, small map of region, card covers, fine. ** Handbook WF: usual IRS style of listings.

Price: 12.00

Steam Locomotives Of The Burlington Route. Ref: S3618  

Corbin, B & Kerka, W.
1960, privately published by the authors.
Quarto, 304 pages, many illustrations, colour frontispiece, drawings, extensive listings, hard back, bright copy of a scarce book.

Price: 70.00

Highland Railway Locomotives. Ref: S6452  


Cormack, J R H & Stevenson, J L.
RCTS, 1988-90.
Two volumes quarto, 160 pages + 174 pages, 264 illustrations, tables, number lists, laminated boards, fine. **Book 1 is Early Days To The "Lochs"; Book 2 is The Drummond, Smith & Cumming Classes.

Price: 32.00

Catalogue Of Rod-Driven Locomotives. Ref: S6234  

Davenport Locomotive Works.
Davenport, Ia, undated but possibly c1929, 10th edition.
Oblong quarto, 72 pages arranged in the usual fashion: photo and brief description on the left hand side, technical specification opposite. Grained and embossed card cover, VG+. **DLW of Davenport, Iowa, were one of the smaller locomotive builders (and one of the few not in the Eastern states). They concentrated on locomotives for the smaller common carriers and for industry. The largest products were 2-6-2s and 2-8-0s. Scarce.

Price: 95.00

Metcalfe-Oerlikon Automatic Air Brake Equipment For Carriages And Wagons. Ref: S2802  

Davies & Metcalfe Ltd.
Davies & Metcalfe Ltd, nd (mid 1960s?).
Large quarto, one typescript sheet (contents page) plus ten leaflets and four drawings gathered in a screw binder, total pages: 124, including drawings and blanks and excluding card covers where bound in. Other illustrations in leaflets, including coloured diagrams. VG. **Catalogue No M100 as supplied to British Railways (illustrated catalogues & drawings) for Mr J Sinclair. Technical descriptions of components of braking equipment supplied to BR.

Price: 15.00

The Exhaust Steam Injector Class H. Ref: S7568  

Davies & Metcalfe Ltd.
Large quarto, 44 pages with photo illustrations and colour diagrams, large folding page of diagrams, decorated card covers, near fine copy. together witha large folded sheet of coloured diagrams and instructions for working and fixing of the Company's Class F injector, loosely inserted. **Manufacturer's advertising literature, a handsome item.

Price: 15.00

The LMS Duchesses. Ref: S7854  


Doherty, D (ed).
MAP Technical, 1973.
Quarto, 89 pages + 2 large folding locomotive drawings (the other is of a Drummond class 443 4-6-0), good photo illustrations, jacket, VG+. **The volume contains four articles on the Duchesses: Design and construction (Langridge); Performance evaluation (Powell); Driver reminiscences (Johnson); Critical appreciation (Tuplin). Langridge was one of Drummond's last apprentices, and later worked in the drawing office at Derby, hence the Drummond drawing as a comparison with the Duchess.

Price: 15.00

The Early Zephyrs. Burlington Route. Ref: S7771  

Doughty, G H.
Lynchburg, Va, 2002 : TLC.
Large quarto, x + 118 pages, many photo illustrations, car layout diagrams, map endpapers, glazed boards, near fine. **Revolutionary stream-lined diesel-hauled luxury travel. This is the early history of the pioneering Burlington Zephyrs in the 1930s which combined classic styling with innovative stainless steel construction.

Price: 28.00

Railway Carriages In The British Isles. From 1830 to 1914. Ref: S7942  

Ellis, C H.
Allen & Unwin 1965.
Large octavo, 279 pages, 3 colour plates, 40 photo plates, 49 diagrams in the text, jacket, VG+.

Price: 28.00

Las Últimas Locomoturas De Vapor En España Y Portugal / Last Steam Locomotives Of Spain & Portugal. Ref: S7567  

Fox, M J, rev. Marshall & Stephenson.
Gijón, 2004 : Trea, 2nd, revised, edition.
Large octavo, 228 pages, album, dual Spanish/English text, laminated boards and jacket, near fine. **A great improvement upon the muddily printed 1978 edition.

Price: 25.00

Die Ära Nach Gölsdorf. Die letzten drei jahrzehnte des Osterreichschen dampflokomotivbaus. Ref: S7172  

Giesl-Gieslingen, A.
Vienna, 1981, Slezak.
Large octavo, 288 pages including 96 pages of photo plates, many drawings, presentation copy, inscribed by the author to Ronald Jarvis (British locomotive engineer), glazed boards, VG+. **German text: the last three decades of Austrian steam building.

