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Runs of the classic magazines

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How to order

These bound runs cannot be ordered on-line, as their size means that special arrangements will need to be made for delivery.
To order any of these runs please get in touch with us by phone or e-mail. We are happy to reserve any run for a week or so while payment and delivery are arranged.
We can arrange delivery to nearly anywhere in the world, and of course the purchaser may collect in person.
Payment can be made by any of the usual methods, including as a Special Order through this web site.

Chemins De Fer Regionaux Et Urbains 1967-1986 Ref: Run 238  

In stock for a while but not previously displayed on the web site.
A good run from no.67 (first of the letterpress octavo series to no.198 (last in this format), lacking only numbers 94 and 137, though including two of the scarce supplements. Page count runs from 40 pages in the early numbers up to 144 pages towards the end. Average is about 80 pages. Paper or square back card covers, well illustrated, maps and diagrams. Condition very good throughout, mostly as new. From the library of John Forshaw.
For many years the chief magazine for French minor railway history. Also some coverage of Belgium, Netherland and Spain.
Price: 500.00

Der Eisenbahner 1956-1969 Ref: Run 109  

German language monthly technical publication describing matters of current interest - probably issued to DB technical staff. Bound in 14 annual volumes (1956 is June-December only). A4 format, up to 500 pages per volume, with illustrations and diagrams. Boards with cloth backstrip, 'dymo' style titling on spine. From the library of the late Eberhard Schweitzer.
Price: 150.00

London & North Eastern Railway Magazine 1927-1947 with British Railways Eastern Region Magazine 1948-1949. Ref: Run 212  


A complete run of LNER Magazine together with the first two years of its BR equivalent. Medium format, 570 to 750 pages a year before 1939, thinner during the war years. Includes articles on new company developments, locomotives, locations, staff news, promotions, etc. All well illustrated. Most bound in the official dark blue cloth, last few in medium green with company armorial device on the spines. First two volumes slightly damp stained on exterior, not affecting the contents in any way. Volume numbering continues from the preceding Great Eastern and North Eastern Railway company magazines.
Price: 450.00

Model Engineer & Amateur Electrician 1898-1905 Ref: Run 178  

Volumes 1-12 reprinted 1978 by Argus Press. Medium quarto format, page count ranges from 256 pages in the first volume to more than 600 in the twelfth. Contains practical articles, photos, technical drawings and diagrams, equipment reviews, your problems solved, etc. Uniformly bound in buff cloth, black lettering.
Price: 110.00

Modern Locomotives Illustrated 2008-2019 Ref: Run 245  

New In The Market
A run practically up to date of issues 171 to 238, the sequence following the last of the steam era "Locomotives Illustrated." Thus 68 issues in all. Standard A4 magazine format, mostly 84 pages including the cover. Edited throughout by Colin Marsden. Devoted solely to post-steam modern diesel and electric traction (we note that both #171 and #238 deal with the class 37s, a design now nearing 60 years in active service). Highly pictorial with colour and b/w illustrations, class histories, etc. Contained in 12 of the publisher's black and silver wire-rod binders. There is space in the 12th binder for four more copies. First class condition.
All issues before #205, and several more recent, appear to be out of print.
Price: 325.00

Modern Railways 1962-1964 Ref: Run 215  

Volumes 15-20 inclusive. A neat run of 6 half-year volumes in the former Trains Illustrated format prior to the introduction of the A4 series. About 440 pages per volume with plentiful illustrations, good articles and comment. Soundly bound in medium green buckram cloth. Condition near fine.
Price: 120.00

Modern Railways 1972-1999 Ref: Run 216  

Volumes 29 to 56 inclusive, a total of 28 books. Approximately A4 format (later volumes slightly larger). Page count varies from 500 pages in the early volumes up to 950 pages more recently. Includes articles on current railway practice and operation, engineering, rolling stock and performance, and the wider spectrum of policy, politics, fares and closures. All the best writers including the evergreen Alan Williams (first appearance January 1976) and Roger Ford. All well illustrated, the 1970s in mono, later volumes with some colour. Bound one year to a volume, green cloth, titles on spines. Covers bound in and indexes at the back. An exceptionally good set.
Price: 495.00

Railway & Travel Monthly 1910-1922 Ref: Run 116  


A fine and rare complete 25-volume run of Railway & Travel Monthly uniformly bound in the publisher's dark blue cloth. Half-yearly volumes (eight months in Volume 1) from May 1910 to December 1922. Large octavo format with colour and monochrome plates, lavish text illustrations. On average there are about 500 pages per volume. Subject matter is about 75% railways, the rest being shipping with occasional articles on motoring and early aviation. Plus notes and news, letters, questions and answers. Index/title page at the front of each volume.
Railway & Travel Monthly was set up as a rival to the established Railway Magazine with a slightly different slant. It was more lavishly produced with colour in the text as well as the usual frontispiece plates. The First World War caused a reduction in colour and paper quality but there was still plenty of interest to be found. After the war RTM lost out in the battle for circulation and the shareholding was bought by the owners of the Railway Magazine. RTM and RM were merged from January 1923 under the Railway Magazine banner. Complete sets of Railway & Travel monthly are very difficult to obtain these days and this is the first good set we have been able to offer for several years.
Price: 1,200.00

Railway World 1939-2002 Ref: Run 209  


A complete 63-volume set of Railway World and its predecessor "Railways." Format is medium quarto (approx 9" x7") up to volume 42 and A4 thereafter. Page count about 300 pages in the early volumes up to 960 pages latterly. Good, mainly historical, articles and plenty of illustrations, some colour in the middle and later years. Mixed bindings for the first 20 years (some as doubles), the rest bound in uniform tan cloth by Chew Valley Book Binders. From the library of Ron White ("Mr Colour-Rail"). A rare opportunity to acquire a complete set.
Price: 800.00

Railway World 1965-1991. Ref: Run 210  

Volumes 26-52 inclusive, 27 volumes in all. Format medium quarto, about 550 to 700 pages per volume. Interesting articles on railway history, well illustrated in monochrome, some colour. Uniformly bound by Chew Valley Book Binders in tan cloth. A neat looking run, fine condition.
Price: 350.00

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