Price: 20.00

+ Stromlinie. Deutsche Dampflokomotiven der 30er Jahre. 1998. Ref: S8010  

Gottwaldt, A B.
Stuttgart, 1998 : Transpress, 2nd edition revised.
Square quarto, 295 pages, many photo illustrations and diagrams, some colour, German text, laminated boards, fine copy. **The best work on the German streamlined locomotives of the 1930s.They included several experimental types including a pulverised fuel cab forward, a direct drive 2-8-2 and a streamlined 4-6-6 tank locomotive.

Price: 28.00

Heavy Freight Locomotives Of Great Britain. Ref: S7066  

Griffiths, D.
PSL, 1993.
Quarto, 191 pages with many photos and locomotive drawings, jacket, fine. **From the GW 28xx to the Class 60.

Price: 16.00

The Locomotives Of Jugoslavia. Die Lokomotiven Jugoslawiens. Ref: S7234  

Halliwell, C J and others.
Malmö, 1973: Frank Stenvalls.
Octavo, 208 pages, photos, English and German text, slight wear to jacket, generally VG+. **A number list, with introductory text and technical details. First 192 pages are listing, remainder is photo section. This is volume 1, covering the standard gauge state railways; Volume 2 was not published.

Price: 22.00

The Locomotives Of Roumania. Ref: S7173  

Halliwell, C J.
Malmö, 1970: Stenvall.
Octavo, 112 pages, number lists and other details, photo section, dual English/German text, litho'd typescript, card covers, VG. **Uncommon.

Price: 19.00

Steam Locomotives Of Rhodesia Railways. The story of steam 1892 - 1979. Ref: S4558  

Hamer, E D.
Malmö, 1983: Stenvalls.
Small square quarto, 194 pages, photo illustrations, jacket, VG+. **Nice survey of Rhodesian steam motive power.

Price: 15.00

The Hasler Speed Recorder And Indicator For Locomotives. General description and details of construction, its application, and instructions for reading diagrams. Ref: S4475  

Hasler & Co.
c 1909.
Large octavo, 24 pages, diagrams, loose folding plates and other insertions, near fine.

Price: 20.00

The History Of The Electric Locomotive. Ref: S7782  

Haut, F G J.
Allen & Unwin, 1969.
Large quarto, 147 pages + 68 pages photographic section, 6 colour plates, 4 folding drawings, other line drawings in text, jacket, near fine. ** Professor Haut's erudite and handsome classic study.

Price: 22.00

BR Engine Sheds - London Midland Matters. Ref: S6861  


Hawkins, C, Hooper, J & Reeve, G.
Irwell, 1989.
Large quarto, 90 pages, many photo illlustrations and diagrams, jacket, fine. **Everything built or rebuilt after 1948.

Price: 16.00

Des Lokomotiv-Ingenieurs Taschenbuch. Ref: S3077  

Henchel & Sohn.
1923 edition.
Duodecimo, 174 pages, 191 diagrams, tables, etc. German text. Contemporary leather case, fine copy. **Equivalent to our Locomotive Engineers' Pocket Book. Several editions published over the years.

Price: 25.00

The Locomotive Engineer's Pocket Book. Ref: S2854  

Henschel-Werke GmbH.
Henschel 1925.
Duodecimo, 174 pages, some photos, tables, many diagrams in text, English text, limp cloth covers, binding strained and a little worn; there are old tape reinforcements. **Although there is a photo of an electric locomotive the copious information appears to relate solely to steam engines.

Price: 20.00

+ Industrial Locomotives Of Gwent. Ref: S8007  

Hill, G & Green, G.
Industrial Railway Society, 1999.
Octavo, 400 pages including 40 pages of photos (80 photos), 23 location maps, laminated hard covers, fine copy. **Comprehensive listing of locomotives past and present includes information previously published in Pocket Book Six, Industrial Locomotives In South Wales with many additions. Known locomotives are listed on a site-by-site basis, and the industrial history of each site is described as far as it is known. The standard reference series, in progress in this format since 1976.

Price: 20.00

Locomotive Management. Cleaning-Driving-Maintenance. Ref: S7923  


Hodgson, J T & Lake, C S.
St Margaret's Technical Press, 1942. 8th edition.
Medium octavo, 492 pages, 242 illustrations and line diagrams, jacket worn at top otherwise near fine copy. **For many years the standard reference work on the subject and still relevant to steam locomotive operation on the main line and heritage railways. Not often seen with a jacket.

Price: 23.00

North Road Locomotive Works Darlington 1863 - 1966. Ref: S7320  

Hoole, K.
Roundhouse, 1967.
Octavo, 102 pages + numerous photo plates, loco lists, wear and repair to dust jacket, else VG+.

Price: 28.00

Locomotives Of The World. Ref: S6609  

Howden, J R.
OUP, nd but about 1922: new and revised edition.
Quarto, 79 pages, illustrated with whole-page photo plates and coloured F Moore prints, pictorial paper-covered boards, cloth backstrip, some wear, binding slightly strained internally, contents VG. **Juvenile engine book written by a parson who does not talk down to his readership. He provides brief descriptions of the most impressive locomotives and their work on the following selection of railways: LNW, ROD (an interesting choice), GWR, SAR, Caledonian, French State, Atchison Topeka & Sta Fe, NSW, Bengal-Nagpur, Gt Indian Peninsula, Pekin-Kalgan, MR, CP, Burma, Pennsylvania and Sorocabana (Brazil; regrettably I had to look it up).

Price: 20.00

Private Owner Wagons Volume Three. Ref: S5066  

Hudson, B.
OPC, 1984.
Quarto, about124 pages, mostly one photo per page, with wagon descriptions and dimensions, some drawings, lists, card covers, VG+

Price: 15.00

Locomotive Catalogue. Ref: S6542  

Hunslet Engine Co Ltd, Leeds.
An official Hunslet binder containing approximately 94 standard locomotive specification sheets, all steam. Binder worn at edges and spine reinforced with heavy tape, contents fine after first page which is discoloured. Probably issued immediately postwar (the newest entry is the WD Austerity type saddle tank) but most sheets are dated 1925-1939.

Price: 120.00

Midland Carriages. An illustrated review 1877 onwards. Ref: S7329  

Jenkinson, D & Essery, R.
OPC, 1984.
Folio, 184 pages, 252 photos, 40 sets of line drawings, tabulated data, jacket, near fine.

Price: 24.00

The History Of The Great Western AEC Diesel Railcars. Ref: S6333  

Judge, C W.
OPC, 1986.
Quarto, 233 pages, many photos, drawings and diagrams, a little wear to jacket, generally VG+. **In-depth account of the development of these railcars, plus a resumé of their influence on the design of the dmus operated by BR. Appendices list allocations, dates of service, mileages etc.

Price: 35.00

Die Reihe 52 In Osterreich. (Bahn im Bild series #6). Ref: S5965  

Kettler, G.
Vienna, 1978: Pospischil.
Octavo, 96 page album, laminated boards, fine. **Kriegsloks in Austria. Minimal text (German).

Price: 12.00

Haydock Collieries. Their locomotives and railways. Ref: S4587  


Latham, J B.
ILS, 1980.
Octavo, 39 pages, large map, some photos, drawings, litho'd typescript, card covers. **This is really a locomotive history, but includes a brief history of the collieries.

Price: 5.00

Russian Steam Locomotives. Ref: S7909  

Le Fleming, H M & Price, J H.
New York, 1969 : Augustus Kelley. (1st edn was in London, 1960 : Marshbank).
Tall octavo, 112 pages + 28 pages of photo plates, locomotive drawings, glazed boards, VG. *Useful reference. Describes and enumerates the range of steam locomotives in use in the USSR in the late 1950s - early 1960s, and gives a concise history of Russian locomotives from their beginning in 1833.

Price: 16.00

Class 3P 2-6-2 2-Cylinder Passenger Tank Engines. Ref: S3474  

London Midland & Scottish Railway.
Landscape large octavo, duplicated typescript index + 47 photographic copies of workshop drawings of Fowler 3P tank engines, stapled into card covers, cloth backstrip, wear to edges of covers, VG. **Book No 5.

Price: 45.00

Building Britain's Locomotives. Ref: S7067  

Lowe, J W.
Moorland, 1979.
Quarto, no page numbers, 150 photographs of all stages of steam locomotive building, including many unusual shots inside loco works, lengthy captions and short introductory text to each section, glazed boards, VG+.

Price: 16.00

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